Will women’s cervical erosion affect pregnancy?The doctor admits that these situations will lead to infertility

When women do some conventional gynecological examinations in the hospital, they will hear the word cervical erosion. When cervical erosion occurs in the examination, it is like a notice of illness.Perhaps the reason for the text. The word erosion is "fierce", which is scary.

In fact, as early as 2008, the seventh edition of medical students’ textbooks "Obstetrics and Gynecology" changed the term of cervical erosion to the physiological phenomenon of "cervical cylindrical epithelial shift".Why are there still many people mentioned in the term of cervical erosion because they are used to it after use.For cervical erosion, the correct explanation of medicine is -the cervical epithelium reveals.

Therefore, it is clear that cervical erosion is not a disease, but a normal physiological phenomenon.

Why do you say that?

There are two different cells on the cervix, and the cervical cylindrical epithelium is actually in the uterine epithelium. Due to the influence of female estrogen, the cylindrical epithelium will grow out to the go, that is, the cervical mouth.The cylindrical epithelium will secrete liquid, and the outer epithelium is a flat layer flat epithelium, which does not secrete the protective effect. Therefore, when the cervical cylindrical epithelium is shifted, the cervix will be covered by cylindrical epithelium.It’s like erosion.Clinical studies, when the female menopause, the level of estrogen decreases, the cylindrical epithelium will be returned to the inside, and then the gynecological examination will be found, and the erosion will disappear.

Cervical cancer is a vicious cancer, talking about it.Is cervical cancer related to cervical erosion?The answer is nothing to do, because it is well known that cervical cancer is a human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, which is not related to the transplantation of cervical symptoms.However, human papilloma virus invading the cervix will cause the cervix to change the physiological changes, and the surface of the cervix has inflammation. The naked eye view is like cervical erosion. That is to say, cervical erosion should be sent to biopsy.

First of all, in the face of cervical erosion, that is, the cervical cylindrical epithelium displacement. Don’t be afraid. The cervical cylindrical epithelium displacement will not hinder the passage of sperm, that is, it will not not allow girls to conceive.Instead, over -treatment of cervical erosion will cause girls to be infertile.Because cervical erosion is also a cervical cylindrical epithelial shift, which is caused by the physiological changes of their own estrogen. The medicine and infusion will generally not work, because the doctor cannot press the estrogen very low, otherwiseIt will cause girls with poor development and the danger of other diseases.

Therefore, when the doctor is not effective in the treatment of cervical erosion drugs, it will use leep and laser. After surgical treatment, the cervical canal will cause medical damage, resulting in sperm cannot pass, that is, infertility.

At this time, the concept of cervical erosion is no longer just the cervical cylindrical epithelium shift, but the pathological destruction of the cervix, which causes erosion.That is, pathological changes occur at the cervix, and as a reproductive tract, pathological changes will lead to infertility.The inflammation of the cervix can cause pathological changes in the cervix, narrowing the cervical canal, or its environment is not conducive to sperm survival, leading to infertility.The inflammation of the cervix is exactly the same as that of cervical erosion, so when cervicitis occurs, it is necessary to use the cervical cylindrical epithelium. Because cervicitis can cause infertility.

Cervicitis can be caused by the pathogen invasion, or it can be caused by the damage to the cervix and the infection caused by the physical and chemical factors. When cervicitis occurs, edema occurs at the cervix, inflammatory secretions exudate, and changes in epithelium.The last level of the cervix as a sperm and eggs is the only way to fertility. If the rational changes in cervical pathogenia, the path of fertility will be broken, just like the Ottoman Empire on the Eurasian continent cut off the trade of Eurasia.

① Acute cervicitis

Acute cervicitis is due to the infection of gonococcus.When the infection with acute cervicitis, edema appears at the cervix. Due to the large amount of inflammatory secretions due to the inflammatory reactions, the red swelling of the cervix becomes fragile.Balanced imbalance, sperm will lose vitality and lose pregnancy.

② Chronic cervicitis

Chronic cervicitis evolved from acute cervicitis. The cervical mouth will appear polyps, so that the cervical stenosis is now blocked. Male sperm cannot pass, cannot meet the eggs, and cannot conceive.

③ vaginal infection

There is a normal flora in the vagina, and they get along peacefully.When girls are overly cleaned, the normal flora is imbalanced, acid -alkali balances, and a large amount of alkaline flora grows, that is, the harmful bacteria such as gifma can quickly reproduce, infringe the vagina, and cause vaginal infection.

When vaginal infections, vaginal discharge increases, inflammation occurs in the cervix mouth, and the signs of erosion occur.This erosion can also cause pathological changes in the cervix, which causes sperm to fail to cause infertility.

④ Cervical erosion leads to infertility

It should be caused by erosion caused by the inflammation of the cervix, which can cause infertility, and the physiological phenomenon of cervical cylindrical epithelium shift is actually not the erosion of the inflammatory response of the cervix.In other words, women’s infertility has nothing to do with the physiological phenomenon of cervical cylindrical epithelium shift.

When the cervix appears inflammation and the cervical erosion is formed, the secretions of the cervix increase and mix with a large amount of white blood cells and pathogens. When the existence of these factors, the changes in the normal physiological environment of the vagina causes the vitality of the sperm and cannot conceive.If the cervix mouth is caused by inflammatory stimulation, the cervical mouth grows polyps, causing the cervical mouth to be narrow, causing the sperm to enter and not conceive.After too much inflammatory secretions, sperm will cause infertility when the cervical mouth secretion is sticky.

Summary: For cervical erosion, don’t be afraid, first make a laboratory inspection of the secretion, eliminate the physiological phenomenon of cervical cylindrical epithelium shift. If it is infection at the cervix, actively cooperate with treatment to prevent infertility.

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