Will vaginitis affect pregnancy?

Candida vaginitis is a relatively common gynecological disease. Its main symptoms are female leucorrhea increase, vaginal mucosa swelling, often feeling itching, and odor in private parts.Severe rosary vaginitis can affect women’s normal life, so once women suffer from Candida vaginitis, they must be treated in time.So, what are the impacts of Candida vaginitis, would it affect pregnancy if you suffer from Candida vaginitis?

1. Candida vaginitis will affect pregnancy, because healthy women’s vagina is a acid -base balance environment, which will have a protective effect on sperm, which is convenient for women to get pregnant.And female vaginal pheasant is imbalanced in the vaginal vagina with Candida vaginitis. It is too acidic or alkaline and is too strong.In addition, Candida vaginitis will increase the number of white blood cells in women, and then devour sperm, leading to infertility.

2. It may also affect the normal development of the fetus. If pregnant women suffer from Candida vaginitis, they may be infected with the fetus in the uterus, which will lead to abortion and premature birth.Even if the normality is normal, the fetus may be infected with the fetus during vaginal delivery, and newborn goose sores will occur.

3. Affects normal life. Because Candida vaginitis will cause itching for women’s private parts, some women can’t help but scratch the affected area with their hands, which will cause the condition to be more serious and make women restless.In addition, the patients with pearl vaginitis may also have sexual intercourse pain during their sexual life, affecting the normal sexual life of husband and wife.

The above is several common effects of Candida vaginitis. If it is not treated in time, it may induce other gynecological inflammation, such as cervicitis and cervical erosion.For Candida vaginitis, you can usually take drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Pay attention to maintaining the clean and hygiene of the private parts and develop good living habits;wait.

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