Will there be a boy on the belly during pregnancy?Things are actually like this

Text 丨 Fulin Mummy

The younger sister at home was pregnant. As a novice pregnant mother, she was a little overwhelmed. She had a little strange body and was nervous, for fear of what happened to her.

No, I called a few days ago and said that after giving birth to the baby, I had to "fade", and I said I was stunned at the time.Finally, after some explanation, I realized that what my sister said she had to "fade", to see that she had a lot of hair on her pregnant belly, which made her feel ugly.

The long hair on the belly during pregnancy is also a manifestation of the reaction of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

Judging from the long period of hair, about 8 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers have begun to grow, while some pregnant mothers will begin to grow around 20 weeks of pregnancy.There are no long hair.

In this way, the condition of the long hair on the stomach of the pregnant mothers is not uniform.

Why do pregnant mothers grow on their stomachs during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers have long hair on their stomach, which has a lot to do with estrogen and progesterone in their bodies.Estrogen and progesterone have a large deviation, and the hair follicles of pregnant mothers are in the growing period, and the hair and hair on the body will increase.

As we are common, these long hair will basically focus on the abdomen of pregnant mothers, especially in the circle -like distribution with the navel as the center.Of course, some pregnant mothers also appear these hair on their chests or backs.

In fact, the pregnant mother’s belly is not long hair, which is also related to the sensitivity of the pregnant mother’s skin. The more sensitive the skin is, the thicker the hair growing on the stomach of the pregnant mother.

The hair on the stomach of the pregnant mothers is actually "hairy", which is actually a kind of hair of our human body.

In fact, these hair will gradually fade after the birth of the pregnant mother, because after delivery, the estrogen in the mothers will return to normal, and the hair follicles will not be stimulated. Even some hair follicles on the heads of the mother will enter the rest period.It causes mothers to have hair loss after giving birth.The time for hair follicles will last for about one year, and then it will recover naturally naturally.

Therefore, these hair is actually formed by hormones in the body of the pregnant mothers. It has no harm to the body. Pregnant mothers do not need special treatment.

In our usual people, the hair on men is generally more hair than women’s bodies, becauserogens can stimulate hair growth.

In some elderly people’s eyes, it seems "another layer of meaning", that is, the pregnant mother’s pregnant belly is long, which is male hormone stimulation. The child that the pregnant mother may be pregnant is male.

This kind of comprehensive cognition is completely wrong, because the growth of hair is not just affected by a hormone, but also the commonly affected by various factors.Milk hormones.

When the pregnant mother’s belly, the long hairs determined that the pregnant mother’s thoughts were the boy’s thoughts, which was exactly personal speculation.

Children’s gender is not simply to be admitted to the external manifestation of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

Gender is naturally determined by the structural combination of dad’s chromosomes and mothers chromosomes.

After pregnancy, the body will naturally be different than the previous state. Some reactions are normal. Now, as long as the body is not obviously uncomfortable, the pregnant mothers can rest assured to raise their tires.

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