Why do you recommend that you practice pregnant women?

October, a long cycle.Pregnant moms have experienced not only physical discomfort, but also dual pressure in spirit and psychology.At this time, pregnant women yoga is the best choice.The girl will talk about the things about pregnant women’s yoga here for the sisters.

Pregnant women’s yoga refers to a series of movements made by mothers to enhance physical strength, muscle tension and their own balance when she is pregnant.Yoga done during pregnancy is not the same as other yoga. During pregnancy, yoga is mainly to relieve the body and mind, which is conducive to the postpartum recovery of expectant mothers.

When making yoga, expectant mothers must grasp the degree according to their actual situation, especially to protect the baby.

1. Relieve stress

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother was nervous because of worrying about the development of the baby and the interference of other external factors.

Pregnant women can relieve stress, regulate their emotions, and give expectant mothers a peaceful mentality, which is of great benefit to the development of the fetus.

2. Reduce edema

In the second trimester, most pregnant moms will have edema.Pregnant women’s yoga can speed up the blood circulation of expectant mothers to promote metabolism, reduce edema during pregnancy, and control the weight of pregnancy.

3. Regulate constipation

The baby grows up in the abdomen, and the uterus gradually expands and squeezes the intestine. The gastrointestinal function weakens, causing the pregnant mother to constipation.Pregnant women can promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce abdominal distension, and relieve constipation symptoms.

4. Help delivery

Childbirth is an individual work. Most of the pregnant mothers will be nervous before childbirth.

Pregnant yoga can help pregnant mothers to maintain a peaceful state before giving birth, expand the pelvis, slow down the birth, pain, and help recover from postpartum

1. Benewal angle

Action description:

· Before practicing, prepare the required auxiliary tools according to your physical condition, such as pillows, blankets, etc., or you can practice directly.

· Lie down flat, open your knees to open your knees to both sides, your feet are opposite, and your legs are kept in the position of beam.

· The arm can be placed in any place to ensure that the shoulders and necks are comfortable.You can also make one hand in the chest cavity, one hand in the abdominal cavity, and adjust your breathing.

· Keep it inhaled for 30 to 60 seconds, restore the body, relax your legs.Repeat 2 to 3 times.


Supply of fresh blood with sufficient blood on the abdomen, abdomen, and back, keep the kidneys and bladder healthy, and promote the normal pregnancy of ovarian function several times a day, which can reduce the pain during childbirth and avoid intravenous veins.

2. Mountain style

Action description:

· Stand up together with your feet, and the big toes are touched.In order to feel comfortable, your feet can be separated slightly, but it must be parallel.Lifded and opened his toes, and then gently returned to the floor.Weight on the feet -evenly distributed before and after left and right, and gently press the ground.Feeling on the ground seems to be rooted in the ground.

· Stretch with your legs upwards, and your knees are guaranteed forward.Inner abdominal muscles, the tailbone is sent slightly forward, collapsed back, but do not bend too much.

· Pull the spine through the extension of the waist and the ribs.The shoulder moves back and down.Express his arms and hands gently.Keep for 1 to 2 minutes.

Power: Find the balance point of the heel and the center line of the body, make the body uniform, improve the posture to enhance the vitality, and adjust the discomfort of the spine, so that the hips are lifted, the chest is wide, and the shoulders are relaxed.Keeping exercises during pregnancy, the discomfort of postpartum waist and heels is greatly alleviated.

3. Butterfly style

Action description:

· The upper body is sitting upright, the feet are relative to keep the hips relax;

· Lift up the sternum and relax the shoulders, move your knees like a butterfly to move your wings up and down, and move your knees as close to the ground as possible when you exercise down.

· If you want to strengthen the stretching of the hip muscles, stretch your upper body forward, but do not bend your spine at your head. This is a good posture that practice the pelvic rising.

Connect: It can flow blood to the pelvis, increase the tension of the pelvis, and help to give birth.

If women have been practicing yoga before pregnancy, they can continue during pregnancy, and make simple yoga moves a week before childbirth.

Specific mommy, who has not practiced yoga before pregnancy, is best to practice under the guidance of a professional teacher after 3 months of pregnancy.For pregnant mothers who want to protect their fetuses, please follow the doctor’s advice.

Let the pregnant women’s yoga help moms help themselves, and easily and happily welcome the baby’s arrival.

Pay attention to self -protection during activities to avoid wrestling and colliding with the abdomen.In the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant mothers are not suitable to do bending or squatting for a long time, so as not to compress the abdomen or cause pelvic congestion.Exercise as little as possible in the later pregnancy, because the weight increases at this time, and the lower limbs often have mild edema, so your feet are susceptible to fatigue, and you can do some slow pad exercise.

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