Winter temperature is low, how can pregnant women prevent colds from cold?

As winter comes, the weather is getting cooler, the temperature difference between morning and evening, more and more people with colds, and diabetic pregnant women should pay more attention to preventing colds.

After all, it is too troublesome to accidentally catch a cold. Not only is it worried that it will affect the fetus, but it is not conducive to the stability of the pregnant mother’s blood sugar. So what should pregnant women do to better prevent colds during the cold winter moon?

How to prevent colds in diabetes?

Wash your hands frequently.After going out, before eating, after the toilet, before going to bed, apply soap and flowing water to wash your hands. When washing your hands, you should fully rub your hands, especially between your fingertips and fingers, so that the soap can produce a large amount of foam. This process should be no less than 15Rinse with flowing water and dry your hands with a clean towel or wipe your hands.

Open the window frequently.Fresh air should be kept indoors, at least after nap and before going to bed, ventilation.The time to open windows every day should be no less than 2 hours.In addition, it is necessary to turn on the window after the sun comes out, because before the sun comes out, the outdoor carbon dioxide concentration is high, which is not good for pregnant women.If the air pollution index is large, it is not conducive to ventilation and ventilation.

Try to avoid going to public places with many people.Pregnant women should try to avoid crowded, lively, and many public places, such as cinemas, large shopping malls, and supermarkets, because these places are easy to obtain infectious diseases infected by respiratory tract, such as colds, giant cytosyolic viruses, rubella virus, etc.You need to wear a hood from time to time; on the other hand, the air is dirty and affects the oxygen supply of the fetus.

Vitamin C anti -cold.Vitamin C is a cleaner of the peroxide of harmful substances in the body, and has the function of improving respiratory cilia motion and defense.It is recommended to eat more foods or vitamin C tablets rich in vitamin C, such as tomato, cauliflower, green pepper, citrus, strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, grapes, etc.Vitamin C will be lost in large quantities during heating, and pay attention to protection when cooking.

Yongshui rinse.After getting up in the morning to wash, I rinse my mouth with salt water and drink half a glass of boiled water. It can not only prevent colds, but also be good for the health of the gums, because gums are congested during pregnancy, and they are susceptible to gingivitis.After going home, you should also rinse your mouth.

Wash your face in cold water in the morning.Washing your face with cold water in the morning can enhance the ability to resist cold.Wash your face with warm water at night.So as not to affect sleepiness due to cold stimuli.

The indoor humidity remains at 45%.The air humidity is low, especially in the north.The air is very dry, and the dry air is conducive to the gathering of the virus in the respiratory tract.long.You can use the humidifier to maintain the appropriate humidity indoor.

Drink plenty of boiled water.Drinking plenty of water has a good effect on preventing colds and pharyngitis. It is best to ensure drinking 2000 ml of water every day, which is divided into about 8 times, and not more than 300ml each time.Drink water slowly, avoid drinking a lot of water in one breath.

Injecting a popular cold vaccine.Popular cold vaccines are safe, effective, and cheap.The American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology supports disease control and prevention centers calling on the popular season of cold (October to May of the following year), women who are preparing to be pregnant and in the second trimester, and pregnant women with chronic cardiopulmonary diseases.Influenza vaccine injection should be accepted.The World Health Organization believes that women are safe during pregnancy during pregnancy. At present, there is no evidence that the pregnant woman inoculation of influenza vaccine will cause adverse effects on the fetus.

Life regularly and exercise appropriately.Life should be regular, do not overwhelming, you should ensure that you sleep for about 10 hours a day, diverse diet, do not eat, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and sufficient protein foods; exercise is an effective way to improve physical disease resistance. Pregnant women are throughout the whole.Exercise during pregnancy, such as walking for 30 minutes every day in a good place.

First pay special attention to rest.After pregnant women find that they have a cold, they should not do heavy work, tired work, avoid tiredness and pressure, and reduce the occurrence of other problems.At the same time, pregnant women should pay attention to personal hygiene, without the population dense places, so as not to be assimilated and stained with other germs.

After pregnant women have a cold, there are many factors. Especially new mothers who are just pregnant, when they encounter this situation, they will be too nervous and be confused. They will always want to take medicine if they are not good for the fetus. What should I do?In fact, we understand the cause of cold and the way to treat colds, and the cold is not terrible.In a home, you must always ventilate and change your air. Do not worry too much about maintaining a good attitude, leading to worsening the condition.

Diabetes pregnant women are different from other constitutions, so do not take medicine without authorization. Disable all drugs in the first three months of pregnancy, and take medicine in the middle of pregnancy.Use it with caution, it is best not to use it.If you find a cold, you must go to a regular hospital for viewing, explain the situation of pregnancy with the doctor, and use the medicine under the doctor’s instructions.

In addition, pay attention to drink plenty of water.If pregnant women have a cold and sore throat, do not consider taking medicine first, because the drug component will affect the fetus.Pregnant women have a cold and sore throat, can drink plenty of water, and eat some foods that have the treatment effect on colds through some diet methods to achieve the purpose of relieving the disease and gradually recovering.Drink plenty of water (drink plenty of soup), add the lost body fluids scattered when you have a cold, and help toxic substances to discharge.

Diabetic people have a certain decrease in their appetite but not necessarily drop.In the face of inflammation or stress, the human body may still rise in order to strengthen the ability of the body to resist disease.Generally, the blood sugar is controlled below 10 mmol/L for 2 hours after a meal. Once a cold, the blood glucose 2 hours after meal may be 13 ~ 15 mmol/L or even higher.If the blood sugar value of the diabetic patients is 8-10 mmol/L in a normal state, it can be appropriately relaxed to 10 ~ 13 mmol/L when cold.

However, the relaxation requirements are not self -flow, and blood sugar must be controlled when cold.Increase the frequency of blood glucose monitoring, make a whole day of blood sugar spectrum the next day, and measure the blood sugar value before meals and 6 to 7 points after meals a day. Seeing whether the blood sugar is normal, and it can also determine whether the medication is reasonable.

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