Will there be errors in the pregnancy test stick?I suspect what I should do when I am pregnant

Author: Dr. Jojo

Little A is a patient, because menstruation was postponed for two weeks and came to the doctor.Women of childbearing age, I suggest that she check her pregnancy to eliminate pregnancy.

Little A told me with a decisive iron and vowed that Dr. Sun would definitely not be pregnant. I can test it four times at home today. They are all negative.

With a rigorous attitude, in combination with her previous menstruation, I insisted on checking a urine HCG and unexpectedly discovering that the urine HCG was positive, and Xiao A was pregnant.

She was stunned, my god, so many years, did my pregnancy test sticks wrong!

In fact, Little A is not a special case. In the clinic of gynecology, I often encounter misunderstandings with my pregnancy test sticks, and even missed ectopic pregnancy.

So, the question is, how should the pregnancy test stick be used?

1. After taking out the pregnancy test stick, check whether it is within the validity period.Then wear disposable gloves, pinch one end of the pregnancy test stick, and peel the urine hole to pee, and maintain the time to connect the urine for 1 to 2 seconds.

During the detection process, you should notice urine. Do not invade the observation window, otherwise it may cause the pregnancy test stick to fail.

The second question, how to read the pregnancy test stick?

Clinically, the use of misunderstanding of pregnancy sticks is mainly a judgment error.everybody knows:

One line is not pregnant;

Two lines are pregnant;

There is no line that is an invalid pregnancy test stick!

Why do many sisters make mistakes?

The main time is that the time of interpretation is wrong.

Check in 1 minute if there are two lines, then you are pregnant.

If you look at a line in 1 minute, you must wait about 3 minutes before observing. There is still a line without pregnancy. If two minutes are two lines, you are pregnant.

Little A and most of the wrongdoing sisters are. After watching it for a minute, found a line, the sentence was not pregnant, and threw away the pregnancy test stick directly.

This approach is completely wrong!

Some women who are pregnant early, the HCG concentration is not high or the detection stick sensitivity is slow, and the time to appear will be relatively later.

Third, the precautions for the use of pregnancy inspection sticks!

1. Do not use the expiration or tide of the pregnancy inspection stick;

2. If HCG drugs are used in the near future, the readings may be interfered.HCG’s half -life is 24 hours, you can check it once every time;

3. Do not drink too much water before measuring HCG.In order to prevent urine dilution;

4. Suspect that you are pregnant, the negatives are measured for the first time, and you can repeat it once after 3 days.

According to the literature, ovulation can occur on the eighth day after the first day of the last menstrual period. For example, if it is the menstruation of January 1 on January 1, some women can ovulation on January 8th.

This also explains why some women have no contraception during the menstrual period (8 days of menstrual period), but they are pregnant.

For patients with earlier ovulation time, some reports were reported in the menstrual cycle and found HCG in their urine 16 days.

Many documents abroad reported that after 6 to 8 days after the fertilization day (about 24 hours after the same room), some women could find HCG in the blood.

Of course, when the period of menstruation is expected, menstruation is not tide. At this time, pregnancy tests are most likely positive.

In the end, you can’t judge yourself, then come to the hospital for the doctor to help you check it ~~

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