Will infection with HPVs definitely get cervical cancer?Regarding the 4 misunderstandings of cervical cancer, women should be clear

Cervical cancer is the malignant tumor of the most common female reproductive system. Its incidence is the highest among all female reproductive system malignant tumors, and in recent years, it has also trended younger.Many women only know that there is the name of cervical cancer, but it is not particularly understood by it, which makes them easy to enter some misunderstandings. These misunderstandings will affect their own judgments and adversely affect their own health.

1. Only older women can cervical cancer

Many people think that cervical cancer can get in middle -aged and elderly women. Young women will not get cervical cancer, so there is no need to prevent it at all.Many people have this misunderstanding, and many people have tasted bitter fruit.A young age is not a "dead gold medal" for cervical cancer. Cervical cancer may be cervical cancer at any age group, but it is relatively high in middle -aged and elderly women.Therefore, women of any age should do a good job of preventing cervical cancer, and must not be relaxed at all.

2. Check that cervical cancer only depends on the B -ultrasound

Many women talk about gynecological examinations, and they are very resistant. They think that doing gynecological examinations is a very privacy.Among all gynecological examinations, they can only accept B -ultrasound, thinking that they want to check cervical cancer to do B -ultrasound.In fact, this is a misunderstanding. B -ultrasound is not conducive to screening cervical cancer.Cervical cancer is mainly for cytological examination, biopsy, and vagoscopic examination. You cannot do it because of exclusion. If you get cervical cancer and do not do cervical cancer screening, missed the best treatment time, resulting in serious treatment, which leads to serious treatment.The consequences are bad.

3. After infection with HPV, you will definitely get cervical cancer

HPV infection is the main cause of cervical cancer, but not all HPV infections will get cervical cancer.The HPV infection rate is relatively high, but about 90%of women will be removed through their own immune function after infection. Only 10%of women will have continuous infection, but even if there is continuous infection, it will not be infected.It may not be converted into cervical cancer, but also requires some comprehensive impacts of other factors.

4. After getting cervical cancer, you will lose your fertility

After getting cervical cancer, many people think that they will lose their fertility, and women cannot have children in the future. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding.Whether cervical cancer patients can have children, they also need to consider many other factors, such as the staging of cervical cancer, the treatment of cervical cancer, and whether there are other cases that cause infertility.Want to know if it affects your own fertility, or by the judgment of a doctor, after a strict assessment, the judgment is an operation to retain the fertility function or the surgical method of removing the uterus.

Cervical cancer is a high incidence of women. Women must understand the relevant content of cervical cancer. Do not go into some misunderstandings.Facing the disease of cancer, you should still believe in science. Don’t judge it yourself, and don’t listen to others’ rumors.

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