Why do more and more people around me stop after pregnancy?

Recently, the editor received a private message. The sister said that she felt the age of marriage, and more and more pregnant people around them, and many people had an unknown reasons.In order to reduce fetal stops and abortion?

It is not uncommon to prepare for pregnancy, abortion, fetal stop, etc.

What is fetal stop?

When the eggs and sperm are successfully fertilized, the fertilized eggs are in bed in the endometrium, and continuing development can grow into a healthy baby.

However, not all embryos are lucky. In the process of development, they will be affected by various factors. In the early stages of pregnancy, development is stopped, that is, fetal stopping.

What is the high incidence of fetal stops?

Most of the general fetal stopping occurred in the first three months of pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy, empty sac, and fetal heart disappear will mainly occur.

Therefore, the mother after pregnancy must focus on the examination of early pregnancy, go to the hospital on time to do a B -ultrasound to monitor the development of the fetus.

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What are the general situations?

If the fetal stop occurs, all the pregnancy reactions of pregnant mothers will gradually disappear.

For example, early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting.And appetite will return to normal, and the feeling of breast swelling will disappear.

At the same time, irregular vaginal bleeding, lower abdomen pain, and even embryo tissue will occur.

There are others, there will be no symptoms, and I will find B -ultrasound in the hospital.

The point is, what is the cause of fetal stop?

Poor quality of embryos, reproductive endocrine, mother, placenta, immunity, bad environment, bad living habits and other factors can cause tire stop.

Who is a high -incidence crowd for fetal stops?

Preparation women who have had a history of fetal stopping, elderly couples (women are higher than 35 years old, men are higher than 45 years old), patients who have been infertile for many years, women who are overweight or too light, have long -term formaldehyde, radiation and other adverse environmentsHusband and wife or long -term smoking and drinking couples.

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How do sisters who are planning to prepare for pregnancy reduce their fetal suspension?

1. Breeding appropriate age.The best fertility age of women is 23-30 years old, and the fertility ability is reduced by 50%by age. The best fertility age of men is 25-35.

2. Do a good medical examination before pregnancy.Pre -marital examinations, pre -pregnancy examinations, etc. are an important means to implement eugenics.Especially for those who have a history of birth or a family history of absence or family, they must do a good job of pre -pregnancy genetic consultation.

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3. Good living habits.Strengthen physical exercise, improve immunity, eat reasonably, eat more fruits and fruits, and ensure nutritional balance.Also pay more attention to hygiene, develop good living habits, rest on time, reduce staying up late, quit smoking and drinking.

4. Safe medication.During pregnancy, do not take medicine randomly. If you need to take medicine, you need to consult a doctor to use it. Try to stay away from the unsafe and toxic environment.

Repeated tire stop, abortion, what should I do?

Multiple pregnancy, multiple fetal abortion, the best way to achieve eugenics and eugenics is to auxiliary reproductive technology -the third -generation IVF.

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The third -generation IVF can use PGD/PGS technology to screen for the cultivation of the cultivated blastocytes.

It is mainly based on the cells of the outer nourishing layer of the blastocytes to conduct biopsy to understand the chromosomes and genes of the embryo. Finally, the embryos with healthy development of healthy and developmental potential can be transplanted to achieve the purpose of eugenics.

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