Why does the skin become itchy after pregnancy?How to solve the skin of pregnant mothers?

Recently, a friend who raised her fetus Xiaoqing chatted with the editor, saying that watching her belly getting up day long, I really look forward to meeting my baby, but I always encounter a lot of trouble during pregnancy. Take recently.The skin on the body is always itchy, and it is always itchy for no reason. It is more uncomfortable to use it to tickle even more, and sometimes the skin becomes a bit oily. Is this allergic?I was not an allergic skin before pregnancy. I did not expect that it would be so uncomfortable when I was pregnant.

In fact, as Xiao Qing said, similar allergies during pregnancy are normal phenomena, and it is not only Xiaoqing will appear alone. In fact, it is very harsh.In fact, the main reason for this situation is because with the increase of pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant mother will become larger every day. At this time, the stretch marks will begin to grow on the stomach of the pregnant mother. The surroundings of stretch marks are due to stretch marks.The fiber break in the process of growth can cause itching of the surrounding skin.However, in addition to this external factors, there are also internal factors of pregnant mothers, such as progesterone in the pregnant mother’s body, which will change at this time. In addition, the pregnant mother’s own immune changes will beIt will also change, such as small red bumps, and the skin of pregnant mothers will also have itching symptoms.

During this period of time, the pregnant mother can make simple care for itching and itching, and it can also relieve the itching of the skin.However, in this process, the pregnant mother must avoid cleaning the skin too frequently. The skin in itching places is relatively weak. It is too frequent to clean, but it will be counterproductive.In this case, what the skin needs most is that in a slightly sour environment, try to try to clean it during the process of cleaning. Do not clean it at high temperature water. The symptoms of the skin itching of the skin will be severe.

During this time, pregnant mothers must also keep the skin moist and keep the skin clean. After the pregnant mothers have taken a shower in winter, they can appropriately use the body milk dedicated to pregnant women to maintain the moistness of the pregnant mother’s skin. In addition, the pregnant motherWhen choosing clothes, try to wear cotton -absorbing clothes as possible. At the same time, you need to adjust the temperature of the room. You should not be too dry or you can use a humidifier.

What uncomfortable things do you encounter during pregnancy?You are welcome to leave a message in the comment area, share your discovery and experience, and participate in the discussion with Xiaobian!

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