Why don’t Chinese medicine do not let you drink milk?Can you drink it?Don’t follow the trend of these three types of people

"I don’t know why, every time I drink milk, I will diarrhea. It is really the same as drinking laxatives. Sometimes I don’t want to drink. My mother still has to force me to drink and say that milk is rich in nutrition …"

"You drink milk will diarrhea. I just saw an article a few days ago, saying that people with yang deficiency can easily diarrhea if you drink milk, because the milk itself is cold."

"No, how can you listen to you as scary, what kind of yang deficiency and cold, I don’t know much about Chinese medicine, but every time I diarrhea is really uncomfortable, is anyone here to save me …"

I don’t know if you have heard of similar sayings, saying that milk is cold in nature, and it is easy to make trouble.Is this true or false?

This says on the Internet: The "Yellow Emperor’s internal Scripture Instructions" mentioned that milk is cold and cold, which is only suitable for children to drink. Adults, especially the elderly, do not need to drink milk.Because children are pure yang, they can "turn" to open, and adults, especially the elderly, are weak, and they can "turn" to drink milk …

In fact, the records of milk in the past generations are not uniform, and there are various claims for flat, slightly cold, and slightly warm.

However, in the "New Materia Medica" (the first official traditional Chinese medicine book) and "The Book of Pension" (the first old medical monograph), the milk is considered to be flat, and it is especially suitable for the daily consumption of the elderly.The ancients also believed that milk nutrition is comparable to beef, which shows its replenishment.

As for the children’s "Chunyang", it originated from the opening of "Cranishaya · Pulse Method": "Every child is under three years old, and it is pure Yang …", but Chunyang here is not "Yang Sheng", but refers to Chizi ChiziPure, pure and harmonious.

Therefore, the statement of the Internet is actually not accurate, and in modern medicine, diarrhea after drinking milk is actually a manifestation of lactose intolerance.

According to relevant data, my country’s lactose intolerance and lactase deficiency are mainly adults. The incidence of adults reaches 80%-100%, and the incidence of school -age children is also higher, exceeding 80%.

Lactose is not resistant, which refers to the lactase in the body without sufficient lactase to completely digest the lactose in milk. Lact sugar cannot be decomposed. It accumulates in the intestine and is used by bacteria.Condition.

How to judge whether you have lactose intolerance?

Generally, within 30 minutes to 2 hours after drinking dairy products, the stomach will coo and feel that abdominal pain, flatulence, fart and other discomfort can be considered to be incomplete.

According to the recommendation of the dietary guide, the Chinese should consume 300-500 grams of milk and dairy product daily.

According to the data in the "Report on the Scientific Research Report of Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines 2021", in 2015, the per capita milk intake of cities in my country only reached 42%of the recommended amount, and rural people were lower.

Why do you advocate that you consume milk products?

Because the nutritional value of milk is very rich, drinking according to the recommended amount every day can meet the calcium demand of 40%-60%of the average person.In addition to calcium, the protein and vitamin B2 and amino acids in milk are very rich, very in line with human body needs, and the absorption rate is high.

What can people who often drink milk?

1. Reduce the risk of death

A study of "Liu Ye Dao" found that dairy intake and risk of death are related.This study involves 21 countries, including my country, covering 130,000 people, and data tracking for 9.4 years.

It was found that compared with people who do not consume dairy products, 2 dairy products (about 244 grams of milk) per day will decrease by 17%due to the mortality rate, cardiovascular death risk will decrease by 23%.It will drop 33%.

2. Supplement calcium and prevent osteoporosis

Each 100 grams of pure milk contains about 120 mg of calcium, which can meet the general population’s needs for calcium.Studies have found that the milky protein activity in milk has a substance such as alkaline and other electrical points. It has a strong stimulating bone formation and inhibiting bone absorption.

3. Improve sleep quality

Milk contains two types of hypnotic substances, one is the color picotine, which can promote the nervous admission of the brain’s nerve secretion; the other is the peptide that regulates physiological functions.Relieve fatigue and fall asleep quickly.

Although the milk is good, the following people do not recommend drinking:

Moderate or severe acne people: Milk contains a certain specific ingredient, which is related to the formation of acne in the human body. For people who are more serious in acne, they are likely to stimulate the occurrence of acne.

Patients with abdominal surgery: The recovery of gastrointestinal function after abdominal surgery takes a while, and milk protein is a macromolecin. The digestive process is prone to gas, which is not conducive to gastrointestinal recovery.

Milk protein allergies: After drinking milk such people, symptoms and other symptoms of rash, pimples will occur, which is not suitable for re -intake of milk.

For lactose intolerance, it is still recommended to consume dairy products.

First, milk nutrition is high. Compared with other ingredients, its nutritional advantages such as calcium and protein are obvious, and lactose can also help the absorption of trace elements such as iron and zinc;

The second is that even if there is lactose intolerance, it does not affect the body’s absorption of calcium. For people with calcium deficiency, it is recommended to consume calcium supplementation of dairy products.

How should I drink milk for people with lactose intolerance?Nutrition

Try not to drink on an empty stomach, which will aggravate the lactose intolerance.When drinking milk, you can match the staple foods such as bread and steamed buns, so that the milk can achieve a certain dilution effect.

A small amount

Ectophasts can not decompose too much lactose at one time. Drinking milk will take a small amount at all times, that is, drink about 50 ml each time, so that the gastrointestinal and intestines are used to get used to it, so as to gradually increase the lactic enzyme content.Put milk in the food

Various foods, such as milk porridge, milk soup, double -skinned milk, milk fragrant cake, etc., can alleviate lactose intolerance, but also meet the taste needs.

In short, lactose intolerance is not equal to quit milk, but if you drink severe allergic reactions after drinking milk, it is recommended to see a doctor in time and find other alternative to replace milk.

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