Why did the belly suddenly snoring during pregnancy?That’s the fetus greeted you

After pregnancy, expectant mothers become particularly sensitive, and if they have a little abnormal body, they are afraid that there is a problem with the fetus.In fact, sometimes the fetus is using its own way to say hello to expectant mothers.

1. The belly suddenly stumped

Many Baoma will have a similar experience, and a good belly suddenly stumped. This is because the fetus is very timid. Four months later, he began to hear the outside voice and feel the pressure on the belly outside. IfThe sound is too loud, the fetus will be shivered by frightening, and the belly is stingy.

Suddenly hearing the thunder, the sound of closing the door, or the gastrointestinal digestive sound, etc., they will start up the fetus. When I feel that my belly is stunned, the expectant mother can touch the belly with her hands to comfort the baby."" ".

Second, fetal hiccup

Sometimes expectant mothers can feel the belly beating every few seconds, which is very regular, just like the fetus is snoring.This is because in about 28 weeks, the fetal swallowing function is formed, and he will exercise the lung respiratory function by constantly swallowing amniotic fluid.

Between the fetal chest and abdominal cavity, there is a thick muscle membrane like a hat, which is called the diaphragm muscle, which separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity.My mother felt the belly bounced and a bouncing, which was very wonderful.

Third, regular contractions

Near the due date, the fetus’s mood to meet his mother earlier became stronger and stronger. He would pass his thoughts to his mother through contractions.True contractions are manifested every three minutes, and the contraction interval will become shorter and shorter, and the pain is getting stronger and stronger.

With true contractions, there will be pseudo contractions.Pseudo -contractions will appear in the third trimester. It is not regular and the pain is weak. The pain will disappear after the rest. This is the fetus joking with you.Learn to distinguish!

Although the fetus was not born, he greeted his mother when he was in his mother’s belly. Mom should respond to him in time when he received his greetings, so that he felt his mother’s love.

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