Why does pregnancy become a secret that some female women are unwilling to make public?

Worried about being reduced by salary reduction, dismissal, and affecting the trial period, and promoting salary increases. At present, "hidden pregnancy" has become a last resorting workplace survival strategy for women.Not long ago, the topic of "hidden pregnancy" rushed to the hot search. Some people accused the workers of dishonesty and increased the management burden of the enterprise. Some people believed that the workers were in a weak position and had "suffering".In recent years, the country and localities have continuously introduced policies to encourage fertility and eliminate workplace discrimination. In this context, why is the pregnancy of happy events?What is the reason why they "dare not say" and "unwilling to say"?


The workplace "hidden pregnancy"

Faye Wongfei, a company in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, did not share the good news with company colleagues after pregnancy, but chose to conceal."Previously, some colleagues were all deducted because of pregnancy, so they could conceal as much as possible. After the performance was evaluated at the end of the year." That’s it. Until 22 weeks of pregnancy, "I can’t hide it."It’s right.

Yao Yuxi, who is about to give birth, also informed the company after nearly 5 months of pregnancy."I was pregnant unexpectedly after I joined the job. At that time, I just changed my job and was still in the trial period. I was afraid that I would have to hide the work because I lost my job because of pregnancy."

The reporter learned that worrying about being reduced, dismissal, affecting the pilot period, promotion and salary increase, etc., it is the main concern for many women in workplace during pregnancy, and it is also an important reason for them to choose "hidden pregnancy".Many workers have also said that "hidden pregnancy" has caused them to bear moral pressure and worry about adding trouble for enterprises.

Do workers have to inform the unit for pregnancy?Xue Lu, a lawyer of the Law Firm of Beijing Anbo (Zhengzhou) Law Firm, explained: "Workers who are not stipulated in labor laws and regulations should truthfully inform the employer of the employer." She reminded the workersLabor enjoys autonomy.

However, many female employees do not understand that "hidden pregnancy" also has certain labor risks."If the unit is not informed, the unit cannot take special protection measures stipulated in the female employees during pregnancy." Shen Jianfeng, Dean of the School of Law School of the School of Labor Relations, reminded that if the unit is unaware, if the female employees are arranged to engage in high work operationsFor taboos such as low -temperature operations and cold water operations during pregnancy, it may endanger the safety of pregnant women and fetuses.


Worried about increasing the cost of employment

At the other end of the "hidden pregnancy", it is the worry about the additional employment costs that some female employees during pregnancy.

"For the company, the cost of female employees is mainly the cost of holidays and the cost of salary paid by the company’s payment without working." Li Ying, who has been engaged in human resources in the software industry for more than ten yearsAccording to the situation in Beijing, the holidays of the pregnancy period mainly include the birthplace leave of about 8 days of pregnancy, 98 days of maternity leave, 60 days of extended maternity leave, cesarean section, multi -fetal and additional maternity leave.1 hour of breastfeeding time, etc."Maternual leave salary is paid by maternity allowances, but the salary during extending maternity leave needs to be borne by the company." Li Ying said that the five -insurance and one -gold company of female employees should also pay normally, which is also a lot of expenses.

In addition to paying a certain visible employment cost, some companies are worried about increasing the burden of management.

Xu Jiantao is engaged in video editing in a media in Beijing.In his team, there were 4 partners in his team, and three were recently pregnant and maternal leave. The other colleagues in the job had just been in less than one year, and the work that could be shared was also very limited.

"During the holiday of colleagues, the company will not arrange newcomers to come in. It can only be internally responsible for the team. Recently, it is almost at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night.

"We have encountered the situation where employees in the team have left due to too much sharing work." Li Ying said.

Expert saying

Reasonable fertility cost sharing mechanism needs to be established

"Employers should do a good job in the work arrangement and system design within the company to balance the management costs brought by female employees during pregnancy." Xue Lu suggested that at the same time, the employer should pay social security for female employees in accordance with regulations. The salary during maternity leave can be given fertility by fertility during maternity leave.Allowance bears to reduce the cost of employment.

"In addition, enterprises also give more humanistic care to female employees during pregnancy." Xue Lu believes that creating a childcare -friendly workplace environment can enhance the work enthusiasm of female employees and a sense of belonging to the enterprise, which is beneficial to both parties.At the same time, workers should also talk about integrity to avoid increasing management burden on enterprises.

Shen Jianfeng believes that the cost generated by rationally distributed the duration of female employees between workers, employers, and countries.For example, at present, in order to encourage fertility, maternity leave has been set up on normal maternity leave, but the salary of the fertility leave is paid by the employer.It is recommended that the maternity insurance fund bears the salary of workers during maternity leave and reduce the burden on the enterprise.

Xue Lu suggested that in the context of the three children, the government can provide some inclined policy support in terms of taxation and parenting subsidies.

"Increase the responsibility of his father in the process of fertility." Shen Jianfeng said that it is necessary to moderately balance the different costs of male and female employees on fertility.In addition, Shen Jianfeng also suggested to accelerate the establishment of a socialized family burden and sharing mechanism, vigorously develop social service institutions that provide childcare services and family care services, and share the burden on women’s nursery.According to Workers Daily

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"Hidden pregnancy" has become a helpless choice in the workplace women)

Source Beijing Evening News

Process Editor Liu Weili

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