Why do more and more women suspect that they cannot give birth?Do not worry about 3 o’clock

Avon is 23 years old this year. He has been irregular menstruation since his age. It is not late to come. Sometimes there are very few amounts of abdominal pain. When I was young, Awen did not care. It was not until recently.Get up and see this situation, did Awen doubt that he can still give birth to a baby?

Not only Awen, Xiaojuan also has such doubts, but Xiaojuan’s menstruation is very accurate. She also had six pre -pregnancy examinations when she went to the hospital. Six hormones. During the hormone examination, the doctor also suggested that Xiaojuan not to do it.Hormones are normal, but because they are worried that Xiaojuan has done it, the doctor said that she would prepare for pregnancy normally after it came out. It was nothing more than half a year. Xiaojuan’s aunt still arrived as scheduled.child.

There is also Xiaoli, who had no brains before, loved to play, took a lot of contraceptive pills, went to check and found that there were gynecological diseases. Later, they took medicine and reviewed it.This situation must not be pregnant, but fortunately Xiaoli’s aunt is normal, and he is usually okay. Now he has a boyfriend, but he has never conceived.

In fact, girls are worried that the biggest reason why the baby’s biggest reason will not have the baby is still psychological problems, because each girl’s adolescence may be different, so when they are older, they will realize the importance of family and babies, just like Xiaoli when I am young when I am young.Play crazy, and when you are old, you want your baby to come soon.However, the woman’s body is very fragile. When she was young, she was not good at protecting. When she was old, she was not as good as a healthy peers.Therefore, girls still do these points, and they do n’t doubt themselves when they want their babies, and they are worried that they ca n’t conceive their children.

1. Don’t take medicine, don’t get abortion

Generally, girls have a sense of sex at the age of seventeen or eight. At this time, girls should never do things that hurt their bodies because of their impulse. At this age, it is best to eat too much contraception at any age.Drugs and tires are well known that contraceptives have a great harm to women’s body, which especially affects women’s ovarian and menstrual laws. Tiger is harmful to the bad uterus, affecting conception, and even infertility.

2. Keep your body, don’t eat the sea to drink

Some people say that young should go through some unusual things. Friends go out to drink and drink, playing overnight, what’s wrong with this, but while these activities do not know, as a girl, your body is slowly like you are slowly seeing it.You warned that the baby does not like to drink in the future. You have to drink and play all night. In the future, the baby does not like to be spicy and greasy.Of course, the physical bad state will avoid far away.

3. Pay attention to the arrival of menstruation

Menstruation is the ventilating outlet of a woman. The waste blood excreted monthly menstruation means that the body is operating efficiently for a woman. If the menstruation stops, it is marked that the woman’s body will not be circulating.Therefore, if you have irregular menstruation, small amount, and incorrect color, you must go to the hospital for inspection for conditioning. If you do not pay attention, it may affect future conception.

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