Why does the bathroom look clean, but there is always a smell?How to prevent the bathroom odor?

Obviously the bathroom looks clean, but there is always a smell, why?

Below I want to take a look at the stinks in the bathroom. I believe that after reading this article, your smell problem can be found and solved!

1. Squading and drain pipes:

When the bathroom has an inexplicable odor, it is necessary to check whether the water seal of the water seal below the watering pipe below the handwashing pot must be checked.If the house is not lived for a long time, the water in the sewage pipe is evaporated. If there is no water sealed in it, the odor in the sewage pipe will overflow from the location of the floor drain and the washbasin.

In addition, cleaning the garbage and stains on the floor drain, especially those who like to urinate during the shower, the yellow stains on the floor drain may have a urine flavor.

2. The water pipe of the handwashing pot is cleaned:

The launch of the washbasin becomes particularly slow.

In fact, in the process of washing, clothes washing pants, and hand washing, there would be many stains entering the sewers and sewer pipes. These dirt accumulated for a long time and it was easy to stink.When you find that the watering of the handwashing basin slows down, you need to clean up the sewers and the sewer.

3. Toilet squat toilet four -week edge:

There are boys at home, and you should pay attention to hygiene.

After urinating, wash the edge of the toilet/squat toilet. After all, when boys urinate, sometimes the arc is not controlled and it is easy to play to the edge position. If it is not washed, it will become urine.of.

4. The dead corner of the toilet and squatting pit:

Some styles of toilets and squats will have some dead ends inside. These positions are usually difficult to clean up. After a long time, dirt is difficult to clean up.It is recommended to buy a toilet brush based on the structure of your own toilet and squatting device. Brush the dead ends cleanly every day.

5. The water storage tank of the toilet or squats:

The water storage tank of the toilet and squatrs, we ca n’t see it everyday. It ’s clean to look outside, so many people’ s water storage tanks have not been cleaned up.In fact, the water storage tank is very dirty. Do not believe it or open the lid of the toilet water tank. Look at the sediment in the inside.

6. Clean up garbage in time:

The trash bins in the bathroom should be cleaned in time. Don’t wait for the aunt towels and TTs inside all the stinks and clean up.

7, corner gap position:

Some sanitary dead corners such as the corners in the bathroom. If these gaps are dirty and dirty, they usually do not clean up and have not been cleaned up. After a long time, it may also smell.If the bathroom has an inexplicable odor, wash the corner gap, and then wash the entire bathroom floor. Maybe you can solve the smell problem.

8. towels or bath towels

The towels are not wrapped and wiping, and they may also stink in the humid weather, so the towel bath towels should be wired after using it and hanging to the ventilated place.

If the bathroom is not well ventilated, it is recommended to install an electrical towel rack to avoid the wet breeding bacteria of the towel.

After some operations, the odor of the basic bathroom can be solved!If the bathroom still has odor, it is necessary to consider the leakage of the toilet flange or sewage pipe. This has exceeded the scope of personal processing. It is recommended to find a professionals to see it.

Of course, some can be avoided by pre -decoration, and the following is also introduced by the way.

9. Toilet flange circle:

The stinking of the bathroom may also be that the toilet flange circle is not installed, or the flange circle is indulgence, causing the toilet base to overflow the odor.It is recommended to buy a French circle, ask the master to replace it. It is not recommended to operate it yourself. Even if you accidentally break the toilet, the loss is even greater.

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