Will you be pregnant during the same room during ovulation?Ignoring these three factors, maybe no good pregnancy

As we all know, the conditions for breeding are healthy sperm and eggs in the uterus to form fertilization.So why did some couples have no pregnancy during the same room during ovulation? This may be that one of them has some physical diseases or psychological factors, causing women to be unable to ovulate or discharged eggs, or male sperm vitality.Not enough wait, affecting normal pregnancy.

In a word, will the husband and wife be pregnant during the same room during ovulation?The answer is not necessarily. The ovulation period can only increase the chance of pregnancy.

1. If you want to increase the chance of conception in the same room during ovulation, these factors cannot be ignored

1. It is necessary to ensure that women’s ovaries are normal, and the excreted eggs are also healthy and normal.

2. Male sperm is normal.

3. Sperm and eggs can be combined normally to become fertilized eggs, and eventually fertilized eggs are safely entered into the uterus.

Correspondingly, there are the following factors, even if they are in the same room during ovulation, they may not be able to conceive normally.

1. Women cannot ovulate normally, leading to infertility.Because there is no egg excretion during ovulation, it cannot be combined with sperm, let alone fertilized eggs, and naturally cannot conceive.

2. Women’s ovaries discharge non -normal eggs and cannot conceive.Like many diseases, it will affect the normal development of the eggs, such as ovarian cysts and other diseases. Because the normal eggs cannot be discharged, they cannot develop a complete life seeds, which eventually leads to unable to conceive.

3. Men’s sperm quality, vitality loss, and ultimately cannot be perfectly combined with the eggs. It cannot be combined with fertilized eggs, nor can it be conceived by women.

2. These diseases will also cause couples to not conceive in the same room during ovulation

1. Endocrine disorders affect the same room during ovulation during ovulation.For most women, I do n’t know that irregular menstruation and endocrine disorders will have a great impact during ovulation, which will eventually lead to unable to get pregnant normally.

2. Female fallopian tube diseases, such as the failure of the tubal tube, is the reason why many women who want to get pregnant cannot conceive normally, especially the same room during ovulation cannot conceive normally.And it is not easy to see the symptoms of fallopian tubes, and it needs to be specially diagnosed.

3. The most common gynecological diseases, such as cervic inflammation, polycystic ovary and other gynecological diseases, which will also affect the normal conception of husband and wife. Even if it is in the same room during ovulation, it will not increase the chance of conception.

4. Men’s disease problem.After all, whether the successful conception is the matter of the husband and wife. If the man has a physical illness, it will affect the quality of the sperm. Even if the husband and wife are in the same room during ovulation, they cannot conceive normally.

Kind tips:

In the same room during ovulation, husbands and wives will only increase the chance of conception. It is not 100 %. You need to pay attention to the situation mentioned above to avoid things that affect normal conception in a timely manner.

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