Will fetal needles and fetal medicines affect the baby?Don’t spread the rumors anymore, it’s too ignorant

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Unexpected bleeding during pregnancy is not a good phenomenon,

This means that there may be problems with embryonic development,

Or the low progesterone in the body of the pregnant mother caused a threatened abortion,

In the face of this situation, it is natural or strive to protect the fetus, which has become a controversial thing.

Why is there any dispute?The reason is simple: it violates the law of the survival of nature to force the fetus, so if you accidentally give birth to an unhealthy baby, wouldn’t it have to regret his life.

However, some people have had difficulties in pregnancy, and they finally conceive their babies. Even if there is a problem, they will try their best to protect him. The fetal needles will become the only support.

When the neighbor Fang Fang was 6 months pregnant, he accidentally fell downstairs and caused bleeding, because his health was not good in the early years.I have been looking forward to it for many years.

Therefore, at the doctor’s suggestion, I started taking fetal protection medicine. I drank Chinese medicine for two and a half months in bed for two and a half months, and took more than a hundred stitches to keep fetal needles.

Fangfang drinking the fetal medicine, not a little bit of gossip of the left neighbor and right house, saying that she would be a "fool" even if the child was born in peace.It will be strange to be affected. Even if you move out of the old things, who has a daughter -in -law who cares for medicine and takes medicine.

At first, Fangfang asked the doctor when he was protecting the fetus, saying that the medicines used were very safe and would not have an impact on the development of the child. It was sufficient to be checked on time during the fetal protection.Child.

Fortunately, the child is born in full moon. Now the age of three is as smart as other children of the same age. The only difference is that the resistance is a little worse, and there is no developmental deformed phenomenon.

▶ Preservation needle and fetal medicine will not directly affect the fetus, pregnant mothers, please rest assured

In fact, accidents are common during pregnancy. When pregnant mothers have aura abortion or aura premature premature birth, the intrauterine pregnancy is clearly defined through ultrasonic examination, and the fetus also has fetal heart beat. In most cases, doctors are recommended for pregnant women to take insurance.The fetal medicine is used to prevent contractions and allow the fetus to continue to develop steadily.

Generally speaking, if a small amount of bleeding, lower abdomen pain and other discomfort during pregnancy, or lower progesterone value, and habitual abortion, these can give estrogen Chinese medicine preparations to carry out fetal treatment. Such drugs are usually safe, no, no, noIt will have an impact on the fetus, and pregnant mothers should not have too much concern.

Secondly, you can also use western medicine and drugs to improve the physical function of pregnant women to ensure that the fetus can naturally get nourishment.

▶ Why do some pregnant mothers give birth to abnormal babies with tire protection?

Since the fetal needle or fetal medicine does not affect the fetus, why do some pregnant mothers give birth to a malformed baby after the fetus protects the fetus?In fact, there are many factors that have malformed babies, such as chromosomal abnormalities or genetic mutations, or pregnant women in a bad environment, or the mother’s infection with small molecular viruses and parasites, which may cause fetal abnormalities.

Therefore, when there are abnormal behaviors in the treatment of pregnant tire protection, we should not blame the problem on the fetal medicine. After all, this small probability thing is closely related to the quality of the embryo.To explore, not spreading rumors to give people a burden on psychology. After all, it is not easy for some pregnant mothers to be pregnant.

Stay more in bed to reduce activities

After discovering the symptoms of threatened abortion, the pregnant mother should pay more attention to her physical condition. I have to rest in bed in daily life.Essence

Destructive life, reduce contraction stimuli

Even if there are no accidents, it is not recommended that the husband and wife have intimate behaviors in the early and late stages of fetal development.No one can guarantee that the fetus can stay in the stomach.

Pay attention to personal hygiene and reduce the risk of germs infection

When the fetus is protected, the pregnant mother should take a bath and change more clothes, maintain more personal hygiene, and pay more attention to the cleaning of YB. Do not take a bath or participate in swimming projects to prevent the bacteria from infection to the body unnecessary.

Observe the drain during the tire, and seek medical treatment in time in time

If the situation is not optimistic or even worse during the fetal protection period, the pregnant mother should be vigilant and observe whether there are tissue discharge in the drainage at any time, and go to the hospital for better treatment in time to get better treatment.

Some pregnant mothers have a threatened abortion. They use various methods of fetal preservation and take various fetal medicines. They have suffered a lot of sins and failed to keep their children in the end.

In the case of this situation, do not blame the pregnant mother. Sometimes the embryo quality is poor and forced to protect the fetus. It is better to condition the body and wait for the next baby to come.

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