Why is one year after childbirth is the hardest year in marriage

Let me take me first, 6 months after giving birth, divorce.The direct reason for divorce this time is because of the epidemic.I work in the hospital, so he picks me up every day.A few days ago, I went out in the morning, and the security of the community checked the documents. He was troublesome and the security guard was going to see it. He was angry.I quarreled with the security guard, and I urged him to leave.On the road, he kept pursuing, scolded, and at the beginning, he had a few words with him.He felt that the security guard touched his documents with his gloves, and signed with the certificate for the obtained.When I said, if it wasn’t for me, he would not face these here, so he returned to his hometown with Xiaobao (the child and his mother returned to his hometown after the year).Maybe he just complained and complained.But the scolding all the way and this kind of anger came up when I heard my ears, but I still told him calmly, you can go back to your hometown.Later, he was still talking about his security and certificate. He talked about him a few words, and his tone was not very good.He said angrily, saying that everything was raised with him, and what his wife was doing.Back to him, you can’t correct your ideas, what do you marry you?He paused and said, we are not suitable, we can’t live, divorce.I said yes, I have discussed it before.(The house loan is also cleared to the family name, and the child gave him) He said, don’t think about the house of the house.The court will judge.I said don’t divorce.He said that for 3 years, the court automatically divorced.Do you think why I went out to play together a few days ago after the epidemic, I disagreed because I divorced you after preparing the epidemic.I burst, saying that divorce is divorced.I don’t care about the house.Give me the car.He said, you wrote it on WeChat and sent it to me.Then got out of the car and went to work.After he arrived home, he sent me a message saying that I would pick you up from get off work.Then ask me to go home.some type of.Maybe for him, saying this is just looking down, and I should go back.EssenceEssenceIn the end, I didn’t go back, because my mouth was hard, I really wanted to divorce.Every time I think of the past, there is an urge to go crazy.Then the thoughts were as silent as dead water.

Background, blind dates know him at that time.Engage.His desire to control is very strong and highly demanding.And I am more lazy, unwilling to be restrained or unwilling to change.The contradiction is getting deeper and deeper.I was pregnant 2 months after my marriage. At that time, I was still very excited. I showed him the test paper and asked me what I was. I said you want to be a father. He said that I couldn’t understand it.I said you go to Baidu.He said you can’t tell me.I didn’t see joy and didn’t see excitement.It felt like he was disappointed, and he went to bed when he ignored him.In fact, I don’t want this child very much. Say, he said why you are so casual and so cruel. If you are pregnant, you can say that you do n’t want this.I feel uncomfortable in my heart, but I just got married and bought a car, and I had to pay back the car loan. I did n’t have a dime.He usually goes home once every three or two days at the construction site.Every time he goes home, he is basically playing games except eating together. He let him go out and walk together and not want to accompany me. Even when I go to the study room, I will go to the door to watch the game.There are all kinds of things behind, and I did not feel a little care throughout pregnancy.Every day, the walking corpse is as muddy, the memory is seriously reduced, and I do n’t want to say it. I ca n’t say that I ’m crying.This is probably depressed.As he said, you are getting pregnant now, and I let you be used to you who are accustomed to you.After birth, he quarreled with his mother at home, quarreled with me from time to time, and then breast milk was particularly small.The confinement was cried.The quarrel in the back is a bit better.But the whole person has collapsed.From time to time, they still quarrel, and the relationship with his mother is gradually increasing.There are more and more quarrels.I couldn’t help it, so I started to make trouble.EssenceI will divorce me.EssenceThen it was reconciled and noisy and noisy.EssenceUntil now, there is no feelings.EssenceBut others said that I still have expectations for him.If you do n’t leave, you still feel that you ca n’t let these things.Children are not around, and they don’t know what they mean.

Children don’t know what to do.But I don’t want the children to give them.It may really be divorced.

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