Why do you have back pain during pregnancy?How to relieve it?

In October, the fetus is a pain and happiness for every mother. Many women always experience some discomfort after pregnancy, such as back pain.I believe that many people do not understand the reason why women can have back pain during pregnancy. Next, I will introduce it in detail. At the same time, we also introduce women’s health care methods during pregnancy. Let’s take a look.

According to statistics, about 60 % of women have back pain during pregnancy.There are the following reasons:

First, the baby’s weight and the increase in the weight of the mother have exacerbated the lumbar spine load;

Second, the mother’s body’s center of gravity moves forward, physiological lumbar ahead, increase lumbar spine load;

Third, hormones affect pelvic dilatation, relaxation of ligaments, can easily protrude from intervertebral discs and cause back pain.

4. During pregnancy, fetal development requires sufficient nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. If these nutrients usually have insufficient intake, it will cause bone quality to soften calcium deficiency in pregnant women, which will also cause back pain.

Now that we have found back pain, how should we do pregnancy?

First, take the left side position in the left side to reduce organ oppression, and it is not advisable to use a too soft bed; when standing, the head is raised straight.Strike directly on the back of the chair, try not to sit too soft sofa;

Second, do less housework, do not lift heavy things, bend as little as possible; pay attention to the balanced diet, do not eat foods with too high fat amount, and supplement vitamins in an appropriate amount.

Third, with the increase of the pregnancy month, pregnant mothers are prone to nutritional deficiency, so it is recommended to add more calcium at this time. It is best to eat food supplements. Usually, you can drink more bone soup fish soup.

In the end, women should pay attention to walking every day, balanced diet, and usually eat more nutritious foods, such as eggs, milk, etc., but also supplement vitamins to avoid too greasy foods. In additionEssence

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