Why bleed during early pregnancy?

Although many people have answered this question, I still want to answer it again.

In the early pregnancy bleeding, it is understood by classification.First of all, understanding this definition is the vaginal bleeding in this stage before 13 weeks of pregnancy.The bleeding after this is not early, not within our scope of discussion.Secondly, the early pregnancy bleeding, from the perspective of the bleeding area, is divided into two categories: bleeding in the cervix and bleeding in the uterine cavity. Let’s introduce it below.

The bleeding of the cervix is mainly caused by local inflammation of the cervix, followed by the migration of the cervical pillar -shaped epithelial tissue.Because the columnar epithelium of the cervical tube is very thin, it is easy to bleed, especially when there is a sexual life.Due to the large increase in estrogen during pregnancy, the cervical tube -shaped epithelium is moved largely. Therefore, this bleeding is very common, but the amount is very small, and sometimes a little brown change in the secretions.There is another situation of cervical bleeding, which is caused by cervical polyps.But this bleeding is not very common, and it is easy to be ignored.

In fact, cervical bleeding is the easiest to diagnose, as long as a gynecological examination is done.But unfortunately, many patients like to refuse gynecological examinations after pregnancy, thinking that doctors will have a miscarriage when they touch their belly.This is completely misunderstanding.The gynecological examination cannot cause the baby to have a miscarriage.

Bleeding in the uterine cavity is of course the main cause of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy.Some people call this bleeding caused by bed. In fact, some people bleed occurred in 6-10 weeks of pregnancy and had a time earlier, so this explanation could not explain bleeding after 7 weeks.In the past, technology was underdeveloped, and thought that after conceived, it had been peaceful and smooth.Now that the ultrasound diagnosis is popular, it is found that it is not the case.In the early pregnancy, about 10%-25%of people had bleeding in the uterine cavity.If the bleeding stove is small, the pregnancy sac that is limited to the uterine cavity is not connected with the inner mouth of the cervix, and the blood cannot come out.Only then can it be discovered; if the bleeding stove is connected with the inner mouth of the cervix, the blood will flow out, and most of this situation will go to the doctor.The mechanism is not yet clear about the mechanism of this early pregnancy, and it may be related to the hormone level fluctuations in the body.This small amount of bleeding is normal for embryonic development. In fact, no treatment is required, and there is no need to worry.

There are several other cases that are pathological phenomena, and doctors need to deal with or even emergency treatment.

The first is what we usually call abortion.This is the most needed situation.During pregnancy, about 15%-20%of people will occur in embryo. The main reason is that sperm and eggs occur during pairing and fusion, and chromosomal abnormalities (60%-70%of abortion) occur.The embryo will basically die in this case, and the development before death is also poor.If the embryo is not treated for a long time, the necrotic tissue will slowly decompose, producing toxins into the body of the pregnant woman, toxic the hemagglutiny system, and finally cause severe permeable vascular coagulation.Therefore, after the embryo was stopped and necrotic during the early pregnancy, the embryo needed to be cleaned.

The second case is the abnormal bed of the embryo, not in the normal position in the uterine cavity, but in the fallopian tube, ovarian, abdominal cavity, cervical canal, uterine scar, etc."Ectopic pregnancy".When pregnant eggs bed in these parts, due to the insufficient blood supply and poor embryo development, the hormone secretion in the body is insufficient, and it is easy to cause the endometrium to fall off and bleed.The tick is not clean, and many people have lower abdomen pain.For the history of acute pelvic inflammation, the history of multiple abortion surgery, the history of chronic abdominal pain, the history of fallopian tube surgery, the history of abilocities, the internal aduaer, the emergency contraceptive pill, this pregnancy isFor high -risk groups such as auxiliary reproductive technology, if vaginal bleeding occurs during early pregnancy, be sure to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to see if the gestational sac will be in the uterine cavity to avoid misdiagnosis.This problem is very important, because when the ectopic pregnancy rupture is big bleeding, it can be killed.When vaginal bleeding is accompanied by abdominal pain, remember to go to the hospital quickly.

There are also some rare cases, such as hydatiditic or partial hydatiditic fetuses, which can also cause abnormal bleeding during early pregnancy, but this situation is rare.And after bleeding, you can generally use the blood HCG value and ultrasonic image to confirm the diagnosis.Although the condition is serious, it is not so urgent and can give doctors to deal with enough time.

As for the bleeding caused by the low placenta position, it usually occurs after 13 weeks, and it is not bleeding during early pregnancy. I won’t say much here.

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