Why do some B -ultrasound need to be done during menstruation?

Today in the B -ultrasound, I met a patient and asked, "The doctor gave me a vaginal B -ultrasound examination, but did I get wrong in menstrual period?"

Answer: It’s not wrong. Some B -ultrasounds are indeed done during menstruation because some values are not accurate when there are some values.

Maste: Ah, the bloody, how spectacular the scene …

Answer: Actually it’s okay!This is actually the case for the B -ultrasound examination during menstruation:

The importance of doing B -ultrasound during menstruation

Day 2-4 of menstruation (the day of the redness is the first day), that is, the purpose of doing B-ultrasound during menstrual period is to calculate the total number of sinus follicles on both sides of the ovaries on both sides.The follicles of the sinus is a follicle with a diameter of 2-9㎜.

The total number of sinus follicles is better in 12-16

When the number of follicles of a unilateral ovarian sinus is ≥ 12, it is prompted that the polycystic ovary syndrome may be suffered from; the total number of on both sides is ≤5-7, and the ovarian reserve function is reduced.

In fact, it is simple to say that only by doing B -ultrasound during menstrual periods, can we know and accurately know the number of follicles and ovarian volume of sinus, so as to better evaluate fertility.The evaluation of fertility is particularly important for people with older pregnancy.

Here is an outsider. Once it involves monitoring the growth of follicles, the B -ultrasound type is the vaginal B -ultrasound.

The advantage of vaginal B ultrasound monitoring ovulation is:

You can observe the growth and development of superior follicles in real time and dynamically, clearly have ovulation, guide the same room time, and effectively increase the chance of conception. At the same time, you can also observe the number of follicles and bilateral ovarian volumes of early follicles.

Is B -ultrasound safe during menstruation?

A problem that everyone is actually worried about is that the vaginal environment during menstruation is relatively fragile and has been bleeding. Is it safe to do the ultrasound?Doesn’t it cause infection?

Making vaginal B -ultrasound during menstruation is very safe

Don’t worry, all the gloves and ultrasonic probes isolation sleeves (condoms) used in the B time are all disposable and sterile. Each patient is done every time B time, doctors will replace new gloves and condoms.

Don’t worry about the problem of infection at all.

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