Will the cervix be difficult to conceive?In fact, the biggest influence of cervix is production

“Cervical small will be difficult to conceive?”

Some female friends have been pregnant for a long time and have not conceived.Check the body and there is no problem.Women who have not been pregnant have doubted. Is it because her cervix is too small, so that the sperm cannot be unable, so I ca n’t be pregnant?

In fact, in addition to the congenital deformity of the cervix, the size of the cervix does not affect conception.Because the sperm is very small, it can only be seen through a microscope.

Moreover, women’s menstruation comes from the cervix every month.The endometrium of the falling uterine can come out of the cervix, of course, sperm can enter.Instead, if the cervix has inflammation, it will cause cervical erosion or swelling, which will affect the sperm pass rate.

Figure | Source Pixabay by Lunovascotia

However, although small cervix does not affect the passage of sperm, the pregnant mothers with small cervix during production have to suffer.Because the first birth process of production is to wait for the cervical mouth to expand to 10 cm. If the cervix is small, it may cause the fetus’s fetal head, or the shoulder is stuck in the cervix.

Fortunately, in addition to modern medicine, it can help pregnant mothers produce by expanding palace or caesarean section.Traditional Chinese medicine can also be massaged by gently pressing and other methods to massage the acupoints to stimulate acupuncture points, increase the circulation of local blood, pass through the meridians and analgesics.

For example, the uterine acupoint is in the lower abdomen, 4 inches in the middle of the umbilicus, and 3 inches beside the front midline; you can take qi and pain, regulate the qi and blood of the cells, relax the smooth muscle, and expand the cervix.The acupuncture point where the vitality is located, the Zhongyuan acupoint, is three inches below the umbilicus; you can cultivate Yuansheng and replenish the lower focus. In conjunction with the intermediate acupoint, you can also mobilize the blood to nourish the uterus and fetus.

Moreover, Chinese medicine believes that joy is better than worry, so when pregnant mothers produce, they will talk about joy and joy for mothers, and transfer the attention of pregnant mothers; and music is also to encourage pregnant mothers to encourage pregnant mothers, Make pregnant mothers happy.

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