Will eating too much noodles cause cancer?An article takes you to understand instant noodles!

1. The origin of instant noodles:

The first instant noodle in the world was Ando Baifu, the founder of Riqing Food.In 1958, Ando Baifu sold the first bag of instant noodles in the world -the "chicken soup ramen" in the bag.Since then, instant noodles were born.After some improvements, Later, Japan Qing Company gradually launched the instant noodles packaged separately, and added cup instant noodles in 1971.

2. Introduction to instant noodles

Instant noodles, also known as fast food noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles, fast noodles, fast food noodles, and instant noodles. The south is generally called bowl noodles, and Hong Kong is called doll noodles.It is a kind of noodles that can be used in hot water in a short time.In recent years, Master Kang, Uniform, Jinmai Lang, Bai Xiang, Riqing and other companies have launched multi -price belt, multi -flavored, multi -specification instant noodle products, and issued in many aspects such as consumer scenarios, noodles nutrition attributes, non -fried items, etc.For push, the overall scale of China’s instant noodle industry has continued to expand.

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3. The spread of instant noodles

Speaking of instant noodles, the harm is too much.I believe everyone will hear this: instant noodles nutrient uneven, non -hygiene of oil use, more preservatives, more additives, eat more unhealthy, waxing inner walls of barrels, can cause cancer if you eat too much; in a word: instant noodles are noodles.Trash foods, not to eat.There is also a word that everyone should hear: At least 28 days of a bowl of instant noodles can be digested … Actually, these are everyone’s misunderstanding of instant noodles.

4. Listen to expert analysis

According to Professor Hu Xiaosong, a doctoral tutor of the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University, instant noodles are often criticized by people.

(1) Unhealthy oil use: Because most instant noodles use fried methods to dry planes.But Professor Hu pointed out that most of the instant noodles use refined palm oil.This kind of oily saturation is high, good thermal stability, the oil fume and carcinogenic substances produced during fried are relatively small, and repeated frying is not easy to blacken.So it is more suitable for fried oil than ordinary cooking.

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(2) Proclase/additive: Professor Hu said that when it comes to additives, everyone talks about the change of tiger color. It feels that it is not good for health. This is a misunderstanding in concept.The food industry is inseparable from additives such as thickening agents and stabilizers. The state allows them to be used strictly and proves that it is harmless to the human body. You can rest assured that you can eat it.

The source comes in Baidu Post Bar

(3) Waxing of the inner wall of the barrel foaming noodles: The material of the inner wall of the barrel is basically polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP); the material on the inner side of the lid is polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or isEthylene-ethyl acetate cluster (EVA).These detected materials sound strange, but they are everywhere in life.Such as plastic wrap, fresh -keeping box, and cup.They are all materials that can be in contact with food, everyone can rest assured

The instant noodles are indeed not any healthy food, but the preservatives and antioxidants in the instant noodles are also conventional food additives. Safety is scientifically evaluated. As long as it is used legally, it will not affect human health.So don’t feel how terrible the instant noodles are.In fact, if you think about it, you will know that if the instant noodles are really harmful, it will not be small on the market on the market, and it can be seen everywhere in large supermarkets.

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