Will Yuting cause infertility?

Many people take some emergency contraceptives in order to pursue some pleasure. Many people say that there are many side effects of taking emergency contraceptives. Will Yuting cause infertility? Today, the editor of WED114 Wedding Network will bring you infertilitybad habit.

Will Yuting cause infertility?

Yuting is a typical representative of emergency contraceptives afterwards.Will taking Yuting often lead to infertility? Any emergency contraceptives contain a large amount of hormone, which is a measure that must be adopted in the case of conventional contraceptive failure.It is easy to cause endocrine disorders and may disturb the menstrual cycle or even amenorrhea.

Due to individual differences, there are a small number of women with childbearing age. After taking Yuting, there will be a phenomenon of menstruation in advance or overdue. This is normal clinically and does not need to be nervous.Yuting is a simple progesterone. It can delay women’s next menstruation due to its inhibitory, delayed ovulation and inhibitory endometrium; it may also be due to temporary hormone levels in temporary medication.Bleeding manifests as women’s menstrual advance.

In short, take 2 Yuting within 72 hours after contraceptive failure or no protection. The total dose is 1.5 mg, which has little impact on the next menstruation.It should be reminded that after taking Yuting, women with early or postponing menstruation are best to adopt conventional contraception methods in the near future to avoid reusing Yuting.

Clinical data proves: After taking Yuting, about 20%of women will have the phenomenon of menstruation in advance, and some women may be more than 7-10 days in advance; about 10%of women will have menstrual delay, although this is also a normal range, But often bring inconvenience to women who take medicine.Therefore, these women should first pay attention to excluding pregnancy. If the expectation of the next menstrual time is more than 7 days of menstruation, the urine pregnancy test should be performed;Essence

If you eat some vitamin C when you eat, you can reduce some uncomfortable symptoms. It is recommended that the number of times a year does not exceed three times.

Yuting bad response

Jin Yuting is used for women’s emergency contraception, that is, when there is no protective measures or other contraceptive methods, it is used by accident.Jin Yuting is a fast -acting and short -acting contraceptive pill. The contraceptive mechanism is to significantly inhibit ovulation and prevent the bed from the bed, and increase the consistency of cervical mucus, increase the resistance of sperm penetration, and thereby exerting the effect of speed -effective contraceptives.

Jin Yuting is an artificial synthesis of steroid hormone. It can be postponed by women’s next menstruation due to its inhibitory, delayed ovulation effect and inhibiting the endometrium.After the decline, retreat bleeding occurred, manifested as the advancement of women’s menstruation.However, after taking Jin Yuting, about 70%of women’s menstruation will come on time, probably less than 3 days from their expectations of the normal menstruation of the next menstruation;7-10 days in advance.

The most common thing about Jin Yuting is to cause endocrine disorders.About 2%of women who take emergency contraceptives may occur in some common side effects such as nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fatigue, breast swelling, and bleeding.It is recommended to take an endocrine examination after orally. If the amount is small, it will be restored by itself.

After taking emergency contraceptives, there are certain changes to the menstrual cycle. For example, the dosage of menstrual disorders, extension of bleeding, etc., and the dosage of emergency contraceptives is more than ten times that of conventional contraceptives.Large -dose drugs are used to interfere with the function of the ovarian and control ovulation. Therefore, it is harmful to women’s ovarian function, liver and kidney metabolism, etc. This harm is sometimes difficult to estimate.

How to contraception for more than 72 hours

More than 72 hours: rice non -felone

Anti -hydiotheral drugs are often used in drug abortion, but as an emergency contraceptive effect, the safety factor is very high, and the side effects are very small.It can prevent the effect of progesterone on the uterus, and even kill the embryo that has been imposed, which is equivalent to an invisible abortion, which plays a role in giving menstruation to stop pregnancy.Because it is a kind of abortion drug, only doctors are recommended to use.

In general, emergency contraception with drugs may occur because of different personal constitution, and the following uncomfortable feelings may cause nausea or vomiting: 50%will cause nausea due to estrogen, and 20%will vomit.If you take medicine before going to bed, or get some food when taking medicine, you may feel better.

It should be noted that if vomiting occurs within 4 hours after taking the medicine, 1 capsule needs to be taken immediately.”P”副”E”

Bad habits of infertility

1. Be careful of gynecological inflammation to prevent sperm survival

Women’s life should pay attention to the hygiene tests of the vagina.If the vaginal speech changes in the vagina, and the increase of white blood cells will hinder the survival of the sperm, the activity decreases, and the local environmental changes caused by cervic inflammation are not conducive to the sperm through the cervical canal, which leads to infertility.

If the pelvic infection is not timely and incomplete, especially tuberculosis or gonorrobia infection, even if healed, it will cause the adhesion, distortion, and narrow of the fallopian tube, which will cause infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, regular gynecological examination is necessary.

2. Don’t let yourself too fat affect ovulation

Women’s normal ovulation requires the normal operation of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis.The hypothalamus is issued to secrete the pituitary gonadotropin, and the ovaries secrete estrogen and progesterone after receiving the instructions of gonad hormones, which promotes the maturity of follicles and ovulation.

Excessive obesity can affect the secretion of women’s hormones, which leads to the abnormal menstrual cycle of women, which affects normal ovulation function.

At the same time, excessive obesity can also cause various health problems, such as: hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc. These diseases may also cause women’s infertility, and they will cause some complications during pregnancy, so that the precious mummy who is pregnantMore dangerous.

Dear female compatriots, if you happen to be unsatisfactory and not exercise, and the weight is severe than the standard weight, then you must be vigilant.

Third, blindly lose weight endocrine disorders

Due to the changes in the concepts of aesthetics, most girls now use "skinny" as beauty. As everyone knows, too thin women are also prone to infertility.Generally, a mature woman with a height of 1.6 meters has the best weighing more than 50 kg in order to continue ovulation.Because when the mother’s body does not have enough fat in the body, the brain will gradually generate an endocriney material called "fat and leafy", which reduces the reproductive function of women, and this adverse effect is irreversible.

On the other hand, to lose weight by restricting diet, it is also easy to cause nutritional imbalance, and the lack of trace element will also affect fertility.Therefore, women who love beauty must not lose weight blindly to avoid endocrine disorders, menstrual cycle disorders, and ovulation stop.

In order to give birth to a healthy baby, it is best to maintain a healthy and proportioned body. Do not pursue skinny and deliberately lose weight.

Fourth, toxic chemical damage egg cells

For women who work in some special positions (such as working in radiation environments), if you prepare for pregnancy, you must leave your job at least half a year in advance.Because toxins in many chemicals can destroy egg cells, it is likely to cause endocrine disorders.

Some waterproof clothing, insecticides, food packaging, interior decorations, and special fluorine dragon non -dipped coatings such as the market on the market contain all fluorous chemicals, which will not only bring the human liver, immune system, development and fertility organsToxicity leads to infertility and affects fetal development.

5. Elderly maternal danger is more dangerous

Women’s fertility is a hump shape. The strongest fertility is 20-24 years old, and after 30 years of age, it slowly decreases.After 35 years of age, nearly 90 % of women have lost their pregnancy after 44 years old.

The older the woman, the less the remaining eggs in the body in the body.At the same time, the endometrium may become thinner and thinner, and it is not suitable for fertilized eggs to bed; vaginal secretions will become worse, and it is not easy to make sperm enter.

For elderly pregnant women over 35 years of age, fetal deformity rates also increase, which can also cause hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, kidney diseases, and various pregnancy complications and aggravation, resulting in slower growth and development in the fetus.

6. Drinking coffee is not conducive to the growth of baby

Coffee is not only fragrant and good, but also can refresh energy.Therefore, it is sought after in the workplace women.However, the caffeine contained in coffee is not so simple.

Caffeine is likely to cause placental metabolism disorders, not good for the healthy growth of the fetus.At the same time, it contains more sugar in quick -soluble coffee, which is not good for health.If you are trying to get pregnant, for the sake of safety, the wise approach is best to reduce caffeine intake.

If you are going to get pregnant, you are still drinking coffee every day, then you can quit!

7. Infection in the same room during menstruation will lead to infertility

Some women have a lack of medical knowledge, so they always have a request for her husband’s pleasure, and even in the same room during menstruation.

Women will have poor constitution during menstruation and are vulnerable to bacterial infections, so they cannot have the same room during menstruation.If you have a room during this period, it will cause a series of harms.

Harm 1: During the same room during menstruation, due to the contraction of the uterine during sexual impulse, the endometrium fragments can also be squeezed into the pelvic cavity, causing endometriosis, leading to infertility.

Harm 2: In the menstrual period, endometrium exfoliation, alkaline menstrual blood neutralizing the acidic environment of the vagina, which weakens the natural barrier function.Inside the road, it is easy to cause infection and easily lead to infertility.

Harm 3: The same room during menstrual periods, because sperm meets the overflowing blood cells at the endometrium damage, and even enters the blood, which can induce the production of anti -sperm antibodies, leading to immune infertility and infertility.

8. Too many people want to be pregnant but can’t get pregnant

When some expectant parents were not ready, the baby had come unexpectedly.Many women mistakenly use "painless people" as "harmless people" and determine the baby’s stay at will.

As everyone knows, the number of abortion is directly proportional to the chance of infertility.Artificial abortion can cause pelvic attachmentitis, after inflammation of the fallopian tubes, and infertility occurs.And the most important thing is that repeated artificial abortion will make the endometrium very thin. When you want to get pregnant and have a baby, the embryo in the abdomen is like a small seedling in the sand.Disar development and abortion by themselves.

The above is the eight bad habits we tell you to everyone. As a result, female infertility introduces friends here. Usually female friends must pay attention to their vaginal hygiene tests.Men and women should pay attention to their weight, don’t let themselves too obese, and easily affect ovulation, so everyone must pay attention to their own health work!

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