Winter oranges do this, sweet and refreshing, my family loves to eat, and I have to eat it for a few days

“Share the food in your life together”Brush your circle of friends every day, brush the vibrato, you can always see that people around you are successively.Late yang is late.Every time I brush the circle of friends, I can also see a small trick shared by friends. I also know that in addition to protecting at this moment, the body’s warmth and increased vitamins are also indispensable. At least, it can reduce the opportunity to cause colds and reduce virus invasion.

Then no one I stored some oranges, apples, oranges, etc.Mainly cold in winter, I don’t want to eat too cold things. The taste of cooking is not good, mainly because nutritional elements are wasted.

I used oranges to replace milk for my family today. I made a cake roll. It was sweet and refreshing. My friends in my family loved to eat, and these two days were noisy to eat it.

Let me share with you my production method:

1. Wash the oranges first and take a orange to press it into juice.

2. Take another orange and cut into slices.

3. Put the oranges and add some white sugar and water, boil it on low heat, and continue to cook for about 3-4 minutes after the water is boiled.

4. Remove and dry the water for later use.

5. Pour 45g of corn oil and 55g orange juice into the bowl, and fully stir the orange juice and corn oil.

6. Add 60g of low -gluten flour and mix well with cutting.

7. Put four egg yolks and mix well with the same way.

8. Drop a few drops of lemon juice in 4 egg white or add some white vinegar.50g of sugar, add it in three times, and pass it to a small hook. Shake the small tail is not easy to break.(Don’t be too old for Daba Cream, otherwise the cake made in the later period is easy to break.)

9. Take half of the protein cream into the egg yolk paste and mix well with the method of mixing.Then pour the egg yolk paste into the remaining protein cream, and mix with the method of mixing. This process should be as fast as possible to prevent foaming.

10. Place the dried orange slices in the baking sheet, pour the cake paste into the baking sheet from the height, and shake evenly.

11, slightly vibrate and exhaust.

12, put in the oven, 120 degrees up and down, bake for 30 minutes.The characteristics of buying an oven are different, and the specific temperature is determined according to the character of the personal oven.(In the last few minutes, you can increase the temperature slightly to make the skin on the surface of the cake, so it is not easy to break the skin.)

13. Take it out and warm it out after baking.

14. When the hand is warm, cover the oil absorption paper and turn it over, and then tear off the oil on the bottom.

15. Turn a noodle and roll it with a rolling pin.

Orange -flavored cake rolls are just fine, simple, delicious and nutritious.

It can be evenly divided into small pieces to eat.

Winter oranges do this, delicious and relieved, my friends in my family love to eat.The method is simple, just try it if you like it!

@日 日 日 日, only three meals of the day, often delicious in life.

Only love and food cannot be disappointed!The dull daily daily is also precious!

Beautiful "food" light, share with you!"Food" is accompanied by each other, eat well!

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