Why do I have diarrhea as soon as I eat folic acid?

Two days ago, a young female patient came to the clinic, saying that she had been diarrhea (diarrhea) in recent days.I said, "Why do you come to the gynecological clinic? Shouldn’t this hang a digestive department?" The patient explained that at the beginning, the digestive clinic was hung, but gastroenteritis had been excluded after examination.She and her husband are preparing to have children. She is eating folic acid tablets for nearly a month.But in recent days, she will have diarrhea as soon as she eats folic acid, so she suspecteds whether it is the effect of folic acid.I asked her brand and dose for folic acid, and found that the patient had been eating folic acid that was eaten to treat giant red blood cell anemia!That is the white, small bottle of prescription medicine!This is obviously excessive folic acid, and adverse gastrointestinal reactions occur.I hurriedly told her to stop the medicine first, and after the diarrhea stopped, then replenished the special folic acid tablets for pregnancy.

I believe everyone is no stranger to folic acid!Folic acid is an indispensable health product during pregnancy and pregnancy. It is necessary to supplement folic acid during pregnancy not only has become a well -known common sense, but also has been promoted to national strategy of eugenics.The reason why folic acid is so important is because folic acid is a necessary substance for the development of the baby’s neural tube in the stomach, which can prevent the baby’s birth defects (such as neural tube deformity, etc.).But don’t underestimate this little folic acid tablets, but there is great knowledge behind it!

1. Use of folic acid

Just mentioned that the first 4 weeks of pregnancy are an important period for the differentiation and formation of fetal nerve tubes. This period of folic acid deficiency can increase the risk of neural tube deformities and premature birth.In addition, folic acid is also conducive to reducing the risk of hyperlipidemia in pregnancy.So since folic acid is so important, how much folic acid does pregnant women need every day during pregnancy?

According to the "References for Dietary Nutrients of Chinese Residents" and "Chinese Residents’ Dietary Guide" compiled by the Chinese Nutrition Society, women should take as far as possible from planning to get as early as possible to take more folic acid liver, dark green vegetables and beans.However, expectant mothers not only need to supplement foods rich in folic acid. Since folic acid supplements can be better absorbed and utilized by the body than folic acid in food, it is recommended that expectant mothers should start from 3 months before pregnancy and supplement folic acid supplements daily.400 一g is equivalent to a dose of Slian folic acid and lasts until the entire pregnancy.By the end of pregnancy, the intake of folic acid supplements should be increased to 800µg to meet the needs of expectant mothers and babies in the belly.

2. Selection of folic acid

Since there are so many "benefits" of folic acid, why do some expectant mothers have diarrhea after eating folic acid?This had to mention the patient at the beginning -she took excessive folic acid.With the development of the times and scientific and technological progress, more and more folic acid available on pharmacies and online can be selected.Specific mothers can choose non -prescription drugs (OTC) and cost -effective folic acid, or more expensive health products, but it is best not to choose a prescription drug of a few dollars.It is not because "expensive is good", but because the folic acid of the prescription drug is 5 mg per tablet, which is 5000µg, and the daily intake of synthetic folic acid is 1000 μg.Folic acid content far exceeds the recommended dosage of folic acid of expectant mothers during pregnancy.

Excessive folic acid may not only lead to gastrointestinal symptoms such as anorexia, nausea, and abdominal distension. According to a new study reported by the 2016 International Autism Research Conference (IMFAR), the level of plasma folic acid and vitamin B12 during pregnancy will increaseThe next generation of autism is risky.Therefore, when you buy folic acid, you must pollute your eyes and choose a folic acid that suits you!

Third, taboos of folic acid

Although folic acid is good, there are several types of people who are not suitable for taking, including people who have poor digestion or symptoms of abdominal distension, people with problems with gastrointestinal function, and people who are allergic to folic acid and folic acid supplements (such as lactose).EssenceThese people should not supplement folic acid without authorization. They need to consult a doctor and follow the doctor’s advice.

In short, if diarrhea occurs after taking folic acid (that is, diarrhea), you must first go to the clinic to check whether it is caused by intestinalitis, and then consider whether it is a adverse reaction to taking folic acid; second, pay attention to rest during pregnancy to avoid excessive fatigue, and at the same time moreEat some fresh vegetables and fruits, strengthen nutrition, and don’t eat too much cold food.


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