Why feel breast pain?What should I do if breast pain

Each woman will experience some symptoms of breast pain at a certain stage of life. Although this symptom is generally not much harmful, and most of them are physiological, people’s fear of breast pain isFrequent people are irritable, which affects people’s normal life and work.

For the symptoms of female breast pain, we must first reducing unnecessary panic.

Girls will have the earliest breast pain during their adolescence. They are usually nine to thirteen. At this time, female breasts begin to develop. At the beginning, nipples are bulging.The slight swelling and pain feels that after the first tide, the breasts begin to mature, and the hard block will disappear.

Women will have breast tenderness in the early stage of menstrual period. More than half of women will have breast tenderness and harder symptoms in the early stage of menstruation. Severe breasts will be unbearable with a little bit of vibration or collision.The estrogen hormones in the early menstrual period, edema and hyperplasia of the breast tissue, the decrease in estrogen after menstruation, and the adverse reactions have disappeared.

There will be symptoms of breast pain after disagreement of sexual life. This is because female sexual desires are cold or sexual life is not satisfied, breast physiology changes, breast congestion and swelling are not easy to dispel or incomplete, and continuous breastsBleeding can cause breast pain.Breasts can also be painful during pregnancy. Some women are about forty days after pregnancy, because the choric membrane and placenta secrete excessive estrogen and progesterone, which causes breast swelling and breast hyperplasia, causing breast pain and other discomfortSome of the serious ones will continue the entire pregnancy.

Postpartum symptoms can also be breast tenderness, and double breast pain, hard constraints, fullness, etc. often occur three to seven days after feminine.The pain will fade back after women’s normal breastfeeding.

After finishing the abortion surgery, some women will have breast tenderness and lumps. This is caused by sudden interruption of pregnancy and the sudden decline in estrogen.EssenceIn addition, some diseases can also cause breast pain, such as acute mastitis, chronic mastitis, breast hyperplasia, and breast fibroma.

Breast swelling does not need to panic, it is generally physiological, it will not cause harm to the body, learn more about learning some knowledge about the care of breasts, usually pay attention to maintaining the body, do not overwork and maintain good work.Essence

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