Why are people unwilling to get married now?

The marriage rate is reduced year by year, and marriage registration is recorded in 2013 to 2022

Wedding registration creates the lowest 37 years

What problems will we find through marriage registration?The number of wedding pairs showed a downward trend, from 13.46 million to ten years in 2013 to 6.83 million pairs, close to the cut, and the marriage registration was the lowest in 37 years.

1. The cost of marriage is increased, a must -have house, car, color gift.The second -tier cities of houses must be from 20,000, and first -tier cities are more expensive.High housing prices, from 2016 to 2022, house prices have been doubled in just 6 years.As a result, many marriage people have to postpone marriage.

30%of the down payment must be hollowed out 6 pockets at home.To buy a million house in general families, the down payment requires at least 300,000, plus 100,000 to 300,000 in color gifts, and then buy a car, house decoration, and engagement banquet, wedding banquet, three gold, wedding photos and so on.

These are 300,000 down payment, even if the gift is 200,000, the decoration is about 100,000, the car does not buy expensive and bought about 100,000, the wedding photos and the three golds depend on the situation from 30,000 to 50,000, and there is a engagement banquet.The wedding banquet requires at least 800,000. In order to get married for their children, many parents have carried their debts.

2. Women’s income is getting higher and higher, marriage is no longer a necessity, and high -income women do not want to be bound by marriage.So there are more and more old women now.(I don’t mean discrimination here, but I just repeat the social situation.)

3. Social services tend to improve, you can order takeaway, you can not do takeaway, mobile phone friends are more convenient. You can find people to chat on the Internet anytime, anywhere. You do n’t need to go out at all. You can play if you want to play anytime, anywhere.This reduces social exchanges in society, and it is more at home.

4. In the past, people were married to avoid risks. Now people find that marriage is the biggest risk. The cost of marriage is high and the risk is high.Especially after women are married, they have to face the risk of pregnancy and having children. No one brings the risk of unemployment of children. One person’s risk of making money and three people is not spent enough.

After marriage, the risk of disagreement must be prevented. After the marriage, the two need more running -in because of their different lifestyles.Women are now independent. If the husband and wife are not affectionate, more people choose to divorce, and marriage is for happiness, so divorce is also for happiness.This leads to an increase in divorce rate.

5. Social pressure is getting greater and greater. During this period, the news of the layoffs of the large factory is frequent, the work is no longer stable, and the income is sharply reduced.Many of the people in the marriage are post -90s. After the 90s, there are many children. Many people have 4 olds when they get married. After marriage, they have to have children, and the pressure will be greater.It is even more difficult to maintain without a marriage of parents.

People will find that they do not get married or have children, so life will have no pressure. One person makes money and one person spends, life is more free, no one is bound.More people are used to being single, but they are unwilling to get married.

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Xiang Yanghua

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