Why can’t the 45 years be pregnant?Doctors ask for answers!

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With the liberalization of the second child policy, many women have been upgraded to a second mother, which also includes elderly female friends.For this 45 -year -old sister, her menstruation is normal. Why are you not pregnant?

Although the song sings well: the stars are still the stars, and the moon is still the moon.However, with the age of women, as women’s age increase, although menstruation is still that menstruation, it is still regular, but the ovary is no longer the young and bright ovarian.

The loss of oocytes starts from the fetal period until the end of the menstrual period.At birth, there are still 1 million to 2 million ovaries in the ovaries of the female baby, and 300,000 to 400,000 are left in adolescence. In the lifetime of normal women, there are only about 400 to 500 follicles develop mature follicles and ovulation occurs in ovulation.Where did the other follicles go?The answer is the lock.

The follicles experienced the process of continuous development and constantly atresia, and accelerated at the age of 37.About 100 follicle cells remaining in the ovaries during menopause.

With the death of Nianhua, in addition to the decrease in the number of oocytes, its quality is also decreased.The result of this reduction is the increase in embryos with abnormal chromosomes, high natural abortion rate, and low pregnancy rate. The incidence of non -rectification of oocytes after 45 years old is close to 100%.

Breeding also prefers young women?Yes.Medically, women ≥ 35 are defined as old -age women.The fertility characteristics of elderly women are: the incidence of infertility increases, the abortion rate increases, the natural abortion rate of women aged 35 has increased significantly, and the 45 -year -old abortion rate reaches 50%.The fetal malformation rate increases, and the number of pregnancy complications increase.The success rate of IVF is low, which is significantly reduced after 38.

In 2012, the Canadian Obstetrics and Gynecology Association Guide pointed out that women aged 35 to 44 are naturally aborted by 40%, and women over 45 years old are 60%to 65%.

The pregnancy rate in the natural state decreases with the increase of age. Women’s age> 35 years old, the natural conception ability decreases, the cumulative pregnancy rate in a natural year is about 75%, and the decline in the age of 40 is more rapid.Half of force.The average age of the last pregnancy is about 40.9 years.When it reaches about 46 years old, the pregnancy rate is basically 0%.

I believe that many women will be disappointed here. As long as their thoughts do not decline, there are always more ways to be more difficult.

Women of women (≥35 years old) have declined with the decline in fertility. Do we have a way?

For women older than 35 years old, if you try to be pregnant for 6 months or more for a long time without contraception, then it is recommended that you not wait blindly and go to the gynecological or reproductive center of a regular hospital as soon as possible to let the doctor give you a comprehensive comprehensiveClinical evaluation and corresponding treatment.

The recommendations of the old -age pregnancy guidelines are as follows: The assessment content mainly includes the evaluation of ovarian reserves (serum science and ultrasound examination), and the main treatment plan is auxiliary reproductive technology.For elderly women with the results of auxiliary reproductive technology, doctors will also pay attention to checking the bad ending and risks of the fetus, and prevent the mother’s bad prognosis due to the age.

After all, this pregnancy must also be pregnant with a good baby, and the elderly mother must have a good health during the pregnancy, which is the result we expect.

What should I do for my 45 -year -old elder sister who wants to be greater than 40 years old?

Dr. Fu Hong’s suggestion is that you should first go to gynecological examination to evaluate your fertility when you are preparing for pregnancy.

Age is the most important indicator for evaluating women’s fertility.After the age of 35, the fertility potential began to decline, and then quickly decreased.

In addition to age, you also need basic hormone testing to detect blood hormones on an empty stomach on the 2nd to 4th of menstruation.Including basic follicle stimuli (FSH), lutein formin (LH), estradiol (E2), testosterone (T), prolactin (PRL).

The results of the results are as follows:

1. Basic FSH (BFSH) increases with age, and it is generally considered that the BFSH level is less than 10IU/L, indicating that the ovarian reserves are normal;Value for 2 consecutive cycles 20 ~ 40 IU/L indicates the hidden period of ovarian failure; the BFSH value is 2 consecutive cycles> 40 IU/L, indicating ovarian dysfunction.

2. It is generally believed that the FSH/LH ratio> At 3 ovarian reserves and reactivity decreased, and the cycle cancellation rate increases.

3. The BE2 level has remained normal or mildly increased in the early days of fertility. As the age increases and ovarian function declines, the end of the end of E2 gradually decreases.When BE2> 80 ng/L, regardless of age and FSH, it indicates that the follicle development is too fast and the ovarian reserve function is reduced.If BE2 drops and FSH ≥40 IU/L indicates ovarian failure.

The detection of serum anti-seedlings (amh) and inhibitory B (inh-B) is also a symbol that reflects ovarian reserves.AMH can be detected at any time of menstrual cycle, which is a sign that reflects better ovarian reserves.

The number of follicles (AFC, the number of small follicles with diameter <10 mm in diameter) under the vaginal ultrasound, AFC is negatively related to age, and the accuracy of early follicle period evaluation is higher. At present, AFC <5 as the standard for the decrease in ovarian reserves.

After establishing a business first, many women have become famous after they become famous. They think of children. They are not easy to conceive. Isn’t there still IVF?Connecting infertility treatment in IVF technology, is this choice right?

The cruel clinical data is that the success rate of IVF in the age of 45 is very low, or the probability of abortion after pregnancy has also increased.Older women are also easy to fail to be a baby.

Therefore, the phrase "good flowers can be folded and must be folded straight, no flowers have no flowers and empty branches."

The best childbirth age of women is 25-29 years old.At this stage, the success rate of IVF is relatively high even if infertility.

The key points!

For elderly women, whether it is a natural conception or a test tube baby, the may increase and the risk of various complications will increase. For women who want a baby, you must prepare for full psychology and body.After abnormal situations such as conception, Dr. Fu Hong suggested that you actively seek medical treatment for a regular hospital, cooperate with doctors to actively treat, and work together to usher in good pregnancy!

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