Why did the fetus not respond when the pregnant father stroked the pregnant mother?These three situations are not suitable for frequent strokes

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers like to touch their belly, especially after I feel the fetal movement of the fetus in four months, the pregnant mother will frequently touch the belly and feel that they and the fetus are between the fetus and the fetus.Interactive, occasionally the fetus moves, the pregnant mothers can be excited for a long time. In fact, this reaction is normal, especially for those pregnant mothers who have been pregnant for a long time before pregnancy, when they touch the fetal movement,Will be more excited.Xiaomin is like this. Since Xiaomin has been pregnant for four months, one day after feeling the fetal movement, he has been excited. Every time he feels the belly, the baby in the belly will give the corresponding response, and then Xiaomin willTell this phenomenon to the pregnant dad, but when the pregnant father touched Xiaomin’s belly, the belly had not changed at all. Is it the way that the pregnant dad touched the belly, or the fetus was sleeping.The fetus will respond to himself. As long as the pregnant dad touches, the fetus will be quiet immediately, which makes the pregnant father annoyed. Is it known in the belly who knows who is the mother and who is his father?

In fact, some studies have shown that general babies will be extremely sensitive to the touches of Baoma after birth, which may be because he can feel whether the pregnant mother can touch him when he is in his stomach.Of course, there are also some research using three -dimensional technology to observe the reaction of different people to touch the fetus during the pregnant mother’s belly.The report shows that the fetus’s response to pregnant mothers is the strongest, followed by strangers, and the degree of response to pregnant dads is the worst.At the same time, pregnant dads rarely feel the fetal movement.In fact, the reason why the fetus is more sensitive to the pregnant mother’s stroke is also because the pregnant mother is the closest person of the fetus. Of course, if you touch the belly during pregnancy, you can communicate with the fetus more.Establishing an attachment relationship is also good for the growth and development of the fetus.But here to remind pregnant mothers, not all time is suitable for touching the belly, and the pregnant mother’s belly can not be touched casually. The following situations are still less.

1. Pregnant mother in front placenta

If the pregnant mother has the condition of the front placenta or there is a sign of premature birth, it is not recommended to touch the belly frequently by the pregnant mother at this time, so as not to stimulate the shrinkage of the uterus and affect the normal development and growth of the fetus.

2. Frequent fetal movement

Some pregnant mothers find that when they have frequent fetal movements, they will gently stroke their belly and want to make the fetus in the belly stabilize, but in fact, if the pregnant mother feels the frequent fetal movement, it is not suitable to continue to touch.This will also stimulate the shrinkage of the uterus.Here is a reminder that it is most suitable for 5-10 minutes to touch the belly at each time.

3. The early pregnancy

With the third trimester, the stomach of the pregnant mother increased day by day, and some pregnant mothers will touch it twice, but by the third trimester, this is the most important time. If the pregnant mother frequently strokes her belly, it can easily cause falsenessThe contraction can even lead to premature birth, so in the third trimester, pregnant mothers should not touch the belly frequently. Don’t be too frequent even if you touch it. The movements should be gentle and gentle to avoid patting the abdomen hard.

In fact, for pregnant mothers after pregnancy, it is inevitable that when they are about four months, they will not frequently touch their belly after the fetal fetal movement is found. However, even if you want to touchIt’s you who regret it, then you, will you touch your belly frequently when you find a fetal movement?

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