Why do teenagers drink more milk?Drinking milk like this is equal to "white drink"

Milk is a common drink in life. It is not only delicious, but also the first choice for calcium supplementation.

The latest version of "The Guidelines for the Dietary of Chinese Residents" emphasized the amount of milk. The milk and dairy products recommended by the original 2016 version were 300 grams/day, which increased to the new version of 300-500 grams/day.This change confirms the importance of drinking milk!

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Nutrition in milk, high absorption and utilization rate

Milk is rich in calcium, and the proportion of calcium and phosphorus is appropriate. It also contains factors such as vitamin D, lactose, amino acid, etc. to promote calcium absorption. Therefore, the body’s calcium absorption and utilization rate in milk is very high.

How much nutritional value can 300 grams of milk be provided?The "Chinese Resident Diet Guide (2022)" gave the answer.

RNI: Daily recommended intake

For people with an excessive weight, drinking milk also has an unexpected "harvest": scientific investigation research and analysis shows that obese people make up for calcium to help reduce weight.

Insufficient calcium intake can increase fat synthesis, weaken the fat solution, and eventually increase body fat. By calcium supplementation, you can correct this process, thereby reducing the risk of obesity.

The dietary guide recommends that each person consumes sufficient milk per day, not only because milk is the first choice for calcium supplement, but also to ensure the intake of high -quality protein.

There is a division of protein three, six or nine, and milk is a good source of high -quality protein. It contains essential amino acids (cannot be synthesized by the body, can only be taken from food intake). The type is more full and more, and it is more likely to be absorbed by the body.

Why do children drink more milk?

Compared with ordinary adults, children and adolescents have more demand for calcium, 1000-1200 mg/day.Calcium plays an important role in making children and adolescents reach the best peak bone volume. Calcium deficiency will directly affect the development of bones.

Data source: "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines"

In this period, sufficient calcium intake can increase bone ore content and promote bone growth, which is conducive to bone health, and also directly affects bone health after adulthood.

If calcium lacks during this period, it will not only affect the height, but also increase the risk of osteoporosis after adulthood.Therefore, it is recommended that parents must give their children to drink enough milk every day.

In addition to children and adolescents, menopausal women, elderly people, high blood pressure people, high blood sugar people and high uric acid people also need to drink more milk.

How to make children drink enough daily milk volume

How to drink 300 ml of liquid milk every day?"Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2022)" made recommendations.

For example, drink a cup of milk (200 ~ 250 ml) for breakfast, and add a cup of yogurt (100 ~ 125 ml) for lunch.If your child doesn’t like the taste of milk, you can try yogurt, milk powder or cheese.

What needs to be reminded is that yogurt and milk powder should choose low sugar as much as possible, and cheese should be low salt.

Notice!Milk -containing drinks do not mean milk!

Only part of milk drinks are milk, and the rest are mainly water, and their nutritional value cannot be compared with milk.And milk drinks contain white sugar, most of which belong to the category of sugar -containing beverages.

Drinking milk like this is equal to "white drink"

Drinking milk is a technical work

Drinking is not right to make nutrition greatly discount

Is the "opening method" of children drinking milk correct?

These methods make nutrient loss in milk

It also affects the absorption of calcium

Stepping milk for a long time

Milk that boiled for a long time will lose vitamin C and vitamin B1 and B2, and may also form calcium phosphate precipitation, which reduces the absorption of calcium.

The best way to heat milk: Put the milk with a packaging into the hot water of about 80 ° C. Heat the water for about 5 minutes. When the temperature of the water drops to the right temperature, the milk will be warm.

This is not only safe and fast, but also retains the nutritional components to the greatest extent.

However, if the milk that is not finished last time, you must cook it next time you drink it. You can follow the principle of "stirring while cooking, bubbling to turn off the fire".

Milk and chocolate with

Calcium in milk can produce chemical reactions with oxalic acid in chocolate, generate calcium oxalic acid that is difficult to dissolve in water, and reduce the absorption of calcium.

Freeze milk

After the milk is frozen, it can separate the fat and protein in it, and cheesein is condensed powder, which affects the absorption of calcium in milk.

Excessive intake of coarse grains

For those who want to supplement calcium, too much intake of coarse grains or eating only coarse grains will affect the absorption of calcium in milk, and it will also affect the absorption of minerals such as iron and zinc, because dietary fiber and phosphates in coarse grains areAll can affect the absorption of calcium in milk.

"A glass of milk every day, strong Chinese"

Drinking milk is good for health

Are you drinking enough today?

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