Why is there a small belly without fat?Beware of these two gynecological diseases

The gynecological team of Changsha Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital is performing uterine fibroids for patients.

Many women feel strange, obviously weighing in the normal range, but it is a little small belly!Even a bit hard, bulging, even if you lose weight, "Little Lifeline" will not give up.what is this?In fact, abdominal fat may be caused by many reasons, but if the stomach is always hard and round, beware of the two gynecological diseases of uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.

1. What is uterine fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are null tumors in pelvic cavity in women.Among women in childbearing age, the incidence can reach 25%, while the incidence of 70%among women in the early stages of menopathic.Patients often show that there are more menstruation and pain in the pelvic cavity. Women in childbearing age are mostly accompanied by pelvic compression, frequent urination, constipation, abdominal distension, sexual intercourse pain, and abdominal blocks.

What are the symptoms of uterine fibroids?

1. Extension of menstrual or menstrual cycles, 10%of patients will have bleeding during menstruation.This is because fibroids may lead to increased uterine cavity, increased endometrial area and affecting uterine contraction. If fibroids compress venous blood vessels, the menstrual volume can be increased and the menstrual period will be prolonged.Long -term increase may also cause secondary anemia.

2. Severe dysmenorrhea.About 60%of patients with uterine fibroids have symptoms of dysmenorrhea.Patients with severe and severe dysmenorrhea in the uterine mucosal fibroids are 3 times that of patients with uterine fibroids.Some research data show that among those patients who have passed or have abdominal pain and other symptoms, the prevalence of female uterine fibroids over 40 years old is as high as 40%.

3. Little abdomen swelling.As the uterine fibroids gradually increase, patients will feel that the lower abdomen is swollen or has a swelling.If the uterine fibroids continue to become larger and compress to other organs and tissues, they will also bring more discomfort symptoms. For example, uterine fibroids are located at the bottom of the uterus that can cause sexual discomfort and irregular pain.Even the ureter is completely obstructed, and the posterior wall fibroids can cause rectal compression symptoms and even cause large intestine obstruction.

What is ovarian cyst?

Ovarian cysts are a common disease that is common among women of childbearing age. It is divided into two types: one is physiological and has something to do with the menstrual cycle.Just watching like a cyst in the ultrasonic examination, it will disappear by itself within a few cycles.The other is pathological, and most of them are benign tumors.Only a small part of ovarian cysts are malignant tumors, which are more common in new ovarian cysts after menopause.

What are the symptoms of ovarian cysts?

1. The waist is thicker and the abdomen is campaign.Many patients with ovarian cysts will feel that their waist circumference will become thicker, and there will be obvious feelings during daily dressing, such as clothing or belt becomes smaller and tight.Patients will feel the existence of mass, such as abdominal distension during the morning when they start in the morning, are accompanied by bloating discomfort.

2. Symptoms of abdominal pain.Abdominal pain is also a common symptom of patients with ovarian tumors.The main cause of this symptom is that the tumor ethics is twisted, or the cysts are ruptured, bleeding, and infection, which causes the patient to be unbearable.In addition, malignant cysts can cause leg pain and abdominal pain symptoms in a high probability.

3. Irregular menstruation.If the patient has symptoms of unilateral and bilateral ovarian cysts, it will generally not affect the normal ovarian tissue, but it will cause patients to have menstrual disorders.Most of the patients with menstrual disorders are accompanied by follicular cysts and other diseases.

4. Dysmenorrhea.Because ovarian cysts can easily cause damage to normal ovarian cells, dysmenorrhea may occur during menstruation. If patients who have been diagnosed have continuous dysmenorrhea, it is necessary to consider whether the symptoms of ovarian cysts have increased.

5. Infertility symptoms.Many patients did not know that they had ovarian cysts at first, but they could not get pregnant normally. During the infertility examination, they found that there was a cyst tissue of the ovaries, which then affected the normal ovulation of the body and directly affecting women’s fertility.

5. Which of these two gynecological diseases are easy to "stare"?

If female friends have not increased the amount of rice, the amount of exercise has not changed, and the pregnancy is eliminated, the other part of the body has not changed the fat, but the small belly is drumming out. It feels slightly harder than the meat. Be careful of uterine fibroids or ovarian tumors.In particular, menstruation changes, the menstrual flow increases, the menstrual period is extended, the menstrual period is irregular, and frequent female friends must be careful.In addition, the small belly after menopause is significantly bigger and cannot be careless.

6. How to prevent these two gynecological diseases?

1. Good living habits: Pay attention to diet balance, eat more high -protein and light food, eat less salty spicy food, and quit smoking and drinking.

2. Pay attention to psychological regulation: Maintain good emotions, appropriately relieve stress, work with life and rest in life to avoid tiredness.

3. Strengthen physical exercise: more outdoor sports, such as running, yoga, skipping rope, etc., drink plenty of water, sweat more, and enhance your physique.

4. Adhere to regular inspections: The purpose of regular inspection is to achieve early, early diagnosis, and early treatment.Once you find that you have symptoms in this area, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to prevent the disease from deteriorating, delay the best treatment time, and cause irreplaceable harm.(Correspondent Huang Ying)

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