Why is the blood pressure normally before pregnancy? Why is hypertension after pregnancy?

In recent years, there have been more and more people in pregnancy. According to data, about one of the 10 pregnant women in my country may suffer from pregnancy.The characteristics of stood hypertrophy are the symptoms of hypertension and proteinuria after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Many mothers do not have hypertension before pregnancy, and many times they will drop the blood pressure value in 12 weeks after giving birth.However, the combined hypertension during pregnancy is a dangerous situation for maternal and infants. It may cause eclampsia and threaten maternal and child life.Therefore, any woman must be alert to changes in blood pressure values before pregnancy.

What impact will pregnancy hypertrophy have on maternal and infants?

1. For mother: First of all, if pregnant women have high blood pressure, it may always be accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms for her entire pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, abdominal pain, severe edema, etc. The most serious one is the most serious.There will be convulsions and coma at any time, and once the attack may be a fierce life.In addition, for pregnant women with pregnancy hypertrophy, cesarean section is generally recommended, because the probability of cerebral hemorrhage occurs when the birth is increased.

2. For the fetus: the increase of the blood pressure value of the mother’s body’s blood pressure on the pregnancy of pregnant women will cause the fetus to bechemia and hypoxia, leading to abnormal fetal heart, fetal movement, and limited development.Cerebral palsy and other conditions.If the incidence of pregnancy hypertrophy has threatened her mother’s life, she will choose to terminate pregnancy.

Which pregnant women are more likely to get stretch hypertension?

At present, the causes of pregnancy hypertrophy are not clear, but according to clinical case summary, the probability of the incidence of stood hypertrophy after pregnancy after pregnancy is higher than that of other women. The specific summary is the following categories:

1. Obesity women, the BMI index is greater than 24, and the BMI index is equal to weight (KG) divide by height (m).

2. Older women, that is, a mother older than 35 years old; in addition, women who are pregnant before 20 years old are more likely to get pregnant hypertension.

3. There is a family history of hypertension family. Hypertension has a certain family aggregation, so if there is high blood pressure among direct relatives, then the probability of this woman’s pregnancy hypertrophic is also increased.

4. The history of stood hypertrophy, this is better to understand, that is, she had giving birth hypertrophy in the past; then the probability of gestal hypertrophy when she gave birth to a second child would be higher than that of other people.

In addition, high -risk pregnancy, such as multi -fetal pregnancy, or more amniotic fluid, as well as merging other chronic diseases, such as chronic nephritis and diabetes, the probability of gestal hypertension will also increase.

How to prevent pregnancy hypertrophy?

The onset of pregnancy hypertrophy is dangerous and the incidence is not low. Of course, for many women who are preparing to get pregnant, of course, we must find a way to take preventive measures and give birth to the child peacefully.At present, the main measure of preventing stretch hypertrophic is to eliminate pregnancy with high -risk factors, such as giving birth at an age, and do not give birth too early and late; actively treat and control chronic diseases before pregnancy; at the same time, control weight and stabilize the BMI index;Pay attention to the supplement of calcium and a low -sugar and low -fat diet.In addition, after pregnancy, pay attention to regulating blood pressure on a regular basis, and find that abnormalities must explain the situation to the doctor.

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