Why do you want to weigh today?

The day is gradually growing and the night is shorter

Today is the 7th solar terms in the twenty -four solar terms, the first solar terms in summer: Lixia.

From Lixia, everything is lush.Lixia marks farewell to spring, and everything has entered the peak season, so this day will also be called "Spring Day".

But Lixia is not equal to summer.Because my country is vast and the north -south span is large, even in Lixia, there may be only a strong green trees in the south of the South Ridge, and some areas in the northeast and northwest are just entering the spring at this time. -20 ° C up and down.

After the beginning of the summer, thunderstorms will increase, pay attention to defense.

According to the strong convection weather issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory at 10:00 on May 5th: It is expected to be from 14:00 on the 5th to 14:00 on the 5th.There are level 8-10 thunderstorms or hail weather;

Southwest Shanghai, Hunan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Northeast Zhejiang and southern parts, northern Fujian, central and southern Chongqing, central and eastern Guizhou, northeast Guangxi and other areas will have short-term heavy precipitation weather.The local area can reach more than 60 mm.

What is the custom of Lixia in diet?

"Lixia ate eggs, and it is not summer hot." Eating eggs is one of the main customs of Lixia.

One saying is that the ancients believed that eggs were smooth, symbolizing the complete life, and eating eggs in the summer can pray for summer peace; there are also saying that the nutritional value of eggs is high.Eating red dates eggs can replenish physical strength.There are also places to hang the cooked eggs first in the child’s chest before blessing that it is not sick in summer.

The ancients had to be weighing after lunch this day.

"Lixia scale people, and laughed on the scales." "Calling people" is one of the most watched customs of Lixia.

Just hang a large scale on the beam in the home, and the child or the elderly sitting in the basket weighs weight.

Children gain weight, father and mother are happy; the elderly gain weight, and the children and grandchildren are happy.After weighing the meaning, not afraid of the hot summer and not weight loss.

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