Wind gout patients eat onions, can it relieve the condition or aggravate the condition?You have to figure out

Gout is a chronic disease that many people are unwilling to contact more, but this is not a disease that you don’t want to get.According to the survey data showed by the "Guidelines for Hyperuroic acid and Gout Diagnosis and Treatment (2021)", in 2022, the prevalence of gout in my country has exceeded 15 million. Metabolic syndrome.

In addition, compared with other diseases, the terrible places are gout attacks, that is, it means that purine metabolic disorders appear in the body, so that uric acid cannot be discharged, so that the uric acid salt is accumulated in multiple joints.

The kidneys and other parts can also cause severe pain that many people cannot bear.In order to prevent you from having such hidden dangers, you need to pay more attention to related diet, especially in terms of diet, and have other chronic diseases for your usual entertainment and love to drink meat. The metabolism of uric acid is more likely to induce gout.

Therefore, gout patients are concerned about the ordinary diet, which is a very wise choice.For example, some people will ask in the background: Can gout patients eat onions?

Onions are very famous in vegetables, and they are more "queen of vegetables".Many people think that onions have the effects of stabilizing blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar. In this case, there is no problem with gout patients.

First of all, in the research on onion -related research, there is indeed a proof of the relationship between onion and cancer. Women with a small amount of primary breast cancer are used as experimental objects, and women without primary breast cancer are used as control experimental groups. After researchIt is found that people who eat onions once a day are better than groups without onion. Breast cancer risk can be reduced by about 67%.

However, this experiment is also under the premise of a small amount of samples. Due to the few experimental evidence, it cannot be used as a real result output, and more experimental proof is required.In addition, on the stabilization of the onion, the disease, etc., in addition to the onions and other vegetables, eating in moderation is beneficial to the condition. Everyone must look at it scientifically.

In the end, can gout patients eat onions, and many people will watch the purine of the food.If you just do n’t worry about this, onions are typical low purine foods. Eating in moderate amount of gout patients will not affect the disease.

But the problem is that onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cucumbers are all vegetables that can be eaten and cooked. The method that does not recommend gout patients is to eat raw. This is because of raw onion.The spicy purple and onion, excessive eating may stimulate the plant nervous system.

Cooked eating is irrelevant. It is still good for the condition. Everyone can distinguish it and eat it in the correct way.

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