Why does the endometrium polyps cause infertility?Three major reasons that cause polyps to do clearly and try to avoid

Clinically, many couples had not seen their movements for a long time. When they went to the hospital for examination, they found that polyps had grown in the uterus content, blocking the "conception" path.In fact, endometrial polyps are a relatively common disease in obstetrics and gynecology. The incidence is high, and women and elderly women can be seen.However, endometrial polyps are often ignored, and patients and some medical staff lack full understanding of the disease.

It should be noted that once the polyps of the uterus are found, it needs to be treated. It belongs to the occupying position in the uterine cavity. The "rooting" is inside the uterine cavity and will affect conception. Even if conception is also blocked by the fetus, it is easy to cause miscarriage.So, why is it in the endometrium? What should I do if women suffer from endometrial polyps?Let me summarize it today!

The endometrium polyps refer to the smooth mass of the factor’s endometrial hyperplasia and appear in the uterine cavity. The swells are divided into pirates or irregularities, multiple or single, etc.The most common is that the limited endometrium is prominent in the uterine cavity. Generally, the volume is small, with an average diameter between 0.5 and 2cm. The small ones are only 1 ~ 2mm diameter.There are often necrotic bleeding on the surface of the polyp, which can also be combined with infection.It is common in the age of 29 to 59. It is more benign, but there is a possibility of evil.

Uterine abnormal bleeding, such as different menstrual cycles, varying lengths for menstrual periods, increased menstruation, and postmenopausal bleeding.Infertility, leucorrhea abdominal pain with blood wire

The endometrium polyps are better at any time of childbearing age, and adolescent fertility or late menopause may be possible.

Mainly high incidence of women who are 35 years old or after menopause have a relatively low incidence of adolescent women, but it is also possible.

First, endocrine estrogen levels are high, the most common, is related to estrogen replacement or consumption of large amounts of estrogen foods.

Second, infection factors, common, inflammatory polyps, and have been related to the history of abortion.

Third, the factors of age, hypertension, obesity, and drugs such as Moqifen.

It is reasonable that women who have diseases such as polyps or fibroid hyperplasia themselves should use foods with a large amount of estrogen when eating health products. They can be eaten occasionally, but they cannot be eaten every day.

When the symptoms mentioned above appear, it is recommended to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound examination, and then gynecologists will do regular re -examination.With the development of technology, Yin Chao can basically be detected, which is a preliminary diagnosis.The next hysteroscopy is to determine the diagnosis.

Yes, if the endometrium polyps grow around the tubal opening of the uterine cavity, it may affect the walking of the fertilized eggs; if the uterine cavity is more than one centimeter in diameter, forming a uterine cavity position will affect the fertilized eggs, which will affect the fertilized eggsBetting in bed causes infertility symptoms.Clinically, it can be said that most of the uterine endometrial polyps will not conceive, and the probability is extremely low.Even if you are conceived, the results of bad embryo development will cause bad results.

According to your own situation, conservative treatment can be selected, up to 25%of the endometrium polyps of uterine, especially diameter <10 mm.Therefore, the relatively small, without symptomatic polyp doctors will observe the follow -up for 1 to 2 months.

There are also a part of the larger or more polyps or some symptoms that have caused some symptoms. It is best to check and treat hysteroscopy.The traditional method is diagnosis. In fact, the blind curettage or endometrium biopsy is not high in diagnosis of endometrium polyps, and it is easy to treat without thorough treatment.Hysteroscopic examination and treatment are currently recognized good methods of endometrial polyps indicated by surgical indications.

Hysteroscopic treatment is different for the treatment of people with fertility and no fertility.For women without fertility, they generally try to use electrical appliances; for women with fertility, they will try to use cold knife as much as possible to protect her endometrium.(The video below is a hysteroscopy and the removal of endometrial polyps)

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Patients with endometrial polyps and infertility, if the endometrium polyps can be removed, can greatly increase the pregnancy rate.

After treatment, it is also divided into fertility requirements and no fertility requirements. In general, generally managed and follow -up after the treatment of polyps, and regularly review at the hospital.

For patients who have no fertility, you can place the Moon Music Festival.Because the long -term use of progesterone can cause the endometrium glands to atrophy and intercepted alternately, thereby suppressing the recurrence of polyps. Man Yuele contains Zuo Nuo progesterone, which is also an efficient progesterone, so it can also be possibleUsed to prevent polyps.

For patients with fertility requirements, it is best to prepare for pregnancy and pregnancy as soon as possible, because the endometrium is just under the repair period, especially during the period after treatment, the endometrium growth and fertilized eggs are favorable.Patients with reproductives will be better to put fertilized eggs after one week after cutting polyps.

In terms of personal hygiene, women are connected to the outside world because of the vulva, and they must pay great attention to the usual physiological hygiene.

Use any estrogen -containing health products in diet.Women like beauty. The great role of estrogen is that they can keep young and cause many people to follow them blindly.Preparation of estrogen does not mean that it cannot be used at all, but it is best to do individual examinations before, depending on whether there are polyps, fibroids, and breast hyperplasia.””” 39 Health Super Energy Group “” “””


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