Why do experts think it is better to choose a bird’s nest in pregnancy?

Eating bird’s nest is particularly important for infants and young children’s brain development. Update and normal functions require certain nutrients to supplement. The nutrients of the human body are generally promoted and supplied by diet.

Protein plays an important role in the excitement and suppression of the brain nerves. The brain often needs to absorb protein, and the protein content in bird’s nest is very high. Eating bird’s nest during pregnancy can help supplement saliva.The immunity with the baby, saliva also has an important role in the development of the fetus’s brain.

Bird’s nest can provide a balanced nutrition for the baby and the mothers. During the period of growth and development, the fetus can enjoy the deliciousness of the bird’s nest, but also allow the baby to get more bird’s nest acid to improve the immunity. Therefore, the mother insists on eating the bird’s nest during pregnancy.Another, the role of one person to eat two people is also an excellent choice for nutrition!

Pregnant mothers will have wounds after childbirth, and bird’s nest also has a good effect on postpartum wounds. It will also enhance the resistance of baby and mother. Pregnant women and mothers will decrease when they have finished surgery.Wait, and the saliva in bird’s nest can effectively improve the improvement and conditioning of cell damage, and it is also a tonic for postpartum recovery.

Bird’s nest consumption time

The nutritional absorption of bird’s nest is also in a time period. Before going to bed at night and in the morning, it is very conducive to the time of nutrition absorption and can also help sleep.

The content of bird’s nest fat is almost zero, because bird’s nest is a nourishing product, which can quickly provide nutritional supplies to the baby, as well as a tire, so that the baby and pregnant mothers sleep more stable.

Pregnant women and mothers often have poor appetite and drowsy state during pregnancy. During this period, pregnant women mothers supplement nutrition is a vital stage. Eating regularly. Edating bird’s nest is a way for pregnant women and mothers to supplement nutrition. It is recommendedIt is better to eat it every day or the next day.It is also important to recover the vitality of pregnant women after giving birth!

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