Will you not get pregnant after getting on the contraceptive ring?After the upper ring is over, do not ignore these details

For a long time, everyone feels that it is unlikely to get pregnant after getting a contraceptive ring, and it is also very safe, but in fact all the methods of contraception are not reasonable. If you do not pay attention, it is very risky to bring your ring pregnancy.It will not only lead to amniotic fluid pollution, but also very easily lead to text questions such as small production and fetal deformities.

Why are you still pregnant when you go to the contraceptive ring?

The context reaches the time of use and is not immediately disassembled and replaced. It is likely to cause the contraceptive ring to be invalid and increase the risk of accidental pregnancy.

After completing the contraceptive ring, this key point cannot be ignored

1. Pay attention to observation to prevent the ring from falling down

Generally speaking, you must pay attention to the problem of the contraceptive ring in the first three months of the contraceptive ring. Due to the just entered the contraceptive ring, the relatively looseness of the uterine mouth will be relatively loose. In additionMany, it is very easy to cause the contraceptive ring to fall down. Therefore, pay more attention to observation when urinating, see if the contraceptive ring will fall down.The contraceptive ring is not easy to have the actual effect of contraceptive measures, and it must not be neglected.

2. Pay attention to hygiene and prevent a sense of prevention

Although the contraceptive ring is clean and hygienic, the whole process of the nursery ring may enhance the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, and then increase the risk of a sense of risk.

And the contraceptive ring belongs to a dirty thing, and it is very likely to improve the risk of the uterine mouth. Especially in the beginning, the uterine mouth is relatively loose, and it is easier to suffer from the invasion of external pathogenic bacteria.EssenceTherefore, we must pay attention to hygiene and reduce the risk of infection.

3. Adjust the diet mix to prevent inflammation

Wet and humid can easily lead to inflammation. Usually eating some spicy food irritating ingredients will increase the humid heat in the body and cause inflammation.

Especially after the contraceptive ring has just finished, the human body’s immunity is low. Do not pay attention to diet mixing, which is very likely to lead to dampness and heat of the body, which leads to gynecological diseases.

Therefore, after the contraceptive ring, be sure to adjust the diet mix, eat as much as possible ingredients with light taste, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and fill more protein foods at the same time to improve physical immunity.

4. Pay attention to lower abdominal pressure and prevent decide ring

Abdominal pressure is improved, and the efficacy of work pressure may increase the risk of the contraceptive ring movement or falling. Therefore, it is usually possible to reduce the improvement of the abdominal pressure as much as possible.Excessive exercise, etc. are likely to increase the risk of moving or falling from the contraceptive ring.

Especially 3 months before the contraceptive ring after entering, the risk of the contraceptive ring dropped is even greater. At this moment, you must pay attention to rest to prevent the off -straigh.

5. Regular maintenance and deal with the problem in time

Although the probability of moving and falling from the contraceptive ring after 3 months after the contraceptive ring will be reduced, this is not sure. Therefore, it is necessary to check every year on time and check the parts of the contraceptive ring. At the same time,You can understand the situation of the human body and deal with the problems in a timely manner.

In addition, the upper contraceptive ring will not endanger menstruation. If you find that you suddenly go through menstruation, at the same time, you must check it immediately with the nausea of nausea nausea to vomit.

Conclusion: Although the contraceptive ring can be contraceptive measures, if you do not pay attention, not only can not achieve the actual effect of contraceptive measures, but may improve some gynecological diseases. Therefore, some common problems must not be ignored after the contraceptive ring.

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