Which brands that Chinese can drink now are real good milk?

Milk is not only abroad!I don’t allow milk jars to know the China Farm Reclamation Dairy Alliance!I would like to call it the last pure land of Chinese pure milk!

Because of the dissatisfaction with the monopoly dairy market, the two giants of the dairy market, and do not intend to set up a dozen dairy factories with the same liquid to set up the China Agricultural Reclamation Dairy Alliance. The purpose is to complete the self -rescue of China’s dairy industry at the EU standard.At present, the China Farmers’ Dairy Alliance is the group alliance with the highest protein and sanitation requirements for domestic dairy dairy, and there is national support behind it. Therefore, the pure milk of the Nongchang Dairy Alliance is very assured and at ease.

Members of the China Farming Dairy Dairy Alliance include: China Dairy Magazine, Guangming Dairy, Sanyuan Food, Shounong Animal Husbandry, Tianjin Jiali, Wan Daishan Dairy, Inner Mongolia Hailar Farmers, Guangdong YantangNongzu Tianmu, Helan Mountain Dairy, Aksu New Agricultural Dairy, Tianrun Dairy, Western Spring Dairy, Sanlian Dairy, Corps Dairy, Western Tianshan, and Western Animal Husbandry. The pure milk of these brands will not step on thunder!

China Dairy Magazine: Impermanent Warm Hydrole Milk Information

The full name is the "China Dairy" magazine (secretariat) of the Institute of Agricultural Information of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It was founded in 1957 and is a national non -profit scientific research institution.

Bright Dairy Milk Brand: Light, Youjia

Shanghai Guangming Dairy has a history of more than 100 years. It is the only big brand that has been safely and retreating throughout the body in the melamine incident. It is also the only brand that is expected to become the second largest dairy factory.Light milk

Bright milk will not make mistakes when you buy your eyes!Its pure milk is a real pure milk verified by many sisters.

The milk flavor is particularly strong. It is a mellow mellow that Montana cannot compare. The ingredients are only raw milk, and there are no additives without mixing water.Use it to mix with coffee with latte!It is not clear at all, the soup is width, it is cheap and delicious, and the quality is still high. Big brand milk recognizes that Guangming is right!Youga Milk

Youga milk is the main series of light. Whether it is taste, milk, or nutrition, it is a ceiling. The milk flavor is full and the entrance is particularly soft. It is a light taste. It will have a touch of natural sweetness.After drinking, it is full of milk, and the aftertaste is long.

The blue model Youjia milk is relatively high in protein and has a high calcium content per 100 milliliters. The most important thing is that it tastes more mellow, which is more suitable for drinking milk jars with stronger milk.

Sanyuan Food Milk Brand: Sanyuan Milk

Sanyuan Food was formerly Beijing Milk Terminal. Now it is mainly a Chinese -foreign joint venture that is mainly based on the dairy industry and also operates McDonald’s fast food. Yes, the golden arch McDonald’s. Sanyuan food holds shares in McDonald’s and Guangdong McDonald’s.50%, 25%.Triangle milk

Sanyuan is the handle of the Beijing milk year, and the three yuan ultimate series is better in the three yuan milk.Sanyuan has its own quality pasture, and the high -quality milk source is selected. Pure milk contains A2β casein. Pregnant women, Baoma, elderly, children can rest assured ~

In terms of taste, as a super invincible milk jar, I think the taste of the three yuan ultimate milk is more delicate, sweet and sweet, and the milk taste is pure but not fishy. It is my favorite taste!In the morning, cup of milk, add oatmeal, breakfast is solved!

First Agricultural Animal Husbandry Milk Brand: Impermanent Warm Hydrole Milk Information

Both the Shounong Animal Husbandry and Sanyuan Group are affiliated with Beijing Shounong Food Group. They are mainly engaged in cow breeding and are an important part of the Beijing fresh milk market.

Tianjin Jiali Husbandry Related Brand: Haihe Milk

Tianjin Jialihe is a subsidiary of Tianjin Food Group. It is a top 20 company in China. It is also an important supplier of milk source suppliers in Tianjin and some provinces and cities.There are cooperation, which belongs to Tianjin Food Group with Haihe Dairy.Haihe Milk

There are 9 flavors of Tianjin people from childhood to large brands. Each taste is a childhood taste!Although it is made of milk, the raw milk content is still greater than 80%. It is completely okay to supplement nutrition or something!

You can buy 9 flavors of more than 20 yuan, and a box can taste the flavors of Haihe Milk!The coffee flavor is particularly strong, the strawberry flavor is sweet but not greasy, coconut flavor is also very refreshing, chocolate milk tastes very smooth, banana milk is fruit milk flavor, cantaloupe flavor, sweet fruits and fragrant milk flavorThe fusion is just right. Coco milk is also super delicious. The rose litchi is sweet but not greasy. Cherry white peaches are my dreams!Each taste is amazing, not stepping on the thunder at all!

Wanda Mountain Dairy Milk Brand: Wan Dashan, Hei Wo, Zhenli

Wanda Mountain Dairy is a state -owned enterprise engaged in dairy products in Heilongjiang. It has a long history. It is an old -fashioned dairy company. It mainly produces milk powder, liquid milk, drinks, rice bean products, etc. It is "Chinese green food honorary enterprise"EssenceWan Dashan Milk

Northeast milk is not the same. Wan Dashan pure milk is a fighter in cheap milk. As a milk jar that has been drinking milk for more than 20 years, except for fresh milk, the strongest milk I have ever drank is the mountains.It is raw milk, and milk is mellow.

This year, a box of milk for 2 yuan can achieve this quality. It is really conscience. There is a protein of 3.2g of protein per 100 ml.Drinking super satisfaction.Blackwo Milk

Hewo is the high -end milk line of Wanda Mountain. It is more expensive than the ordinary pure milk in his family, but the price of the price is different, and the blackwo milk entrance can feel different!Drinking is particularly mellow and sweet, and the flavor of fragrant milk is delicious ~

This milk is more suitable for people who need to supplement nutrition and calcium urgently, because it is an organic pure milk natural and high calcium, with a calcium content of up to 125mg/100ml, which is very suitable for long -term children and pregnant women who need nutrition.A cup of morning every morning, the breakfast has more appetite ~ Zhenol Milk

Zhenli Milk is a modulation milk brand under Wanda Mountain, but the protein content is higher than that of ordinary modulation milk, and the milk taste is still very delicious. After drinking, it feels fragrant between lips and teeth.

The ingredient table is added with milky protein powder. The role of this thing is to increase the protein content and increase the mellow taste of milk. The other two additives are normal emulsifiers and stabilizers, which are used to make the added milky protein powder stabilized and stableIn layman’s speaking, this milk is equivalent to mixed milk powder in milk, which is super fragrant!

Inner Mongolia Hailar Farm Reclamation Milk Brand: Immortrative Warm Hydraulic Milk Information

Inner Mongolia Hailar Agricultural Reclamation is located in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is one of the three direct reclamation areas of the Ministry of Agriculture. It was formerly known as the Hohay Farm Ranch Management Bureau. It is mainly engaged in agricultural planting and livestock breeding.

Guangdong Yantang Dairy Milk Brand: Yansang, French Love Shepherd

Guangdong Yantang Dairy is a brand -name brand in Guangdong. I believe that many Cantonese people can no longer be familiar with it. It was created in 1956. It is one of the largest dairy industry in South China.Yantang Milk

Yantang has its own milk source, so the milk source and milk are still trustworthy.Its pure milk content is much higher than some so -called big -name milk, which is really surprising.

As soon as you enter the throat, the natural milk fragrance is full of the entire mouth. Although it is pure milk, there is still some sweetness, smooth taste, milk skin after heating.Awesome!

Yansang also has high -calcium milk, fresh milk, yogurt and sweet milk, each of which is good ~

Popular Dairy milk brand: popular, Xianquan Lake Ranch

The popular dairy industry belongs to Yuexiu Group. It is a full -industry chain national dairy company and dairy brand with a long history. The popular milk products cover the four categories: Baya milk, ultra -high temperature milk, refining milk and desserts.manufacturer.Popular milk

Although the popular pure milk is not organic milk, its calcium content and protein content are very high. Each 100 ml contains 3.2g of protein+118mg native calcium, 100%raw milk, and the milk taste is very positive but not fishy.

However, its classic pure milk tastes a bit light. It feels like drinking water, which is more suitable for the treasures who do not like to drink milk.If you want to drink milk flavor, you can try its Juanshan pure milk. The milk taste is so thick that the mouth is full of fragrance.

The milk source comes from the limited milk source of Xianquan Lake Ranch. It has the original sweet and sweet taste of milk, the entrance is smooth and natural, and it is the kind of natural and sweet milk flavor.Rich.

Xianquan Lake Ranch is the high -end milk production line of wind experts, and it is expensive and expensive.The protein content is as high as 6%. It is said that milk from the pasture to the factory only takes 1 hour. Each ton of tonch can feel the original sweetness and silky and delicateness of the milk.

Zhongke Dairy Milk Brand: Tianyou, Huashan Mu, Bitter, Milk Qi

Zhongke Dairy is also the roots of Miao Hong. The Dairy Group, which is led by the Agricultural Reclamation Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, and co -established by Chongqing Agricultural Reclamation and Shaanxi Agricultural Reclamation. It is a top 20 units in China.Milk gas and other brands.Tianyou Milk

Chongqing’s native milk!The cost -effective is super high, and the student party can rest assured!The milk flavor is very pure, the taste is rich and mellow, and there is a faint milk flavor of serious products. It is delicious and cheap.

The packaging is very aging, and the nutritional components are not pulled down at all. After drinking, there is a slightly sweet toffee, and there is no milk smell at all. In addition, this price is simply the industry’s conscience milk.The king is well deserved!Its yogurt is also very cheap and tastes great. Don’t miss it if you like to drink yogurt!Best milk

Best is a high -end brand under Tianyou Dairy. The quality of its milk is very guaranteed. The source of milk comes from limited ranch. The real organic and good milk, milk production and transportation process 0 pollution, 0 added, fresh can be available.Tour.

I want to call it a ribbon on earth, the milk flavor is super fragrant, the entrance is very silky, and then there will be a touch of sweet flavor. The milk taste is very mellow.Super satisfaction!Huashan Mu milk

100%of Huashan Mu uses the local milk source of Shaanxi. It will be produced in Shaanxi, which will be more in line with the taste of the local people. This brand focuses on high -quality raw fresh milk and high temperature and low temperature milk products. Fresh milk is used with 75 degrees Celsius Basal bactericidal treatment. Normal temperature milk is mainly organic by organic temperature., 3.8 Tsong and Huashan Mu 3 series.

Organic fresh milk tastes sweet, drinks mellow, and organic authentication blessings, taste fresh, organic, and nutritious.3.8 Teana milk allows you to drink a bite of fragrance anytime, anywhere, and a small box can meet the nutritional needs of the day. The ingredients indicate 100%raw milk, thick milk, and smooth mouth.Huashan Muchun milk taste is pure, with sweetness and smooth entrance. Whether it is fruit, oatmeal or coffee!Milk milk

Milk gas is the face value brand of Huashan Mu. The milk brand family has milk, yogurt and lactic acid bacteria drinks. It originated from the Chinese farm reclamation benchmark pasture. It has its own pasture and factory. It can ensure the quality while locking nutrition!High -value packaging, nutritious and delicious double get!

Milk gas pure milk is higher than the domestic protein indicators, meet the nutritional needs of daily life, strong milk flavor, and delicate taste. Not only does it have no fishy smell, but it has a touch of sweetness.Milk gas also has a pink packaging sweet milk, which is a bit sweeter than ordinary milk. This kind of just good sweet and delicious, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D are also relatively high.Full ~

Helangshan Dairy Related Brand: Ning Lebao Milk, Xia Jin Milk

Helan Mountain Dairy is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Ningxia Nongke Group. It belongs to a state -owned enterprise. It is an important good breed dairy demonstration base and a high -quality milk source base in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.Ninglebao Milk

It is a new milk brand recently launched by Ningxia Nonggu, but because the brand has just started plus a low popularity, Ninglebao Milk can only drink it as long as the locals in Ningxia can be sold on the Internet.

It is said that this Ninglebao milk taste is great and nutritious, and the price is cheap, so it is very popular in Ningxia. I hope to improve storage technology as soon as possible and be able to sell them throughout the country through outlets.Xia Jin milk

Ningxia milk relies on the superior geographical location, and the milk source milk has not been said!Xia Jin milk is the leader in Ningxia milk!Xia Jinzai’s pastry is like a painting, and it is very appetite to see the packaging!

It drinks mellow and strong, and there is a trace of sweetness in recovery. It has a kind of whipped cream, but it is not fishy or greasy. The more you drink, the more fragrant.The ingredients table is only raw milk. After heating, another thick milk skin is after heating. For the first time, I still saw such a thick milk skin that was so thick, and loved it ~

Gansu Nonggu Tianmu Milk Brand: Immortrative Warm Hydrole Milk Information

Gansu Nongdian Tianmu Dairy Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a modern dairy breeding enterprise founded on the Gobi Beach. It is a benchmarking ranch in China.

Aksu New Agricultural Dairy Milk Brand: New Nong Nong Milk

Xinnong Dairy is the first dairy company in Xinjiang to be certified by "China Organic Products". It adheres to the original intention of "adding 0 to the start of grass". It is a real native organic milk brand.There is no one with the strongest milk!New Nongnu Milk

The pure milk label of the newlyn Glacier Ranch is the glacier pasture. The milk taste is also a bit sweet. There is a feeling of these cows growing up with glacier water.fragrant!There is a jack behind the bag, which is very convenient to drink!

The mouth of the milk is a faint milk flavor, and the flavor is mellow. It is the more refreshing pure milk. It tastes like low -fat milk, has no milk smell, and does not stick to it.Oh it ~

Tianrun Dairy Milk Brand: Tianrun Milk, Garui, Xinjiang Xiaobai

Tianrun Dairy is a listed company controlled by the twelfth division of the Corps and one of the top 20 companies in China. It mainly operates forage planting, dairy breeding, dairy production, scientific research and development, and marketing.Bellying enterprise.Tianrun Milk

Tianrun’s milk and yogurt are in my heart the existence of God!It has a concentrated pure milk. It is really a muston. The entrance seems to have a sip of cream!The taste is that mellow milk flavor. After drinking, the lips and teeth are left with fragrance, which is much stronger than ordinary milk. There is no milk fishy smell.

The ingredients are only raw milk, and the protein and calcium content are very high. The selection of Tianshan Glacier with pasture is selected. The milk is particularly mellow and smooth. It is like the smell of twice the milk.Garui Milk

Garui is a milk brand under Tianrun Dairy. Tianrun Dairy has advanced dairy ranch, the twelfth division of the Corps, the milk source base, the milk source is high -quality. This milk taste is a little sweet and the taste is very mellow, but the taste is very mellow, butIt’s easy to drink too much.

I personally think it is a little milky, but I can still accept it. I was a little shocked at the first entrance. It was much better than the milk I usually drink.The quality is too thick.Xinjiang Xiaobai Milk

Xinjiang Xiaobai is a net red product created by Tianrun Group to imitate the white wine brand "Jiang Xiaobai", but the popularity is not too high, but goose!This milk is really underestimated, it is really delicious!

It’s a bit like Juanshan Milk in Xiangmanlou. The milk taste is mellow and strong. This transparent bag is not only high in value, but also at a glance.It tastes even better!

Western Chun Dairy Company Milk Brand: Western Central Spring, Seven Ranches

The Western Spring Dairy Industry was founded in 1985. Its own milk source base, Hutubi, is an internationally recognized golden milk source belt and one of the four major golden milk sources in China.Western Spring Milk

The pure milk of the Western Yuchun is the very simple pure milk, and it drank the sweetness of Wangzi’s milk.The milk is really mellow to very fragrant, and the entrance can feel a very obvious sweet fragrance.

The Chinese Holistan cows cultivated in the Western Spring Ranch have the characteristics of high -cold and rough feed, and have the characteristics of high milk production, so the milk is rich in fragrance.Its sweet taste is amazing, not like pure milk at all, but it is very similar to the taste of milk ice cream!Seven Ranch

Seven ranch milk is produced in the Hutu Wall of the Western Spring, which is its own pasture. It is an authentic Tianshan milk source. The protein content is very high. Each 100g contains 3.3g of protein, a bag can supplement the nutrition required for one day!Although it belongs to the Western Central Spring, it is better than other pure milk under the Western Spring Ceremony!

I have drank a lot of Xinjiang milk, but this seven pasture can definitely seal the gods. Insert the straw, you can smell the milk flavor!It does not add any milk fragrance, the most original mellow milk fragrance, it can’t stop at all after drinking it!

Sanlian Dairy Milk Brand: Shanhua Milk

Sanlian Dairy is established by Yuan Guiyang Mountain Flower Dairy Co., Ltd., Guiyang Sanli Dairy, and Huaxi Dairy Cow Farm. Its Shanhua Milk Brand was founded in 1953 by Yuanshanhua Dairy. It has a long history in Guizhou.Mountain Flower Milk

It was amazing that the pure milk that was drinking from Guiyang from an early age was amazing!It’s really delicious!The taste is particularly fragrant. There is no fragrance and preservatives messy things. It feels like a fresh milk. The taste is particularly strong, and the taste is fuller after heating.There are only two boxes of one box, and the cost performance is super high!

After drinking the pure milk of Shanhua, the inside without that kind of thick milky smell stops in the throat, it is very refreshing.I don’t feel much taste.

Corps Dairy milk brand: impermanent warm hydrocephaly state milk information

The Corps Dairy is a large -scale milk powder professional enterprise in Xinjiang. It is created with the development of the twelfth division of the Corps and the seventh division dairy.Brand characteristic nutrition milk powder.

Western Tianshan Milk brand: impermanent warm hydrolysis milk information

Relying on the dairy company established by the Eighth Division of the Corps, it mainly produces high -end yogurt and high -end milk.Tianshan Dairy in the west is located in Shihezi City, and has a good geographical advantage in the development of the dairy industry.

Western pastoral milk brand: Xiyue

Western animal husbandry is a state -owned enterprise listed enterprise and an innovative enterprise of the Corps. It is a national student milk source demonstration base.It has a unique natural environment and investment environment. It mainly produces formula milk powder, whole milk powder, pure milk, milk powder, yogurt, etc.Xiyue Milk

Xiyue Milk is a milk from Shihezi, Xinjiang. Xinjiang milk is good. This is no exception. The milk fragrance is rich and sweet, delicious and delicious, but some milk smells but can still endure.

The overall feels very fragrant, a bit of the fragrance of animal cream, but it is not very sweet, and it will not be greasy after drinking a whole bottle.The milk sources of Tianshan Ranch are guaranteed, and the blessing of the agricultural reclamation of the Corps, so this milk will not step on the thunder!

Nowadays, food safety incidents are frequent, and things like milk that are related to their own health is still at ease!

I am Xiaoxiao who loves to drink AD calcium,

Continue to update more healthy food,

Pay attention to not get lost ~

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