Why do women have dysmenorrhea?Two types of dysmenorrhea, see which one you belong to

Most dysmenorrhea is not a disease, it hurts to take some painkillers

[Patients with primary dysmenorrhea] Dr. Chai, I have a dysmenorrhea for a long time, and it hurts every time I come to a holiday.In the worst days, I didn’t want to move in bed.Try to drink hot water, drink ginger soup, eat brown sugar, cook eggs, etc.Is there any gynecological problem?

Because my career is an elder, many relatives and friends around me have asked me to consult my condition.I often get a phone call to help people see the disease, which is used to it.A daughter of a girlfriend often looked for me to see a doctor. Once, she called me to consult with dysmenorrhea.I asked her how long it had been painful. She said that after a few years after the first tide, she began to have dysmenorrhea, and every time I took a holiday in the future.I asked some gynecological diseases, such as leucorrhea odor, abnormal leucorrhea color, private odor, and abnormal menstrual blood color, etc., and asked her if she was.She said no.I said to her that there is no major problem in this situation. There is no need to treat it. As long as the menstrual period, don’t be nervous, pay attention to keep warm, just take some painkillers when it hurts.

Later, she found me twice because of dysmenorrhea.Every time I ask the condition, the degree and time of her dysmenorrhea have not changed; I still feel that she is fine. Except for painkillers, she will not let her take other medicines.

Finally, she couldn’t help asking her mother to ask me, did she need to do something?Because she couldn’t get up in bed every menstrual period.She feels that such severe pain is not sick?I told her that you are willing to have a gynecological examination, but I think there is no cause of any cause of inspection.Later, the school arranged a gynecological examination, and she had no gynecological disease after inspection.Medically, her dysmenorrhea belongs to primary dysmenorrhea.

Dysmenorrhea is divided into two types, one is called primary dysmenorrhea, and the other is called secondary dysmenorrhea.

Primary dysmenorrhea, which is not accurate, refers to dysmenorrhea that is not caused by a specific disease.Many primary dysmenorrhea is because the patient’s uterus and other organs have some natural abnormalities, such as the back of the uterus and the narrowing of the cervix.There are also some patients due to problems such as endocrine disorders.Most of these problems are not serious, and they will not cause any harm. There is no other disadvantage except dysmenorrhea, and after pregnancy, some primary dysmenorrhea can be cured by themselves.Therefore, Western medicine is generally not recommended for treatment, so that patients can take some painkillers when they hurt.

Revitalized dysmenorrhea refers to dysmenorrhea caused by organ lesions, such as endometriosis, genital inflammation, etc.These diseases must go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

When women have dysmenorrhea, patients who meet the following situations may not have to go to the hospital for the time being:

If the patient starts with dysmenorrhea from 1 to 2 years after the first tide, and has not given birth; each dysmenorrhea begins with the end of the holiday, ending with the end of the holiday; there is no pain during the non -menstrual period, and the abdomen is pressed by hand without the abdomen.Obvious pain; the degree of menstrual pain each time is similar, and no one time has become particularly painful; the recent menstrual rules have not changed, and the recent menstrual flow has not changed significantly; no leucorrhea abnormalities, abnormal menstrual blood, abnormal vulva, vomiting, fever and other symptoms such as fever and other symptoms; Patients do not have a history of gynecological diseases, nor do they have a history of infertility.Then such dysmenorrhea is likely to be primary dysmenorrhea. You can not go to the hospital for the time being. Pay attention to warmth during menstruation and take some painkillers.

Of course, if you are particularly worried, it is better to do a test, and you do n’t have to worry about the primary dysmenorrhea.

What should I do if I have determined that I am a primary dysmenorrhea?

For the primary dysmenorrhea that is not very serious, the main method of western medicine is to relieve symptoms. When the pain is unbearable, let the patient take some painkillers.Some drugs can reduce the shrinkage of the uterus, thereby reducing the pain of dysmenorrhea, and achieving a more ideal analgesic effect.For example, I recommend eating ibuprofen to my daughter.Ibuprofen not only has the effect of relieving pain, but also reduces uterine tension and shrinkage, achieving the purpose of relieving dysmenorrhea.However, it should be noted that any painkillers cannot be taken for a long time, nor can they be mixed with other functions.When taking the medicine, you must also consider your physical condition, history, and conflict with other drugs.You should consult a doctor before taking the first medicine, and at the same time, take the medicine strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drug instructions.

If the effect of taking painkillers is not good, women without fertility can also take contraceptives to inhibit ovulation and avoid dysmenorrhea.

You can also adjust your dysmenorrhea appropriately by adjusting your lifestyle.Do not drink coffee and smoke during the holiday because coffee and smoking will increase blood vessel contraction.During the holiday period, you should rest in bed to prevent suffering, pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen, drink more hot drinks, do not eat cold things, eat more light food.


The abdomen feels pain during the holiday.

Self -observation:

1. Dysmenorrhea began to appear within 1 to 2 years of the first tide.Patients have not taken birth.

2 headache brain fever, these common symptoms can be observed first, not going to the hospital for the time being.But if you have strange symptoms you have never encountered before, you have to go to the hospital for examination.For example, the skin and lips suddenly become color, the eyelids suddenly droop, and the body is inexplicably painful.If you haven’t encountered it before, you have to go to the hospital for examination.If it is a common symptom, but there is a situation that you haven’t seen before, such as a cold, others are good for one week, you are not good for two weeks, and you have to go to the hospital.

3. Pain is spasm pain, and the pain is stronger.

4. The recent pain has not been significantly enhanced.

5. There is no pain during the non -menstrual period, and there is no obvious pain to press the abdomen with your hands.No leucorrhea abnormalities, abnormal menstrual blood, abnormal vulva, vomiting, fever and other symptoms.

6. Patients do not have a history of gynecology and infertility.


To meet all the above conditions, you can not go to the hospital for the time being.Take some painkillers when the pain is severe.After childbirth, some primary dysmenorrhea can be cured.

Key points for family care:

After consulting a professional doctor, you can take an appropriate amount of painkillers during dysmenorrhea.Strictly follow the requirements of the drug instructions. You cannot increase the dosage and extend the time of taking. You cannot take it with other drugs of the same type. You cannot take Chinese and western medicine.

Do not drink coffee and smoke when you come to the holiday.Come to rest in bed during the holidays to prevent suffering, pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen, drink more hot drinks, do not eat cold things, eat more light food.

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