With 35 years of escape from the trafficking life

Guo Fangli wants to wear different clothes on the day of the trial. It must be red, preferably big red.When her son got married, she did not wear such red, and she did not have when her daughter got married. Today, she wants to wear it once.

37 years ago, 13 -year -old Guo Fangli was trafficked from Shandong Heze, Shandong, where she lost her carefree girl life, her parents’ love, lost dignity, and even lost her name.She was forced to give birth to a child in surveillance, deception, and fear. At the age of 14, she had to take on her mother and adapt to rough and trivial rural life.

She escaped from the village for two years, but could not escape the fate that had been changed.In the past 35 years, Guo Fangli has been trapped in one by one. As a daughter, she will make up for the family because of her "mistakes" and become her father’s face; as a "wife", she gets in the two "marriage"Harm and deception, but also to endure the guilt caused by concealing the past; as a mother, because of the escape from the "family" and the absence of the child’s growth, she has never been able to obtain the understanding of the two sons.

Many times, in the face of fragmented life, she will be trapped in blame in tired response, so that who is not distinguished from who is "traffic".

Now the traffickers are arrested, and the first trial of the case on December 19th will be pronounced on the day.For her, this is not only a trial, but also a ritual waiting for many years. I have a chance to talk to everyone at once. "Now people caught by traffickers. I want to say that I want to say that everything is because he has changed.Bad, it’s not me who is wrong. "

Guo Fangli is in front of the People’s Court of Mudan District, Heze.Interviewee confession


In the past few years, Guo Fangli has lived without a wave of life. She is a nanny in Xi’an. The employer treats her well, "like a family."She lived with an old man in his 80s. Most of the time, the room was quiet and the time passed slowly. She raised flowers and raised birds. She often felt boring.Occasionally, she will start broadcasting on a dating platform, singing or talking about life with netizens, but she doesn’t talk about her feelings, and she will never mention it in the past.

In Guo Fangli’s life, talking about the past is a taboo.The daughter felt that "I don’t know what to say to her, never take the initiative to mention it." The mother "afraid of hurting her, rarely talks about it." Guo Fangli thought that "they don’t understand me, I can’t take the initiative to say."Over time, she felt like she was on an island, eager to find a way out, but she was isolated from the outside world.

In her daughter Liu Yu’s eyes, Guo Fangli was "a person who always closed herself". In the past, she wrapped it with a hard shell, even like a hedgehog.She loves to lose her temper, demand for people, and loves to "toss herself."Liu Yu once saw that his mother sometimes did not sleep at night, did not eat during the day, and quickly lost weight, but did not tell anyone why.

"I am competing with myself." Guo Fangli explained. "Every time I have n’t been in my life in these years, I will think of things in the past. If I have n’t been trafficking, I may not encounter these difficulties, and I will not live."Life is now".

On this proposition, Guo Fangli had made a lot of assumptions, "If I did not abduct at the age of 13, I have a good grade, maybe I can be an official now." "If I was not abducted at the age of 13,Maybe you will go to Shanghai with your relatives. "But these assumptions are hard to think too far, and in the end they are always interrupted by real memories: at the age of 13, helping a strange couple at school at the age of 13, drinking the drink they gave, then fell asleep, and then fell asleep, and then fell asleep, and then fell asleep.Waking up is a train to Shandong.At that time, she couldn’t predict that her life would follow this railway to drive in another direction.

Screenshot of Guo Fangli short video.Picture Source: Video Screenshot

Guo Fangli’s life could have been expanded in another way. Her father was alive. In the 1980s, she bought a truck to pour Tengshazi and earned a rare black and white TV in the village.Life.Guo Fangli grew up under the favor of her parents, her grades are good, and their Chinese are particularly good. They may be able to pass a good middle school.

She has a "unwilling to be restrained", "like a false boy", "can turn over a dozen followers at a time."Until now, her only good memory was to secretly take her partner to catch fish in the pond when she was in school, and entangled her father to teach herself to drive the four -wheeled four -wheeled car.

But all this was deprived of overnight.That night, I got out of the train and fell a few more times. After a strange town, the trafficker took her to live in a guest house.This is the first time she left her parents. She didn’t know where she was, how far away from home, huge helplessness and anxiety covering her.In the middle of the night, the trafficker broke into her room. She shouted desperately and woke up the vendor’s wife to escape.

The next day, the fear of the night before was still dispersed, and she thought about "escape from these two people."When a dark and thin middle -aged man appeared, she picked up her schoolbag and took her home, she didn’t resist much.

Guo Fangli remembered that it was very dark and cold that night. She sat on the back seat of the bicycle and was surrounded by five or six people.She didn’t dare to escape, and did not dare to speak, and she didn’t know where she would be brought.After bumping on Tu Road for more than two hours, the bicycle drove into the village.

The buyer led her into the yard, which was crowded with people.From the silent village road, entering a noisy and noisy yard instantly, Guo Fangli fell into another fear.She remembers those people who said she didn’t understand strange accents, and everyone put her head up to look at her, like looking at a product.She was led into the house, with a joyful word hanging on the wall. The child shouted "Look at the daughter -in -law, watch the flower daughter -in -law".She couldn’t help it anymore, turned and wanted to escape, but was locked into the room.

She was forced to marry like this. No one regarded her as a 13 -year -old girl, and no one even asked her age. Like the women in the village, she was laundry, cooking, working farming, and having children.The vitality and fantasies that all girls should have during the period were buried by rough daily life.Her face was tanned by the sun, and she had calluses.

But she will think of home and parents like all children who leave home.In the evening, she was hiding in the bed and crying. During the day, she often looked at the direction of the west, hoping that Dad Tian’s father would appear on that road and take herself away.

In fact, two years when Guo Fangli had been trafficked, his father never stopped looking for his daughter.He stopped the business at home, sold the truck, owed debts, and asked his daughter’s whereabouts.The uncle and aunt at home also participated in and ran to Shanxi, Henan and other places to find someone.

But it is difficult for them to gain.In Shandong, Guo Fangli almost lost his freedom. "Someone followed during the day, and someone went to the toilet to watch, and the door was locked at night."She even lost her name, "His surname is Li, so let me also name Li, named me, and let everyone call me‘ Ping’er ’.”

Guo Fangli also wanted to escape. In order to create an opportunity to contact the outside world, she did not hesitate to torture herself in a fierce way.She wanted to go to the county hospital, and drank kerosene, but was laused and vomited by the village doctor; she swallowed the iron nails, vomited blood, and was spit out in the village.She deliberately had evil with all the Li family, cutting the lines of the third daughter -in -law’s wives, but in exchange for more scolding and less out of time.

Guo Fangli still remembers that the third daughter -in -law who was also abducted one night found her and asked her if she dared to drink. "I will help you write a letter at home."As soon as half a bottle of liquor drank, Guo Fangli had no consciousness.When he woke up, he was lying on the bed naked, next to the buyer Li.One month later, Guo Fangli confirmed her pregnancy after inspection, and was forced to become a mother at the age of 14.The child was born in April of the lunar calendar, and the wheat in the ground was ripe.

He was violated and pregnant, and he broke through her last line of defense.The idea of being eager to go home was replaced by shame and weakness. "What would my father know that I was pregnant? Will I have a face to the family if I have a child?" Pregnancy also brought physical and psychological changes. For children,She forced herself to accept the life called "Ping Er".

Two years in Shandong, Guo Fangli was dark and thin.She tried to get rid of the memories and traces about the past two years, but some things stayed forever. She learned Shandong dialect, but the Shaanxi dialect was gradually not so skilled. She learned a needle line for her children.

Some of the lost things can never come back. After escaping back to Shaanxi, she has no carefreeness from her peers, but she will unconsciously check whether the clothes in the yard will be collected. She will make shoes for her familyThat is the skill that even the mother is not very skilled.


At the first month of the age of 15, Guo Fangli finally waited for the opportunity to escape. When she rushed to the market, she went to the toilet and took the opportunity to send a letter to her family.One and a half months later, my father came from Shaanxi to take her home.

After more than 30 years, Guo Fangli still remembered her struggle that day, and the chance to go home everywhere was in front of her, but she lost her courage to go back.She first thought of Dad, "My dad has a good face, go back to Shaanxi, and people make our family joke to death." Then I thought of my mother, "If my mother knows that I have a child with a child, it is more sad." Then I thought of it.The child "hasn’t weaned yet, I leave the child."In the end, she thought of herself, "I am no longer a big girl, and I am afraid of being known to the villagers."

"If I don’t go back, I won’t go back," she said to the police from Shaanxi.

That night, the father advised that the police also persuaded him until the police told her that "your mother is crazy, do not wear clothes at home, run on the street every day, call your name."After a shock in her heart, she was speechless. She agreed with her father to "go back for two or three days and take a look, and then come back to take care of the child."

Escape from the mountain village and return to the family. For the trafficking girl, this is a lucky ending, but in Guo Fangli, she walked out of the mountain village, but her other suffering has just begun.

She remembered that her father rented a van all the way to the west on the day of the return. After arriving in Zhengzhou, the car stopped.Her father told her that she could not get up in Shandong in front of outsiders.After the car arrived in the county seat, the father bought her new clothes for her, and replaced it inside and outside.

After returning home, Guo Fangli’s lost motherly love and father’s love were doubled back. "Three meals a day, eat whatever you want, and buy whatever you want. Everyone is compensating by his own way."

But she can also feel that this family has some subtle changes. She remembers that she sometimes uses the only naive to be coquettish with her mother. The mother did not respond, and told her "what kind of adult should be."

More often, the more the family members are, the more "the matter" is deep, and the more Guo Fangli is "guilty", the more they are suffering.With debt, there are only more than 1,000 yuan "families.

Guo Fangli’s mother recalled to the reporter of the Beijing News that from then on, Guo Fangli became silent. "She would not tell us uncomfortably, and she turned around the tree."It was also since then that Guo Fangli "closed herself" and did not try to tell his family about his mind until today.

During that time, Guo Fangli did not want to see people and did not return to school again.She remembered that when she first went home, the playmate once came to her house to watch TV, but whenever someone asked about topics related to Shandong, she would hold it, "the face is pulled down immediately", the atmosphere is always at that moment at that momentStranging, after a few times, she and a few playmates gradually alienated and strange.

My father has another idea.Guo Fangli returned home for less than two months. Her father was afraid that she would go back to Shandong to find her son. She also wanted to let her settle down as soon as possible, and arranged another marriage for her to recruit her son -in -law who hadn’t seen her.Guo Fangli refused, and her mother persuaded "You are now, someone is willing to get married, don’t wait."

Guo Fangli and ex -husband and child.Interviewee confession

"Sometimes I think, if I am an orphan." After 35 years, Guo Fangli was still regretting the compromise at the time. "At that time, I thought it was patience.As long as I don’t have to shame my dad, I think how to compensate him, listen to him, and maintain his face. "

In this way, at the age of 15, Guo Fangli just escaped from a nightmare -like "marriage" and walked into another paragraph.


Guo Fangli’s requirements for feelings are very simple. She hopes that the person "understands her, understands her thoughts, and can live a stable life together", but in her two "marriage", this has become a luxury.

At the age of 13, he was forced to marry the buyer Li, and he was like a tool for her.After forcing her to give birth to a child, Li’s family ignored Guo Fangli’s feelings. On the third day after birth, Li went to the ground to collect wheat and locked Guo Fangli alone at home.self catering.A few days later, Li also asked Guo Fangli to cook for him. In the evening, Li received the wheat home. If he had a steamed bun, the vegetables were salty, he would scold. Guo Fangli pushed his mouth and he would fight.

These shadows were also brought into the second marriage by her, she was afraid of intimate contact with her husband -that always reminded her of Li’s forcing her.Every time she quarreled, her husband ignored Guo Fangli’s days, and she felt relaxed briefly because she could finally keep a distance from him.

Recalling the second marriage, Guo Fangli did not want to push all the mistakes to her ex -husband, because in the first few years, she and her husband concealed the past that had been abducted and could not bring feelings and trust into the marriage.She knows that this is a tragedy for two people.

Sometimes Guo Fangli dreams that the children in Shandong have grown up. She said dreams, shouting "Dragon Dragon, Longlong", and her husband woke up to ask her dragon dragon. She cheated her husband.Know who it is. "For a long time, "guilty" all dominated Guo Fangli’s emotions. She was in blame because she concealed the past, so she was willing to endure all the unsatisfactory marriage in marriage.

Guo Fangli and her husband gave birth to a pair of children, and they seemed to be calm.She assumes the responsibility of supporting her family, poured food and sells fruits. In the mid -1990s, "I can make more than 1,000 yuan a day." She also "compensated" the big family and bought the first color TV in the village.VCD, audio, washing machine, "As long as the family speaks, I will give it desperately."

But the seemingly calm life was broken.Because Li had always sent a letter to Shaanxi to harass Guo Fangli’s life, the past was eventually exposed.This exacerbates the cracks between husband and wife.

"If I do n’t do it, he can ignore me for a month." Guo Fangli recalled.At that time, Guo Fangli had a lot of thoughts and opportunities that could change life. "My relatives let us go to the Shanghai Cotton Factory, he disagrees. I want to learn the chef and open a restaurant in the future. He disagree."

The marriage ended with her husband’s derailment. The husband left his daughter and took away his son. Since then, there has been no news.

In the year of divorce, the villagers learned that she had been abducted and heard that she had divorced her husband.Some people say that she is still in touch with the "husband" in Shandong. "Some people say that I am a lady outside, and some people say that I have been raised by the old man."The moral request of a good girl "instead suffers from all kinds of vicious suspicion.

Once again, he was injured in marriage. In order to become a whole family, he was carefully exposed to the secret and conservative secrets, and the "normal life" in exchange for forbearance was easily crushed … After experiencing these, Guo Fangli kept insisting on collapse.Her "guilt" gradually transformed into a kind of resentment, "Why do I pay so much, or no one understands, or will it hurt?"

She began to protect herself in an extreme way, and desperately wanted to find the long -lost "self -esteem".In order to divorce, she even cut her wrist to commit suicide.The hometown she used to think about it also became her "most disgusted place", and she chose to escape without hesitation.

In the future, she has always lived alone.Her sales work achieved regional managers, "changing clothes a day", maintaining exquisite makeup.But for the suitor, she will firmly think that the other party is "incompetent" and then refuses thousands of miles.


From the two non -complete "marriage", she most thought about three children.

Ten months old, her father was rescued from Shandong from Shandong, and she never met again.Ten years later, after leaving his hometown in Shaanxi, Guo Fangli looked at the child’s first idea.

But for her, Heze was a lingering nausea and fear in her heart.She chose the first stop of wandering in Heze. "Because she was close to the child." She didn’t dare to go to the village, lived in the city, and disgusted to send a telegram to the buyer Li Mou, and let him bring the child to meet.

That year, the child was ten years old and saw Guo Fangli, only strange and complaining in his eyes.Later, she learned that her eldest son was educated since he was a child, and his mother abandoned him and his father.

"I owe him, and I will do my best to compensate him, but I can only give him more money." Guo Fangli said, "He hates me and hate it, I have a clear conscience."

In 2017, the eldest son married in his hometown and asked her to go back. "I don’t agree with life."Later, she couldn’t help her son "to record a video, and the change of the mouth to change the ceremony", and barely agreed.

It was the first time she returned to the village that was trapped in nearly 30 years. It was also the wedding scene, and even her name became "Li Ping".But this time, as soon as the wedding ceremony ended, she left directly at the scene, and no one could stop it.

"My mission is completed, right?" She said to her son, and then left the only more than 10,000 yuan to him, leaving only the toll.

For many years, "love and hate clearness" has become her way of treating people, and even for her children.

Shortly after the eldest son was married, Guo Fangli used to help bring his grandson.She thought that her son would understand herself more after becoming a parent, so she called her son and daughter -in -law.

Later, she felt that she was excluded everywhere like an "outsider", "I’m here to create shame."Once she quarreled because of trivial matters, she ran out of anger and never returned.Later, because of a quarrel, she blackened her son’s contact information.

As for the second son, Guo Fangli toss his QQ number from his relatives.She carefully added her son and friend, "I am your mother", but was repeatedly rejected.Until three or four days later, her application was finally passed. The first sentence sent by her son was "Why did you abandon me that year?"

That year, she was almost 40 years old and started trying to be a mother from scratch.Guo Fangli chatted with his son cautiously and sent him money and clothes. He strived to persuade him to secretly take the train back to his hometown in Shaanxi.But she couldn’t get closer to her son. Every time she called, the other party always mentioned her "owe" to her father and herself.

In the end, she was completely irritated by the second son, and she learned that her son’s mother filled out "missing" in the column of her mother.

"Can I choose this (tram)?" She asked her son on the phone, and then chose the same way of dealing: pull black and cut off the contact.

When it comes to two children, Guo Fangli is full of resentment. "I have given them all the money over the years, and they have been compensating them. But they treat me like this?" The longer the time, the more I could not understand it.Guo Fangli complained of herself, fate, and complaining about the people beside him, wrapping hedgery like a hedgehog.

The relationship between the daughter Liu Yu and Guo Fangli of the three children recently has recently been absent from her own growth in her memory.She grew up with Grandpa, Guo Fangli only returned several times a year. Only three or four days each time. The mother and daughter had little communication. Only in the conversation of her mother and grandfather, can she know that her mother has a paragraph vaguely.Sad things.

When she was in school, the village spread rumors about her mother.In elementary school, some classmates wrote bad things about their mother on the wall. She wiped it out with a rag and found the person to fight. "Almost pressed him into the well."EssenceBecause these grievances could not communicate with her mother, she became depressed and inferior.

It wasn’t until she grew up and became a mother that she slowly understood her family.She doesn’t blame her two brothers’ attitude towards her mother, "they are also victims."She also understands her mother’s bad temper and understands her harshness to people. Even if she is to her children, "that is to protect herself unconsciously, and she doesn’t want to hurt anymore."

Today, Guo Fangli loves her daughter’s children. She remember the child when she is from school every day, and she takes the time to make videos for the child.

Liu Yu felt that the mother was absent from the growth of three children. After 30 years, she finally had the opportunity to release her motherly love. "This also makes up for her regret to be a good mother."


After 35 years, the buyer Li died in a car accident. Guo Fangli’s father died, his mother was old, three children grew up, and had their own career and family.

Over the years, she has been trying to get rid of the impact of her trafficking on her.After leaving her hometown in Shaanxi, she lived almost exiled herself.After her father died, she became the backbone of the family, and went abroad to work abroad.

Photos of Guo Fangli when working abroad.Interviewee confession

She longs for dignity and hopes to make people look down.I just bought a house in the county town as soon as I made money. She bluntly said that it was "for face."When her daughter got married, she had to do a lot of money and set up 28 tables.

But none of these can make her truly relieved. The experience of "trafficking" has always been "like a thorn in her heart." She cannot let people understand that she is a victim.

When she was alone, she wanted to find an exit for the depressed emotions, and left a message under the abduction Weibo: "I also want to say my experience."The blogger recommended to her who had abducted volunteers Shangguan justice.After careful inspection for several days, Guo Fangli told his story for the first time to a stranger.

In March 2022, Guo Fangli finally waited for her opportunity. At that time, the Ministry of Public Security launched the "National Public Security Organ Action for Trafficking Women and Children". Shangguan just recorded her experience in detail and sent it on Weibo.

After that, Guo Fangli was accurate to minutes.At 8 o’clock the next morning, the police in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province called. At 11:30, five cases handling staff came to the house and listened to her for 4 hours.At 6:30 pm, the public security of Shandong Province came overnight.On the same day, the Peony Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Heze City, Shandong Province filed a case. "I’m too happy, and I have not been tired in the middle of the night." On June 17, Guo Fangli received a call from the procuratorate, and the traffickers had been arrested by the public security organs.

On the same day, the criminal suspect Zhao Moumou was suspected of trafficking the population.

The person who holds the person in charge means disclosure of this matter.The two sons sent a message to ask Guo Fangli, "Why turning it out of this matter is not good on us."

"I have been compensating for so many years, and I have been paying, but my family is getting farther and farther away from me. Everyone thinks it is me."This time, there seems to be nothing to stop Guo Fangli. "In those days, I made up my mind. Even if I put on my life, I had to figure it out and let everyone know that I wouldn’t complain about me."

The process of thorns will also bring pain, Guo Fangli knows this.She looked forward to one day that the family could have a chance to sit down, "tell them that there is nothing wrong, tell them how this happened."

(The request of the interviewee, Liu Yu is a pseudonym)

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