Why should I get pregnant?These 4 contraceptive misunderstandings are too funny

Unexpected pregnancy will bring a lot of difficulties in our family, body and mind, so many people do not know that they have obviously taken protection measures. Why is there any symptoms of pregnancy?How should we solve the phenomenon of pregnancy correctly and protect our body more healthy. There are many misunderstandings of these four kinds of contraception. So which 4 types are it?

Using contraceptives to contraception, why would you still "go to fire"?

In fact, the efficiency of emergency contraceptives is only 80%, which means that about 20%of women will fail to take emergency contraceptives.

In fact, some women have many non -protective sexual life before taking contraceptives, and the fertilized eggs have been successfully "logged in" after the preliminary life. Naturally, the contraceptive pills cannot play a role in interrupting pregnancy.

There are also some women’s medication errors, such as multiple medicines in the near future a month, or the medication time of more than 72 hours, or taking other drugs while taking the medicine, causing contraceptive failure.

Of course, some women are not wrong in taking methods, but due to individual differences, the absorption and utilization of drugs are not enough, resulting in contraceptive failure.For this reason, we can simply understand —– luck is a bit back …

Of course, these 4 contraceptive methods are not reliable at all!

First, safety period? Don’t forget it!

Physiological point of view, according to women’s physiological cycle, it can be divided into four periods: menstrual period, follicle period, ovulation period, and luteal stage.The so -called safe period is the non -ovulation period. Some people think that if the ovulation period is in the same room, it seems that they will not be pregnant.

You think too naive. The regulation of the ovary is not a launch of a rocket, but not so accurate numbers are controlled.In case the woman’s hypothalamus and pituitary are excited, they will give an ovarian ovulation or postpone ovulation in advance.

In addition, it will not be absorbed immediately after the eggs are discharged, and the sperm will not be lit immediately. In this way, the three -class two -class, maybe the two sides really have to wait!

This is a pit mother!

Second, one -time life? It’s naive!

Many people choose not to wear a sleeve for a moment when sexual life, and there will be a chance of fluke. I feel that occasionally without wearing a set of life and not getting pregnant.

Although pregnancy is a chance, pregnancy is not as difficult as we imagine, and every sexual life is risky.

Third, wear two condoms? It is counterproductive

As a very high safety factor, it is very high -quality, with small side effects and convenient use. Naturally, the condom is loved by the majority of young men and women.

However, some people also have misunderstandings about condom contraceptives. They feel that wearing one more condom can be protected by one more layer, and two condoms are safer to wear two condoms.

In fact, this approach not only affects the quality of sexual life, but also the friction between the two layers will also cause rupture, and be careful to throw watermelon to pick up sesame seeds.

Fourth, in vitro ejaculation? Can you see sperm?

This idea is really interesting, but the sperm is not a tadpole. You just don’t see the sperm in, but don’t underestimate the sperm swimming ability.

In vitro ejaculation is not equal to contraception. Before ejaculation, the liquid secreted by men contain sperm, and sperm may slip into the vagina at any time.

Besides, a person itself is difficult to accurately ejaculate time. It is forcibly interrupted when it is close to the climax, which is likely to cause the central nervous and lumbosacral ejaculation center function to cause dysfunction and cause functional non -ejaculation.

Moreover, if the man insists on this way to achieve contraception, I think he may not understand what is called respect.

Solve the symptoms of these 4 diseases in accordance with the correct way, and protect our body the best, because only this can easily solve the disease in our body, which brings very good results to the outside body.Protecting our bodies is more health and longevity is the best way.

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