Why did the hospital built files in March of pregnancy? In July of pregnancy, the hospital was considered a perinatal period?

Women who have given birth to children know that the hospital will be built for 3 months and conducts relevant production inspections.It is 7 months pregnant to count the perinatal period.Why is this?

Some pregnant women who have been pregnant through pregnancy test sticks are more anxious. I hope the hospital will quickly build a file for themselves. When you consult the hospital, you will have to wait until March of pregnancy.Let’s explain it.

At present, after 6 weeks of pregnancy in the obstetrics and gynecology department of various hospitals, if there are fetal heart buds, preparations can be established.Established a formal file by 12 weeks of pregnancy.This is because women are 12 weeks after pregnancy, that is, three months later, the placenta in the female uterus will release very important progesterone progesterone. The hormone that was responsible for the production of progesterone beforeIt also disappeared.

More importantly, in the first three months of pregnancy, during a dangerous period, the embryo is not very stable. Most abortion will occur in the first three months. About 15%-20%of the abortion is unavoidable during this period.Natural elimination phenomenon.After March of pregnancy, the possibility of abortion will be reduced to less than 3 %, and pregnant women will be considered a stable pregnancy.

Someone said, will it be helpful to early abortion in the early months of pregnancy?In fact, abortion before pregnancy, more embryos are not developing well, survival of the fittest, and hospitals cannot protect their tires.

So, why is it 28 weeks of pregnancy, that is, 7 months later, is it considered perimal delivery?Because before 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is in a continuous stage of development. By 28 weeks of pregnancy, the various organs of the fetus are basically complete. At this time, it is considered a fixed type.

There is an old saying in Chinese folk: seven deaths and eight work.The meaning is that when the fetus is 7 months, it is very important and dangerous. As long as it over 7 months, the fetal survival is not a problem.

In our delivery room, we will also encourage them to say, "Keep it again, as long as it takes 7 months, the baby will have no problem."

In modern medicine, this period of time from 28 weeks to 36 weeks of pregnancy is counted as perinatal period.The perinatal period refers to the period of 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus weighs or exceeds 1160 grams, and the period of 7 days after giving birth.The fetus and newborn in this stage are called siege.The surrounding children are easily affected by the influence of various factors in the fetus, during childbirth and after birth, and even death. Therefore, the mortality rate of the surrounding child is an important indicator for measuring the quality of the sanitation of a country and region.There is also an indicator that measures the health level of a country, which is the mortality rate of siege. This refers to the ratio of live births born after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

To put it bluntly, the death of the fetus before 28 weeks of pregnancy is abortion. The death of the fetus after 28 weeks of pregnancy is a health care indicator incorporated into the country.

From the hospital, pregnant women have the highest degree of attention to pregnant women after this period. From the number of births, it can be seen intuitively. Before 28 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s maternity examination was checked once a month.After 28 weeks of pregnancy, check every two weeks.Check it once a week after 36 weeks of pregnancy.If abnormal situations are found, the inspection interval is also shortened to increase the number of inspections.It is also to be responsible for pregnant women and fetuses.(The picture comes from the Internet)

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