With so much blood for the birth check, can the body of the pregnant mother be able to withstand it?You understand after reading this

Moms who have given birth to babies know that during the birth checkup, there will be various blood tests. Some of the birth checks will even be pumped with several blood, and even more than a dozen tube. This makes many mothers very worried.Can you bear so much blood, can your body stand?

There was a mother -in -law said: She had to draw 11 tubes of blood when she had a birth check, but when she was drawn in the 9th tube, the blood vessels were dry, and the blood could not be pulled out again.Make up, fear that too much blood can cause damage to the body.

In fact, although the number of blood pumping tubes is large, only 2-3ml of blood per tube, and 10 tubes are only 20ml-30ml, and women’s monthly menstrual bleeding volume is 30-80ml per month. ThereforeIn fact, the blood of the pump is not so exaggerated, so mothers don’t have to worry about what impacts the body will have too much blood loss.

In addition, the mother mentioned that the blood vessels were drawn to dry. If this mother was an elderly mother, then we all know that in the middle of the pregnancy, the red blood cell pressure in the mother may increase, the blood flow is slow, and the blood flow is slow.If the blood is thick, if the blood is continuously drawn, it may cause the blood vessels to be dry and not bleeding, but the mothers do not have to worry, which does not mean that it will cause any harm to their bodies.

Why should I repeat blood during pregnancy?

In fact, the purpose of the mothers for each maternity check is different. Sometimes the blood drawing is to understand the mother’s physical condition and see if the mother’s body is healthy.Diseases, such as Tang’s syndrome and checking sugar tolerance. Of course, the main reason for repeated blood drawing is due to the progress of pregnancy, Bao Ma’s body will have some adaptive or pathological changes.For a long time, the mother may not be discovered in time in a timely manner, so it is necessary to draw blood frequently. By looking at the relevant indicators in the blood item, it is necessary to ensure whether the mother’s physical condition is healthy.

The following are the common blood tests of some mothers during pregnancy:


It is very necessary for mothers to perform blood routine during pregnancy. Taking the examination of hemoglobin and red blood cells in routine blood tests as examples: During pregnancy, hemoglobin and red blood cells can carry oxygen molecules to provide oxygen to the baby through blood circulation.And when red blood cells are reduced, Baoma may have hypoxia and dehydration. There will be anemia seriously. Mild anemia has little impact on Baoma, but if anemia is more serious, it will cause a large ones to the mother.Impact, such as severe consequences such as premature birth and low weight, at the same time, the blood routine can also determine whether Baoma’s body is infected, the possibility of blood diseases, etc. Therefore, this examination must not be lazy and do it on time.

Blood type

In the early stages of pregnancy, mothers generally allow blood to draw blood and check the blood type. This is to cope with the treatment of bleeding diseases that may occur during pregnancy. In addition, the blood type examination prevents neonatal hemolysis in advance.

liver function

After the mother is pregnant, the liver must not only deal with the waste generated, but also the baby’s waste produced, so the burden on the liver is very heavy. Checking the liver function on time is to ensure whether the mother’s liver is normal to avoid damage to liver function during pregnancy.If it appears and remedy.

Gestational diabetes screening

At about 24 weeks of pregnancy, my mother has to do "sugar sieve". "Sugar sieve" is the abbreviation of gestational diabetes screening. This examination can help the mother diagnose the risk of gestation with diabetes.

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