Will pregnant women often bend over to the baby?Do not bend over like this

After knowing that she is pregnant, I believe that every expectant mother will become cautious, and she will consider the baby in the belly before doing what she does, especially the expectant mother who is pregnant for the first time.The body after pregnancy is no longer you. If you have a slight difference, you may hurt your baby.Therefore, each expectant mother has changed a lot after pregnancy, and she is doing things before pregnancy. After pregnancy, she is cautious and ca n’t do whatever she wants as before. These changes are also for the safety of themselves and the baby.

In October, in these 280 days, expectant mothers to bend over in life are inevitable.For example, bending down to pick up things, bend over shoelaces, or bend over to do housework, I believe that these mothers have encountered them. It is impossible to do this action without doing the whole pregnancy.

Will expectant mothers bend over the fetal treasure?

Specific mothers do not hurt the fetal baby slightly and slowly.The baby is not as fragile as we think. In fact, the baby is protected by multiple protection in the stomach of the expectant mother.First of all, because the baby is in the uterus of expectant mothers, the uterus and abdominal fat are tightly contacted, there is the protection of the uterus and the protection of the abdominal muscles. The bending movement of daily life is generally not harmful to the baby.At the same time, there is also amniotic fluid isolation between the inner wall of the uterus and the baby. The expectant mothers have a buffer effect on the impact of amniotic fluid on the outside world when doing bending. As long as the fetal movement is normal, there is no abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, the expectant mothers need to worry too much.

Although expectant mothers will not hurt their baby when they are bent over and pick up things, they still need to pay more attention.If the expectant mothers often bend over or squat, it will easily lead to increased intra -abdomen pressure and affect venous blood flow. In this case, it may affect the blood supply of blood supply and cause hypoxia in the uterus, which can easily cause fetal heart to accelerate.Abortion or premature birth occurs.Also avoid suddenly bending, this action may cause expectant mothers’ physical discomfort and the health of the baby.If you are not careful, you may strain the back muscles, causing the expectant mothers to lower back pain, and it is easy to compress the stomach.In addition, expectant mothers suddenly bent over and pick up things and stand up immediately, and there may be a short dizziness!

The impact of expectant mothers bent down to pick up things in different periods is not the same

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers do not need to worry about bending down.Because the baby’s baby is still small, the expectant mother has not changed at this time.Generally, bending down to pick up things in daily life is okay, and it will not hurt the baby in the stomach.But at this time, the baby’s baby is not stable. The expectant mothers should avoid severe exercise. Pay attention not to rest too hard, create a stable environment for the baby baby.

When the stages of the middle and late pregnancy, as the stomach of the expectant mother gradually became larger, the baby’s baby grew very much. At this time, it was not recommended to bend over to pick up things.If the expectant mothers often bend over, they will have a certain sense of squeezing the baby, especially in the third trimester, and often do this action when the belly is the largest, which is more serious about the baby’s squeezing and it is easy to cause the baby to be hypoxic.Therefore, in order to give the baby’s health, expectant mothers try to avoid bending and picking things in the middle and late pregnancy. If you really need to squat, you can see if anyone helps you help or borrow it.

The doctor recommends that pregnant women should be bent down as little as possible to pick up things as possible during pregnancy

Frequent bending during pregnancy will increase abdominal pressure, which may increase the probability of urinary incontinence in pregnant mothers, so try to avoid doing some movement of abdominal pressure in daily life.Don’t sit down and bend, you should squat down to pick up the whole body, don’t lift heavy objects, don’t hold your baby.Pregnant mothers can also use the belly to reduce the weight of the lower abdomen.

Xiaobian’s intimate small suggestion: When picking up things, the prospective mother should flex the knee first, then squat down slowly, wait for the squatting before picking it up, put the things on the waist or chest, do not use two hands, do not take it with two hands.(Holding hands may lose balance standing stability) Finally, stand up slowly.There is a wall or armrest next to it, which can reduce danger.

In addition to bending down, what other gestures should be done during pregnancy?

1. Standing for a long time

The blood circulation of expectant mothers after pregnancy will become slower, and the edema and varicose veins of the lower limbs are common problems.Some expectant mothers often stand for a long time due to work or habit to cause intravenous veins in the lower limbs. At this time, expectant mothers should get up every half an hour or drink a glass of water, and can also do some leg movements to promote the blood circulation of the lower body.Such as tiptoe, twist ankle, etc.

2. Long -term leveling

If you lay flat for a long time, it will easily cause fetal baby hypoxia or pressing the heart and fetal baby.You can lie properly.However, try to take the left side of the left side as much as possible, which is conducive to blood circulation, and it can also reduce the compression of the lower limb vein, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.

3. Circle Erlang’s legs

Many expectant mothers like to do this before pregnancy. After pregnancy, they still can’t change the habit of the legs.This action will not only be oppressed, but also affect the healthy development of the baby.It can also cause pelvic, lumbar and spine to move, causing low back pain during pregnancy, lower limb pain and lumbar disc herniation.Therefore, expectant mothers should pay special attention to don’t stir Erylang’s legs.

Okay, today I shared this.Dear mothers now know, the proper slow bending movement during pregnancy will not cause harm to the baby, but you should still pay attention to your actions.No matter what the expectant mother does, the movement must be slowly, don’t be anxious.Be sure to protect yourself and your baby in your belly!

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