Will grievances during pregnancy be cured over time?

For the answer to this question, I don’t know what other sisters will answer.But my answer is clear, that is, it is never possible to be cured by time, because once some damage is caused, it is a scar of a lifetime.

Perhaps I don’t usually feel anything. It seems that I have forgotten it completely, and it has not had any impact on my life, but once it touches, the injury in my heart will be like the flood of the embankment, pouring down!Just like your collapse.

It turns out that the so -called injury that can be flattened by time is just a temporary hibernation in my heart. If you accidentally encounter things that make you feel excited, maybe your heart is high. After that, the monster in your heart will wake up in your heart, and the monster in your heart will wake up.Intersection

Just like me, Dabao has been in kindergarten, and Xiaobao is almost one year old. It has passed for so many years. I have always thought that I had forgotten that I had forgotten it, but I didn’t care, but the facts were really very good.Papa pain!The reason is just because I saw a spoke by others.

It turned out that "the language is the most powerful weapon" is really correct, and it is indeed very powerful. I feel it today.

I don’t know where to brush it to a netizen who said that he was lying on the bed every day after seven months of pregnancy. Except for playing with a mobile phone or playing a mobile phone, it was really difficult to say that the days were really difficult. I don’t know when it was a drop.Seeing this immediately changes, it was at that moment when I thought of my Hua Dabao, all the grievances and unwillingness came out!

I remember that after Huai Dabao got married at that time, because she did not go to work, her mother -in -law said that she was going to her hometown to plant some dishes. She also feeded chickens at home.I will go back too!The reason why she told me because she was in kindergarten who was taking the elder brother’s family at that time. If she went back, no one would pick up the child to school, so what I said to me is to let me pick it up. I don’t understand.Those who refuse, such people are really bad, because they are always used to grieving themselves to suppress themselves and then promise others’ requests!

The last result is that I agree, because I really do n’t know how to refuse. I ’m afraid that the relationship with my mother -in -law is not good after refusing to refuse.of!Because Dasao is at work, a nurse, the elder brother is also at work. Sometimes there is no time to pick up the child from school. In the morning, the children go out with them to send them to school!

After my mother -in -law returned to my hometown, I took over the housework at home, cooking, cleaning the mop, and sometimes going out of the park in the morning to walk, because they had to go home to cook, they sometimes come back to eat at noon at work, go out in the afternoon, go out in the afternoon, go out in the afternoonWhen you pick up the children, you are also holding a little, and go home to cook!

This day did not arrange for the doctor to be hospitalized because of the week of over -due to the end of the week. After finishing all the hospitalization procedures alone, because I was close to the hospital, I went home to sleep on the first day.If they are out of the hospital, if they are in trouble, they are irresponsible, and then I say you know!

When you are hospitalized, you need to sign a family member during the hospitalization. Then the nurse asked me if you were alone. Didn’t the family come?When I heard this, tears were full of eyes, but I endured not letting it out, because I didn’t want people to see my helpless side!

When my husband, there is basically nothing to do with him, because he goes to work every day, so I always go to the hospital for me. The hospitalization is also because I went to the delivery for inspection that day. The doctor said that there were few amniotic fluid and immediately hospitalized!The key is that I can’t help him, because I complained to him several times during pregnancy, saying that let my mother -in -law take her grandson himself, he was all his mother -in -law, and said what happened to the child?Slowly, I don’t expect anyone!

Because the doctor couldn’t leave the hospital in the three said, I went to the hospital obediently the next morning, because if I was hospitalized, I had to listen to the fetal heart in the morning.She hasn’t arrived yet!

Yes, I asked my husband to inform her that my parents’ words were notified by myself, because my mother had always called me during pregnancy, so she knew that my mother -in -law had no phone call during the whole pregnancy.About her grandson!So how much may have an opinion on her mother -in -law and choose to let her husband notify her!

My parents were the workers in the field. I said that the day they were hospitalized and they went to the house to rush home. The next day at noon, the mother -in -law would arrive at the back of my parents!After going to the hospital for a related examination the next morning, my parents called and said that they had arrived at home, so I went home again at noon. When I entered the door, I saw that my parents and mother -in -law were there.It ’s not good to say that I would cry as soon as I said that when I saw my mother, even if I did n’t want to make people see my fragility, I really could n’t help crying!When her mother -in -law saw a smile, she was a little embarrassed to be seen by others, because she was a stronger person, and did not want people to see such a fragile side!

Maybe the daughter is distressed, always only my parents!

In fact, things have passed for many years. Even I thought it had been put down and forgotten, but I did not expect that just because of other people’s words, those memories of the year, those things appeared again, maybe they should never really forget it.You thought you forgot, just because you chose to put it in your heart!Maybe that day you found the key that can open the door again, just like me!

But today I can’t forget the grievances I have had before, but I no longer blame others, and I will not be dissatisfied with anyone. In the face of the injuries and pains of others, I can choose forgiveness, but I will always do it.Can’t really forget!

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