Will the pelvic effusion cause infertility?How can I cure it?

Generally speaking, pelvic effusion is divided into physiological and pathological. The physiological pelvic effusion occurs mostly after women’s ovulation or early pregnancy. Most can be disappeared naturally.The effusion is caused by inflammatory exudation in the pelvic cavity. Most of them are caused by pelvic inflammatory attachment or endometriosis. If it is not treated, the effusion will gradually become more.Come and talk about the pelvic effusion of the pathogenic pelvic cavity.

How to find the pelvic effusion?How to treat it?

If a woman has a lower abdomen fall, the pain of the lower abdomen and lumbosacral parts, the decreased resistance, menstrual disorders, infertility, at this time the pelvic effusion may not be ruled out.Determine the amount of the effusion.

Because the pathogens of pelvic inflammatory diseases are mostly hybrid infections with gonorrhea, chlamydia, and oxygen, anaerobic bacteria, oxygen and anaerobic bacteria, and Gram -negative and Gram -positive. ThereforeIt should cover the above disease, choose a broad -spectrum antibiotic and combined medication.Time -to -time medication within 48 hours of pelvic inflammatory disease will significantly reduce the occurrence of sequelae.The specific selection schemes are comprehensive considerations based on the conditions of the hospital, the acceptance of the patient, the effectiveness of the drug and the price / performance ratio.

Pelvic inflammatory diseases are mainly antibiotic drugs, and there are lumps, fallopian tubes, or tubal ovarian cysts.Antibiotics can clearly clear pathogens, improve symptoms and signs, and reduce sequelae.After proper antibiotic active treatment, most pelvic inflammatory diseases can be completely cured.

The principles of antibiotics: experience, broad -spectrum, timely and individualized.It is reasonable to use antibiotics based on drug sensitivity tests, but antibiotic therapy is usually required before obtaining laboratory results. Therefore, initial treatment is often chosen to choose antibiotics based on experience.

While following the doctor’s advice, everyone must pay attention to the following:

1 should not get pregnant prematurely

If a woman with a pelvic effusion is confirmed, do not worry about pregnancy, because premature pregnancy will not only affect the probability of successful conception, but also increase the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

2 During the treatment period, the same room is forbidden

Women need to prohibit the same room in the process of receiving the treatment of pelvic effusion, because the same room is likely to cause re -infection. If the situation is serious, it may increase the condition of pelvic effusion. The same room should be prohibited during the treatment of pelvic effusion.

3 Pay attention to hygiene

We know that a large part of the pelvic effusion is caused by inflammation. Therefore, women must pay attention to hygiene if the pelvic effusion is pregnant, insist on cleaning the private parts with warm water every day, and remember not to use it randomly.

4 Adjust the diet

Women with pelvic effusion are also important to pay attention to diet. Women with pelvic effusion should be as light as possible to avoid eating cold, spicy, irritating and other foods, so as not to cause recurrence.

5 Relax

Women with pelvic effusion must adjust their mood in time. Do not put too much pressure on themselves. After the pelvic effusion is cured, you can get pregnant again, so don’t worry too much about the problem of infertility caused by pelvic effusion.

I would like to remind female friends that if you want to give birth to a healthy baby, you must first have a healthy body. If you find that the pelvic effusion and other gynecological diseases need to be treated in time, and then prepare for pregnancy.

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