Why are more and more young women who are too much?

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I received a message from a reader some time ago: "I am still in college. I didn’t know if it was stressful or what was going on.

Although the amount is not large, it is really annoying every day, but it is really annoying.Later, I went to the hospital for a checkup, and the result was polycysts.Because there is no knowledge in this area, and I heard that polycystic is not cured.So when I first heard this result, I felt that the sky was about to collapse, and I couldn’t accept it at all.

However, then with the encouragement of the family, the family continued to lose weight and take medicine for conditioning.So I think polycystic is not as terrible as we imagined, but it must be well conditioned."

Speaking of "multi -sac" most people imagine it terrible, they cannot be completely cured in the impression, and it is not easy to get pregnant …

So what exactly is polycystic?

Let’s take a brief understanding that the polycystic ovary syndrome (that is, PCOS) is a common female reproductive endocrine metabolic disease. The main manifestation is scarcity of menstruation or even amenorrhea.

In addition, there are symptoms of abnormal uterine hemorrhage, that is, irregular vaginal bleeding, as well as manifestations such as acne and gross, and polysmiamia.

Simply put, if you:

Irregular menstruation, such as delayed menstruation or even amenorrhea, or dysmenorrhea

Full of greasy faces, often grow acne, acne, and strong hair and dense hair

Ready to get pregnant, but it is not successful

Moreover, polycystic can cause ovulation disorders and have an impact on fertility.

At this time, you may have to consider whether you have a lot of baggage. Of course, in the end, the doctor’s help will be diagnosed.

In addition, some studies have shown that the environment of the polycapus androgen in the polycystic palace can cause increased androgens of offspring women and the accumulation of fat.In other words, polycystic may be inherited.

Some readers once left a message: "I was diagnosed with polycysts. The doctor told me that polycystic would be inherited. I found some typical symptoms on my body, such as scarcity of menstruation and strong hair … My mother and uncle."

The treatment of polycystic needs to improve endocrine and metabolic conditions through comprehensive intervention and long -term management, and reduce the probability of polycystic genetic.

If it is not managed, it may lead to abnormal body metabolic and hormone secretion disorders. Patients may suffer from metabolic disease earlier than their peers, such as hypertension, diabetes, endometrial cancer, breast cancer; and the onset of heart disease and myocardial infarctionThe rate will also be much higher.

To this end, the "Eleventh Clinic" and the "six -story demon tower" and the senior clinical nutritionist "Wang Xiaochun", the "Eleventh Clinic", jointly developed this "Polycystic Health Management Course", which gives you a lot of improvementClinical diagnosis and treatment plans, meticulous and intimate diet and exercise solutions, help you manage polycystic correctly.

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Give you a perfect polycystic clinical diagnosis and treatment plan, a detailed and intimate diet and sports solution to help you manage the polycystic scientifically.

The course is mainly divided into two parts

The first part: about the clinical diagnosis and treatment of polycystic, including the indicator of diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome, how to treat the polycystic ovary syndrome, and how to do it to help pregnancy;

Part 2: As explained by senior clinical nutritionist Wang Xiaochun, it will explain in detail the diet and sports plan of polycystic patients.

"Polycystic Health Management Course"

Give you a comprehensive "treatment plan+management plan"

The original price is 109 yuan, and the limited time is 89 yuan

Applicable scenarios: hospital treatment/daily management

Applicable object: Polycystic patients/highly suspected polycystic women

Once subscribed, permanent learning

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You will learn through the course:

Is the hair, acne, and obesity suffer from polycystic?

What should I do if I do n’t regular menstruation caused by polycystic?

Can polycystic B -ultrasound be confirmed?

What should I do if I suffer from polycycles and want to get pregnant?

Polycysts lead to high blood sugar, will you get diabetes?

How to formulate polycystic diet and sports plans?

What can I eat for polycysts and what can I not eat

… …

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In this course, I also recommend a lot of friends with polycystic. I hope that everyone can get rid of anxiety, manage the polycystic correctly, and minimize its impact on life.


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