Why is a man easily derailed when his wife is pregnant?

Her husband was bathing in the bedroom, and his phone was rang, showing the word "mother". When I saw it, I didn’t answer it.After her husband came out, the number of this "mother" hit again.I said, "Recently, your mother has called a little bit. Is something wrong at home?" Her husband said, "Maybe the old man miss us, and go back to his hometown on the weekend." After that, he went out to answer the phone.After two minutes, my mother -in -law called me and said that it was my husband’s call to occupy the line. I burst into tears and proposed a divorce with him.

Recently, my husband’s phone call is frequent, and he always takes me to answer the phone. It is half an hour after receiving it. Every time I ask him who calls him, he will give me a call record, which shows the number of "Mom".I trusted my husband very much. I never thought that one day he would lie to me and betrayed me.

Until this day, her husband just returned from get off work, and rushed to the bathroom to take a bath. The call of "mother" had been rang, and her mother -in -law called on my phone again.I found out that the number of this "mother" was not a mother -in -law, but a phone call for her husband’s lover.I was a person who couldn’t hold the sand in my eyes. I proposed a divorce with him on the spot, but what should I do if the child in my stomach should?

Tutor comment:

The husband and wife lived together for a long time, the passion retreated, the freshness was gone, and life was plain.The shortcomings of the two sides are exposed, and the appreciation of each other is reduced.At this time, if you do n’t have the temptation of the external exterior, it is easy to betray the family, especially the itch for seven years, and the wife is in pregnancy, and men are more likely to derail.

This is the man in the text. When his wife was pregnant, he betrayed his family.Despite this emotional immoral, women themselves have a reason.

Why is a man easily derailed when his wife is pregnant?

First of all, the life of the husband and wife cannot be satisfied.

After pregnancy, many women consider the safety of the baby, which will reduce or even lack the life of husband and wife.If men’s physiological requirements are always unsatisfactory, their hearts will be very depressed.If at this time, someone happened to enter, the desire of a man is easy to overcome rationality, and it is likely to betray his wife.

Secondly, the arrival of children makes men unable to accept this change for a while.

In the past, the two -person world of couples. Now, when the baby comes, the emotions of the wife will be affected. Many times, they cannot take care of the men’s feelings.Men could not accept this change for a while. If you do n’t have the opportunity to enter, it is difficult for men to control themselves.

When a man betrayed his family when a woman was pregnant, a smart woman would do this:

First, calm down

Regardless of which woman, when a man betrayed himself, he showed anger and sadness as soon as possible.Even so, women should try to control their emotions as much as possible. Big noisy is not good for themselves and children. They will only push men out and make other women succeed.Women should try to keep calm.

Second, reflect on yourself

Marriage is a matter of two people. Her husband betrayed herself, and a woman has some reasons.Women should reflect on their past, whether her husband has been left out of pregnancy or did something that disgusted men.

Third, the opportunity to correct her husband

If a man only betrayed himself impulse, then in the child’s portion, the woman gives the man a chance to correct it, at least wait for the baby to give birth to a long time.Divorce at this time is not conducive to children’s growth.

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