Why is there "Baby Tang"?Most of the causes come from parents, these 3 types of pregnant mothers should pay attention to

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Having a healthy baby is the wish of parents, but the whole pregnancy and production process is not easy. Some diseases are hidden deeply, and it is difficult to find out if it is not thoroughly checked.

In recent years, the number of "Donal Baby" has increased. Unfortunately, the children of the Li family are a Tang family.What makes the family very puzzled is: Why do the baby’s inspection on time, there is still a problem after the baby is born?

There are many ways to check Tang’s, but the most common is blood testing and amniotic fluid puncture.And there are two options for inspection time, one is early pregnancy, that is, the screening of 7 to 13 weeks of pregnancy, and the other is the second trimester of pregnancy in 14 to 20 weeks. The results of two periods of comprehensive examination are more accurate.

However, even if both periods participated in the inspection, the accuracy of blood testing was only 60%, which means that the detection will not detect Tang’s 100%.The Xiao Li family did not have a history of Tang’s child, so he only used blood testing in the early pregnancy, which caused the children in the later period to have a Tang syndrome but did not find it.

And in the results of Tang’s screening, most of them only tell the probability of maternal suffering from Tang’s syndrome, and generally expressed high risk or low risk.If it is a low risk, you can rest assured, but if it is a high risk, you need to check further.The accuracy of amniotic fluid puncture is high, which is a trustworthy screening method, but pregnant mothers will be more guilty.

Pregnant mothers contaminated by the living environment

Many people will decorate the house at home when they get married, and most families want their babies to not be in a long time after marriage. At this time, the chemical pathogenic elements of new house decoration have not completely disappeared.It is irresponsible to the body of the pregnant mother, and it is also likely that the baby will suffer from Tang’s syndrome.

The newly renovated house is best to put on it for half a year before living in, even if you live in, you need to open more windows to ventilate.Pregnant women’s rooms are as spacious as possible to illuminate the sun.In order to avoid conflicts with the decoration of the house during pregnancy, arrange the arrangements in advance and staggered the time of two things.

Pregnant mothers who take medicine during pregnancy

Nowadays, people’s health consciousness is relatively strong. I often have some medicines at home. If you are uncomfortable, you can deal with it in time.However, for pregnant mothers, taking medicine must follow the doctor’s advice, because eating medicine during pregnancy is likely to cause a virus infection, which is a great harm to the child.

Once the body is uncomfortable during pregnancy, you must go to the hospital. If you are really sick, the doctor will have corresponding solutions. Do not boring at home.

There is a "Tang family" pregnant mother in the family

Donald syndrome is hereditary, so parents who have appeared in the family must have done a more thorough screening of Tang’s screening. If you have any problems, you can also screen it in advance to avoid tragedy.

Most of Bao Ma who pregnancy in normal age will increase the probability of the baby’s Chin family syndrome due to these three situations.However, if it is an elderly mother, the risk of fetal disease will increase accordingly, so pay more attention to this.In order to babes and their own health, couples are best to have babies at the best age of childbirth. After pregnancy, they must ensure that the living environment is clean and fresh, regular birth checks, and everything is mainly fetal safety and health.

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