Will the 6 major reasons really cause infertility to find the door to come to the door?

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Annexal inflammation in gynecological diseases is very common. People often do not care about attachment inflammation. They believe that this is a minor disease. Annexal inflammation is a common gynecological inflammation. There are many causes of attachment inflammation.Will attachitis cause infertility?Will the 6 major reasons really cause infertility to find the door to come to the door?

Will the attachment inflammation cause infertility?

Gynecological experts say that the hazards of attachmental inflammation are:

1. Temperature in ectopic pregnancy: When suffering from chronic attachment inflammation, it will cause incomplete obstruction of the fallopian tube lumen, and it is easy to increase the chance of occurrence of ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy).

2. Cause infertility: If there is no timely treatment with appenditis or darling for a long time, it may lead to female infertility in the end.Mainly because attachment inflammation is inflammation of female fallopian tubes and ovaries, and fallopian tubes and ovarian are organs that produce eggs and send fertilizers.Blocking the fallopian tube, leading to the emergence of infertility.

3. Other hidden dangers: Generally, when attachmentitis occurs, the end of the fallopian tube umbrella is adhesive due to inflammation.At that time, there may be water accumulation, effusion, or pus in fallopian tubes, which hinders the normal operation of sperm, eggs or fertilized eggs, which will affect pregnancy.

Gynecological experts say that although chronic attachmentitis is not easy to cure, it does not mean that the condition cannot be controlled or makes it improve.As for whether this disease will affect fertility, it cannot be generalized.If partial or adhesive of the tubal lumen, it will cause ectopic or infertility.If you can actively cooperate with hospital experts, at the same time strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, prevent the disease from repeated attacks, and avoid tubal lumen adhesion, and can still be pregnant.

The symptoms of acute attachment inflammation are obvious, such as fever, chills, and pain in the lower abdomen.Chronic attachmentitis has different degrees of abdominal pain, or the lower abdomen falls and the sense of encouragement. It is light and severe, accompanied by symptoms such as increased leucorrhea, back pain, and menstrual disorders.

Although chronic attachmentitis is not easy to cure, it does not mean that the disease cannot be controlled or improved.As for whether this disease will affect fertility, it cannot be generalized.If partial adhesion or adhesion of the tubal lumen, it will cause ectopic or infertility if you can adhere to acupuncture, physical therapy laser and Chinese and Western drugs. At the same time, physical exercise and physical fitness can be strengthened, the disease does not recur, and the tubal lumen adhesion is avoided.Can get pregnant.

Generally, acute attachmentitis is diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, and it will soon be cured, but chronic attachmentitis is difficult to cure, which brings great pain to patients. Therefore, some people suspect that chronic attachmentitis will affect fertility.Experts say that chronic appendicitis has recurred, which has been prolonged for a long time, congesting pelvic cavity, fibrosis of connective tissues, and pelvic organs.Patients have symptoms such as swelling, pain, and lumbosacral soreness in the lower abdomen, and often worsen after menstruation or fatigue.During gynecological examinations, tenderness, thickening, or tender blocks occur in both bilateral or unilateral accessories. The number of white blood cells increases or normal.

Once chronic attachmentitis is formed, 30%of patients will have infertility, and the condition of recurrence will cause great inconvenience to the patient’s future life or work.Therefore, actively treating and preventing chronic appenditis is an extremely important task.

It should be noted that during the period of acute appendicitis or acute attacks, the number of times the same room should be reduced to prevent the disease from worsening, and chronic appenditis treatment takes a long time. In addition to the use of drugs, it is necessary to improve the whole body condition to enhance immunity.In daily life, exercise should be strengthened, which can not only improve immunity, but also make your body and mind happy.At the same time, it is necessary to actively treat the infection of the genital tract. Vaginitis and cervicitis may cause pathogens.If there is a contraceptive ring, you can consider taking out the contraceptive ring.

The above content is the introduction of this question about attachmentitis that causes female infertility. Women must pay attention to cherish their bodies and not bring a lot of trouble for the body. At the same timePay attention to your personal hygiene and not allow bacteria to be infected again.

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